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As expected, Buzznet inks a major music label deal

Universal Music Group has invested an undisclosed amount in pop-culture social network Buzznet.

Beyond the financial investment, this means that Universal artists will post promotional blogs on Buzznet, and the social site will have access to the label's music and video catalog.

Last week, Buzznet CEO Tyler Goldman told CNET to expect a partnership announcement that would bring more audio content to the site.

According to a release from the two companies, this is "one of the first times that a music company will be directly involved in developing editorial programming for a social-media site, with … Read more

'Lonelygirl15' creators launch production company, pull in venture funding

Remember the Web series Lonelygirl15? Protagonist "Bree" might have gotten killed off, but the team that created her wants to go places.

On Thursday, Lonelygirl15 brains Miles Beckett and Greg Goodfried--who also created a British spin-off called KateModern--announced the launch of their new "social entertainment" production company, Eqal. Previously, their company's name had been a bit more of a mouthful: LG15 Studios/Telegraph Ave. Productions.

Along with its debut, Eqal has announced $5 million in Series A venture funding in a round led by Spark Capital, with contributions from notable investors, including Silicon Valley veteran … Read more

Social-media analytics firm Collective Intellect gets $6.6 million

Collective Intellect, a Boulder, Colo.-based analytics firm that specializes in crunching the discussion on blogs, forums, and social networks, announced Wednesday that it has netted $6.6 million in Series B venture capital. The investment round was led by Grotech Capital Ventures and included funding from Crawley Hatfield Capital as well as existing investors Appian Ventures and Croghan Investments.

With the fresh cash, Collective Intellect said it will beef up its marketing and sales campaigns to pull in more clients and revenue. The company's Series A round, $2.6 million in February 2006, was led by Appian Ventures.… Read more

Six Apart wrestles the social-media dragon

The Web might have just gotten one step closer to a universal "social dashboard" capable of managing an array of blogging, messaging, networking, and media applications. It's a small step, but still a move in the right direction.

Six Apart, the software company behind blogging platforms TypePad, Movable Type, and Vox, has launched a new Facebook application called "Blog It." Facebook members who install the application can post to multiple blogging services at one time, update their Facebook status in sync with micro-blogging services like Twitter, and have updates from the app appear in their Facebook Mini-Feeds.… Read more

Lexicon: Meet Facebook's answer to Google Zeitgeist

Are Facebook members more likely to be talking about hamburgers in January or May? Well, you can find out.

The social network is about to launch Facebook Lexicon, a new feature that tracks exactly what users are chatting about in their public posts on each others' "walls," based on search queries, and turns them into graphs and charts.

"Facebook Lexicon aggregates and analyzes millions of Wall posts on the site every day to provide a snapshot of the collective conversation on the site," the company explained in an FAQ. "Users can query as many as … Read more

Facebook mini-feeds get hungrier: Yelp, Picasa, Flickr, Delicious

This post was updated at 2:54 PM PT with comment from Facebook.

Facebook members now have the options to import their activity from a number of external social-media sites into the "Mini-Feeds" on their profiles, a post on the company blog explained on Tuesday.

Currently, this is limited to business reviews site Yelp, bookmarking site Delicious (owned by Yahoo), and photo-sharing sites Flickr (also owned by Yahoo) and Picasa (owned by Google). More are on the way, including Digg, the post by engineer Harry Huai Wang assured members.

With aggregation the hottest topic in social networking these … Read more

Elusive 'Twitter ads' spotted in the wild...or not

This post was updated at 9:08 a.m. PDT to reflect the fact that Twitter has denied that it was testing advertisements.

If an ad shows up in a Twitter feed and no one's awake to see it, did it really appear?

Reports surfaced overnight on Monday that advertisements were appearing sporadically in some of the micro-messaging service's Web-based streams, suggesting that perhaps Twitter may be close to losing its punchline status as the Silicon Valley darling that hasn't earned a dime yet. A handful of blogs wrote about it, but it seems like most Twitter … Read more

Will social networking stop greenwashers?

Whether marking printers or produce, the increasing number of "green" claims on products can make it hard to separate sincere efforts at sustainability from marketing fluff.

Environmental watchdogs warn that corporate "greenwashing" will lead jaded consumers to abandon efforts to shop responsibly.

However, individuals can counteract the confusion and police the marketplace using online tools, according to Joel Makower, executive editor of

"In this age of the Web, the blogosphere, and social media, I don't think greenwashers are going to get very far or that fraudulent, hugely misleading companies are going to … Read more

MySpace expands to Korea, with India on the way soon

News Corp.'s has launched the latest of its international editions, MySpace Korea. Like many of its other regionally focused portals, MySpace Korea includes popular music and video content and social-networking profiles. No surprise there.

But in Korea, MySpace faces an extra snag: The small Asian nation is famously tech-adept, with broadband penetration and mobile technology seemingly light-years ahead of the U.S. (and here, MySpace doesn't exactly have a reputation as a technology leader, though it remains the most popular social-networking site). Other social-networking sites, like the virtual world Cyworld, already have a lock on the … Read more

Calling all jukeboxes

Ever vigilant for news that might further our pursuit of laziness, Crave featured a French initiative last year for texting-controlled jukeboxes. Now a couple of U.S. companies have partnered for a similar concept with even more ambitious goals.

TouchTunes and LocaModa, which was created by a founder of Symbian, are seeking to linke 30,000 jukeboxes controlled by mobile phones. Beyond the novelty of using the phone as a remote, the companies want to create a social network around the system, displaying all actions as data feeds. "Online users will be able to view and participate in the … Read more