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McAfee releases new security suite for Macs

Updated 1:45am PST Tuesday with pricing information.

McAfee has released a new security suite designed to help businesses better handle security for their growing segment of Macintosh computers.

Targeting small to large companies, McAfee Endpoint Protection for Mac provides antivirus and antispyware features, and both an inbound and outbound firewall, McAfee said Tuesday.

The company is positioning the tool as a plus for IT administrators and for users. Administrators can use the same console to manage McAfee security on both Mac and Windows machines, said the company. The software lets administrators deny or control which applications can run on … Read more

Next Firefox can detect computer orientation

The upcoming version 3.6 of Firefox will be able to tell if you're listing to starboard--and pass that information along to applications running in the browser.

That's because the browser will be able to detect the orientation of laptops and mobile devices equipped with accelerometers that can tell which way is down. The reason for the work: Web applications running in the browser will be able to use the information, useful for labyrinth-type games with virtual marbles rolling around boards, and any number of other gaming situations.

Mozilla evangelist Christopher Blizzard announced Firefox's coming orientation interfaceRead more

WebGL slips into Chrome, too, for 3D Web

When it comes to built-in support for hardware-accelerated 3D graphics, WebGL is being built into Firefox and the browser project behind Safari, and now Chrome is following suit.

"Preliminary WebGL support is now being compiled into Chrome," said Kenneth Russell a Wednesday message to a Chrome mailing list. But, he warned, WebGL itself is still under development and that new versions of the WebKit browser technology on which Chrome is based might cause incompatibilities for now.

WebGL can be used in the latest Chrome developer preview version--but only if "--enable-webgl" and "--no-sandbox" command-line … Read more

American football juke moves and a challenging soccer game: iPhone apps of the week

Apple released an update today for iPhone which addresses some issues and fixes some crashes in specific situations. According to Apple, iPhone 3.1.2 resolves a sporadic issue that may cause the iPhone to not wake from sleep; an intermittent issue that may interrupt cellular network services until restart; and fixes a bug that could cause an occasional crash during video streaming. If you've experienced any of these issues (or even if you haven't), make sure to plug your iPhone into iTunes to get the latest update. Be aware that the update is over 200MB so will … Read more

Web of Trust extension comes to Chrome

Google's browser now has an extension to use the Web of Trust, a project that lets people rate the trustworthiness of Web sites and see how others have rated them.

The open-source plug-in previously worked only with Firefox and Internet Explorer, but now a version is available for the new developer preview version of Chrome, according to a blog post.

It's one of a host of relatively widely used extensions available on other browsers but now on their way to Chrome, whose extensions framework is just getting off the ground. There also are extensions (called add-ons in the … Read more

Adobe Flash apps come to iPhone--sort of

In a surprise announcement, Adobe Systems said Monday that Flash programmers now can bring their applications to Apple's iPhone, a domain of high interest that's been off limits for the programming technology.

Because of Apple restrictions, though, Flash isn't coming in the form in which most people experience it, a Web browser plug-in. Instead, programmers will be able to change Flash applications into native iPhone applications using Adobe's Flash Professional CS5 developer tool, currently in beta testing, then offer their programs as an Apple App Store download.

"This is a great first step in the … Read more

Get GPS directions and hack and slash your way to glory: iPhone apps of the week

According to a new study I came across at AppleInsider, Apple's iPhone OS has 40 percent of the Web market share. This study doesn't specifically reflect iPhone or iPod Touch sales, rather it shows that the iPhone OS dominates around the globe when it comes to mobile handset Web browsing. The two areas where iPhone doesn't dominate (Asia and Africa) are places where the Symbian OS had an early foothold and continues to be number one.

We all know the iPhone is doing extremely well around the world, but I have to think this particular dominance (52 … Read more

BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac: Hands-on

On Friday, BlackBerry maker RIM released its first-ever Desktop Manager for Mac users. As we announced last week, the free BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac will update certain apps, back up and restore BlackBerry content, and sync content like music playlists, contacts, and calendar items between your Mac to your smartphone.

We spent some time managing our BlackBerry Bold with it. So far, our experience has been positive. However, RIM did miss some opportunities in this first release, especially on the multimedia front. We'll come back to those a little later.… Read more

Mozilla Weave revamps synchronization features

The key feature in Mozilla's Weave add-on for Firefox is the ability to synchronize tabs, bookmarks, history, and other browser-sourced, data-rich fields. The latest update, Weave version 0.7, gives a big overhaul to the synchronization component, redoing the setup and configuration interface, and adding incremental download support.

Compared to previous versions, the installation process on your first computer has been greatly streamlined, though the security questions asked remain the same. The wizard that guides you through the process has been redone to present the information through a tab-specific black overlay.

According to Mozilla, the incremental download support will … Read more

Top Tower Defense games for iPhone

If you browse the iTunes Store for iPhone and iPod Touch games, you've probably noticed there is no shortage of Tower Defense titles. It's probably because this genre seems to be a natural fit for the touch-screen interface. I decided to put together a collection of my favorite Tower Defense games (all rated highly), just in case you've been looking for a new time-waster or just want to sample what Tower Defense is all about.

Check out our collection of Top Tower Defense games for iPhone and iPod Touch.