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Review: 2008 BMW M3

The new and highly anticipated 2008 BMW M3 embodies many qualities that made BMW's reputation. This rear-wheel-drive slugger leaves a little room to play with the handling, so expert drivers can learn to work with the car on track days, yet it works perfectly well in the daily commute, with many creature comforts, such as cutting-edge cabin tech and fine low-speed drivability. With its sizable trunk and usable rear seats, you could even make the argument that it is practical, as long as you ignore the fuel economy.

Read the review of the 2008 BMW M3.

Rip DVDs to your PC, iPod, Zune and more with free Aplus DVD Ripper (today only)

Remember Giveaway of the Day, the site that offers one commercial software program free of charge every day? They've got a gem today: Aplus DVD Ripper (Windows), which lets you back up your movies to your PC and/or convert them for viewing on your iPod, Zune, cell phone, or other portable device. It normally sells for $39.99.

Remember, there's a catch: You have only until midnight tonight (ET) to download and install the program. After that, it's gone (though GotD does occasionally repeat its giveaways). But that's the one and only catch, so if … Read more

One iPod Nano, medium rare

We at Crave enjoy a good steak as much as anyone, but just the sight of this thing is enough to clog the arteries of the most dedicated carnivore. No ordinary iPod case, it's made to resemble Japan's famed Kobe beef.

It figures that this was made by SolidAlliance, the company that has brought us gems ranging from a disco ball mouse to a UFO-detecting strap. We've got to hand it to their detailed eye: Even the packaging resembles a real slab of beef, complete with a Styrofoam-looking tray and weight label with bar code.

And we … Read more

Radio stations: We're still relevant in the Internet age

LAS VEGAS--Over-the-air radio broadcasters have a plan to stay relevant even as their listeners continue to migrate to the Web.

Radio Heard Here, a new initiative from the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) and the HD Digital Radio Alliance is focused largely on trying to convince the public that radio remains relevant.

The plan calls for a public-relations campaign, including video ads on YouTube, and a method to connect players online. But there's little real meat. In reality, it's a response to those skeptical about the industry's chances to survive in the Internet era who have lately … Read more

Altec Lansing's SoundBlade: If your tent's rocking

With festival season just around the corner here in the U.K.--don't forget your wellies, kids--it's time to look at battery-operated speakers. One of our favorites for times when size is of critical importance is Gear4's StreetParty Size 0--its thin form factor and easy battery operation makes it ideal for campers and festival goers.

But Altec Lansing--a company that once made speakers for Woodstock--has an attractive Bluetooth alternative to a typical iPod dock. At about 90 pounds (about $178) the inMotion SoundBlade is a more costly option, but it'll work with Bluetooth-enabled music phonesRead more

iPhone clock radio claims to rise above the din

One wonders what would become of iHome if Apple suddenly stopped making products. Sometimes it seems to have created a cottage industry all by itself with an endless supply of i-accessories, from lamps to bike speakers.

Its latest offering is the iP99, yet another alarm-clock radio dock with stereo drivers, remote, adjustable snooze function, and high-contrast but dimmable LCD, according to iLounge. Yet perhaps its most notable feature is the claim that it will block TDMA frequency interference and noise from the phone itself, something that may be irritatingly familiar to those who have been in the vicinity of one … Read more

Camtasia Studio 5.1 now supports iPhone, iPod Touch

For professional screen-recording software, it's hard to top Camtasia Studio, a popular--and pricey--application for capturing, editing, and producing screencasts, especially tutorials and presentations. One of Camtasia Studio's strengths is its well-rounded list of preset production values for multiple media formats, including Web-optimized Flash, DVD, and iPod. On Tuesday, TechSmith released Camtasia Studio 5.1, an update that officially packages your screen recordings as MV4 files for playback on the iPhone and iPod Touch. This is good news for owners of Apple's vanguard media players and great news for corporate Camtasia producers trying to reach them.

In addition … Read more

Review: Leander Kahney's 'Inside Steve's Brain'

For years, the Steve Jobs biography has been a staple of the technology business publishing press.

The genre has been highlighted by titles such as Alan Deutschman's 2000 book, The Second Coming of Steve Jobs and 2005's iCon: Steve Jobs, The Greatest Second Act in the History of Business by Jeffrey Young and William Simon. The latter was attacked by Jobs himself for being an unauthorized biography, and by Deutschman for being eerily similar to his own book.

There was also, of course, Forbes writer Daniel Lyons' (aka "Fake Steve Jobs") 2007 parody, oPtion$: The secret … Read more

The 30-year-old iPod?

Does anybody buying an iPod in 2008 expect to get more than a few years of use out of the thing? My five year old iPod still plays, but I can't get it to work in newer iPod docks or iPod speakers. My iPod is too old.

A good friend of mine plays his 30-year-old Linn LP-12 turntable almost every day. It was an expensive turntable in 1978 when it sold for around $1,200. But he's gotten 30 years of use out of the thing, and even now listens to a lot more vinyl than CD. So … Read more

The '500,000-song' iPod isn't surprising

IBM researchers have reportedly demonstrated technology that will increase hard drive capacity 100-fold, as well as offer major improvements in energy consumption (leading to much longer battery life) and better reliability. Production is estimated in seven to ten years.

The reports summarizing the researchers' findings, which were published in Science (subscription required), use the shorthand "500,000 songs on a portable MP3 player" to describe the advance.

Today's iPod lineup contains no product advertised to hold 5,000 songs, so I'm not sure where the 500,000 figure came from. In fact, the current highest-capacity iPod is 160GB, … Read more