Utilities Updates: iMsafe; MaxMenus; DockFun;

Adaptec SCSI card drivers; more

iMsafe 1.0 is a new backup application. It backs up data stored on any mounted OS X volume (such as your HD) to any mounted OS X volume (e.g. HD, removable HD, Zip, network volume, iPod). Backups can be run from within iMsafe or they can be scheduled to occur every day, on weekdays or on specific days. File permissions and modification dates can be preserved.

Update: Bryan Pietrzak writes: "You may want to warn your readers that iMsafe does not backup resource forks. iMsafe is just a front end to a … Read more

Utilities Updates: DropDMG; Pic2Icon; Time Palette;

CopyPath; Cypher; more

DropDMG 1.3 is a tool to create compressed and encrypted disk images. This update can optionally choose whether images are saved next to the source folder, or in a user-defined folder. Also, volume images are now created in ~/Desktop by default (instead of /Volumes), and it fixed several bugs.

Pic2Icon 1.2.1 is a utility to create 128x128 icons for picture files. This update will again create images for files without extensions, and QuickTime movies now use poster picts if they exist, otherwise they use the first frame.

Time Palette 5.0.5 is a … Read more

Utilities Updates: Synk X; SNAX; IPNetMonitor; Prefling;

Dockprefs; Spellbinder; more

Synk X 4.0.0d6 is a backup and synchronization utility. This update is a major rewrite, it adds an action queue of running documents, and fixes a problem of having both versions 3 and 4 on the same computer. It also deals properly with two items with the same name, and better error handling.

SNAX 1.2.5 is an alternative OS X file browser. This update includes file and folder labels, column sorting, several new preferences, and it fixes bugs with Sharity and NSPortTimeoutException.

IPNetMonitor X 0.6b1 is the latest release of this tool … Read more

Utilities Updates: Extensis Suitcase; Font Reserve;

Synchronize! Pro X; DiskCatalogMaker X; more

Extensis Suitcase 10.1.1 is a font management utility. It adds the following features: FontBook Utility; Activate on Demand; Tracking Corrupt Fonts; Collect for Output; and more.

Font Reserve 3.0 is a font management tool for organizing, maintaining and using fonts. This release adds improvements to the system font handler and Classic activator.

Synchronize! Pro X 1.0 is a file sync, backup, file server mirroring utility. This release adds interface improvements, improves the logic of displaying check boxs in Completion Options, and it fixes a bug with syncing deleted files.

DiskCatalogMaker X 2.6Read more

Utilities Updates: Drive 10; Default Folder X; Renicer;

Carbon Copy Cloner; FontChecker X; more

Drive 10 1.0.4 is a disk repair and maintenance tool. This version adds hardware compatibility to recent Macs, a progress bar for status, improvements to the volume structure routines, and the ability to repair and rebuild a volume without requiring a restart.

Default Folder X 1.0.2 enhances Open/Save dialog boxes. This release corrects an error which causes the previous version to expire on February 22, 2002. It also improves compatibility with CopyPaste-X, and fixes a problem which caused Default Folder X to deselect the filename in Save dialogs when … Read more

Utilities Updates: New InDesign 2.0 installer; Folder Icon X;

Keyboard Maestro; PhotoAlbumPro; OmniGraffle; more

InDesign 2.0 Installer Update 2.0 is an update to the InDesign 2.0 installer that fixes two errors: it enables you to install InDesign 2.0 under Mac OS X 10.1.x without receiving the error "An Error Has Occurred Which Prevented the Installation from Completing," and it enables you to install under Mac OS X, version 10.1.x systems without receiving the error "Error creating folder. 1008:9,-5000 access denied." followed by "You do not have enough access privileges for this installation." … Read more

Utilities Updates: FixApplicationsFolderPermissions

SharePoints; TinkerTool; File Buddy ; more

FixApplicationsFolderPermissions 1.0 is a tool from Apple that fixes the problem where the Applications folder may be locked or have incorrect permissions after installing Mac OS X 10.1. 

SharePoints 2.0.4 is a Preference pane/app to share any directory. This version fixes the blank lists at startup. 

TinkerTool 2.1 adds functionality and options to many OS X features. This release includes an automatic installer, several new languages, several new Finder tweaks, and bug fixes. 

File Buddy X 7.0b22 is an extensive desktop and file/folder editing … Read more

Utilities Updates: EasyFind; Dockprefs; DiskTracker; more

EasyFind 2.0 is an alternative to Sherlock. It finds files, folders and contents without indexing.

Dockprefs 1.0 is a simple dockling that gives quick access to all of the System Preferences available to the user, including custom preference panes.

DiskTracker X 2.2b6 is a disk cataloging and labeling system for the Apple Macintosh

Eudora Internet Mail Server X 3.1.1a is out. It fixes a crashing bug when quitting EIMS Admin, a number of cosmetic bugs, and has had other cosmetic work done on it.

Secret Folder 2.0b2 can make a item invisible in the … Read more

Utilities Updates: Watson; Launch Items; File Buddy; more

Watson 1.11 is an alternative to traditional web browsers for accessing web content. Reviews are highly favorable. The update fixes a number of issues with the application and many of the tools

Launch Items X 1.0.3 is a set of Mac OS X-compatible contextual menu plug-ins which allow to launch the customized applications, open web pages, open folders, or open Mac OS X documents. Among what's new in this version: Adds the ability to open web page and email address from the contextual menu; adds the ability to open folder from the contextual menu.

File Buddy X 7.0b20Read more

Utilities Updates: Carbon Copy Cloner; SNAX; DockFun!;

Dock Switcher; File Lister; unlockAll; more

Carbon Copy Cloner 1.0b4 is a cloning utility developed with AppleScript Studio. The purpose of CCC is to assist you in copying your entire Mac OS X installation from one partition to another as easily as possible. It fixes several bugs including: Fixed a problem that would cause only one item to appear in the target disk list or the list of items to be copied (refers to an issue introduced by AppleScript 1.8.2); No longer follows symbolic links during a clone, rather it copies the link as would be expected.… Read more