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Barbecue companion and a NFL football game: iPhone apps of the week

Before I get to the iPhone apps of the week, I want to share with you an interesting tidbit I read over at AppleInsider regarding the long-awaited Mac tablet. It's one of those cloak-and-dagger-type stories, where an unnamed, (possibly) credible source made a mysterious phone call to an editor about new hardware from Apple. It all sounds kind of fishy to me, but the source apparently described how he had been at a meeting with Apple and had handled what looked like an iPhone (touch screen, black back panel, home button, and all), except it had a 10-inch screen. … Read more

Plug-in opens up federal courts, with your help

If you want to use the Internet to peek at documents filed in federal court cases, it's usually possible. It's just relatively expensive.

The U.S. Congress allows the federal courts to charge a fee--currently set at 8 cents a page--to search for and download documents. The database, called PACER, is strict about charging and even levies fees for searches that result in no matches.

Which is why a pair of Princeton University graduate students, with some help from Harvard University's Berkman Center, have developed a Firefox browser plug-in called RECAP (PACER spelled backward). It's … Read more

Next Mac Office, due by 2010's end, gets Outlook

Microsoft on Thursday said the next version of Office for Mac will arrive by the 2010 holiday buying season, and it added that the new version will include a version of Outlook.

Outlook for Mac will replace Entourage, the current e-mail and calendar program in the Mac Office suite. Although it will still differ from the Windows version of Outlook, it will add support for more Exchange features, such as public folders and rights management features.

Office for Mac had a version of Outlook in its pre-Mac OS X days, but Microsoft switched to the Entourage program with Office for … Read more

Another beta bump for Opera 10

Updated: At 2:50 p.m. we added links for Opera 10 beta 3 with Unite, and added a statement from Opera about the crash logging feature.

Opera 10 beta 3 was released Wednesday for Windows, Mac, and Linux users. With a strong European following, the preview version has been able to keep this popular alternative browser competitive by offering page rendering quality comparable to Google Chrome, while offering a robust list of features.

Opera is touting the stability and performance enhancements in the third beta, but in casual testing it appeared to have the slowest JavaScript engine when compared … Read more

Memeo Send: Like a digital UPS for businesses

Memeo Send (for Windows | Mac) is a brand-new application aimed at business professionals in small-to-medium size companies who frequently need to transfer large files to colleagues--including photos, videos, PowerPoint presentations, and hefty design files from InDesign and Adobe Illustrator.

Where Memeo Share (Windows | Mac), the company's free-to-try photo- and video-sharing app, focuses on gallery organization and consumer media, Memeo's impetus with Send is much more on tracking, management, and bulk deliveries.

Memeo Send opens as a simple, yet attractive desktop application that uploads files two ways: you can browse the file tree, or you can drag and drop from an open folder to the Memeo Send interface. After that, selecting recipients and jotting down an optional description are all that's left to ship out your parcel of files.

To anticipate the needs of its business users, Memeo Send integrates the Microsoft Outlook address book into the "Send to" field--just the personal Contacts portion, mind you, not a global corporate list if your company has one. You can also type or paste contacts' names by hand. We'd like a way to create new e-mail groups in Memeo to quickly access a recurring knot of recipients, in addition to accomplishing the task by creating a new Outlook group.… Read more

ThunderBrowse gets Postbox support

One of the better Mozilla Thunderbird extensions is ThunderBrowse, which allows users to quickly open e-mailed links in a browser window built into the e-mail client itself. The latest version introduces support for the Thunderbird-derived Postbox, as well as compatibility fixes for the Thunderbird 3 beta builds and a new click engine.

However, for users who haven't checked out or updated ThunderBrowse in awhile, there's a lot to play with. Through the expansive options menu, you can configure links to open in new tabs. This allows your original e-mail to stay open in one tab, while the link … Read more

Sync contacts between Thunderbird, Google

A couple of weeks ago, I described how to sync contacts between Outlook, Gmail, and your iPhone. The program missing from this contacts mega-merge was Thunderbird (download for Windows | Mac), and for good reason. Mozilla's free e-mail program is not particularly contact-friendly.

The first time I attempted to use Mozilla Thunderbird's import function to bring my Gmail contacts into the client e-mail application, I was seriously disappointed with the results. Most of the contact information was squished into a single nondescript field for each record. The few fields that did make the conversion were incomplete. The entire process was pretty worthless, overall.

Then I found the free Zindus add-on for Thunderbird. The program brings a subset of contact fields from Google and Zimbra into Mozilla's free e-mail program. For Google, the fields imported include the contact's name, primary and secondary e-mail addresses, phone numbers, IM names, company, title, and notes. (I didn't test the program with Zimbra.)

After you download and install Zindus, a "Zindus" option is added to Thunderbird's Tools menu. Clicking it opens the Zindus Configuration Settings dialog box where you're presented with a handful of contact-sync options, including a Sync Now button.

Read more

Browse through a wall of images and videos

The Cooliris Firefox plug-in (Mac or Windows) is one of the most popular extensions in our library. Fire it up once, and you'll see why: Cooliris turns your image or movie searches into a 3D wall that is easy to navigate and just plain cool looking. When they came out with an app for iPhone some time ago, it didn't have enough of the cool features to make it worthwhile. But they've just released version 1.5 for iPhone and after giving it a test drive, I think it might be worthy of another look.

Cooliris for iPhoneRead more

Seesmic continues to tweak features

Seesmic on Monday released an update that adds more minor features to the Twitter and Facebook desktop manager.

The cross-platform Adobe AIR app will now auto-complete Twitter usernames, a feature that competitor TweetDeck has offered for a while. Seesmic 0.5 also adds a home timeline configuration, so you can include or exclude replies, private messages, and search results from one column.

Other minor changes include maximizing and bringing to the front the Seesmic window when you click on the notification pop-up window, and optionally minimizing the program to the system tray in Windows. The full list of changes can … Read more

Windows 7 jump lists come to Chrome

Google Chrome fans who live on the edge and use the developer's build now get access to one of the best features in Windows 7. Browser jump-list access had previously been limited only to Internet Explorer, but Chrome version supports it.

The jump list, accessible by right-clicking on the Chrome taskbar icon or by holding down the left mouse button and dragging, mimics the Internet Explorer jump list. What IE calls "Frequent", Chrome labels "Most Visited Sites", but both merely show your most frequently visited Web sites. Both lists of URLs … Read more