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iLike launches ad platform, pushes play on Rhapsody deal

iLike, the social music service that rose to popularity with the launch of Facebook's developer platform last year, is getting bigger. The company announced that membership has surpassed 30 million users, and that it'll soon be getting the buzz out even more by letting developers put music on their sites through an iLike application programming interface.

But more importantly (i.e. on the money front), iLike has launched an ad platform specifically geared toward bands and concert promoters. Audiences can be targeted by music preferences and location, rather than keywords, which iLike says will give advertisers a huge … Read more

Music, co-op games the dominant trends at E3

As planes packed with video game industry people start heading out of Los Angeles in droves after this week's E3 convention, the question is, What really transpired during the confab?

If one thing was clear, it was that the industry largely played it safe this week. Sure, there were a few big announcements--perhaps led by Microsoft's announcement of its planned revamping of the Xbox Live architecture--but for the most part, this was a pretty uneventful E3, an unsurprising reality given that we're a couple of years into the "next-generation" of consoles already and the … Read more

Mom continues to chase Prince over 'fair use'

SAN JOSE, Calif.--Stephanie Lenz is an angry Pennsylvania mother who refuses to back down from the music industry.

Lenz's attorneys were in federal district court on Friday morning, trying to thwart a motion to dismiss her lawsuit against Universal Music Group. A year ago, the music label ordered YouTube to pull down a 30-second video she shot of her infant son dancing to Prince's song "Let's Go Crazy."

Lenz, who resides in a rural Pennsylvania area, claims that her video is protected under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and the Fair Use provision in … Read more

Wikimedia Foundation edits its board of trustees

As part of its annual "Wikimania" conference in Alexandria, Egypt, the nonprofit Wikimedia Foundation--parent company of Wikipedia, Wiktionary, and a number of others--announced two new members to its board of trustees. The announcement went out on Friday and is effective immediately.

Taking over from current chair Florence Devouard will be Michael Snow, who has been on the board since February and has been an active member of the Wikipedia community since 2003. A lawyer based in Seattle, Wash., Snow created the "Wikipedia Signpost" community news resource in 2006.

Another Wikimedia Foundation board member has been announced, … Read more

Interview: Katy Perry is no tech ingenue

With her dazzling looks and saucy lyrics about smooching women, it's tough thinking of Katy Perry as a geek.

Nonetheless, the pop singer has immersed herself in digital music, video blogs, and more recently, the Internet-distribution strategies of Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails. "I'm Internet crazy," she says.

Perry is the controversy-dogged pop singer who has owned the No. 1 spot on iTunes and Billboard's "Hot 100" for much of the past month. Her hit single, "I Kissed a Girl," has alienated some moral groups as well as Fox News commentators … Read more

The Black Ghosts, 'Any Way You Choose To Give It': Free MP3 of the Day

Wiseguys' Theo Keating melds deceptive dance-style tracks with Simian Mobile Disco's Simon Lord's sinister lyrics that alchemically transmute the otherwise alluring dance-pop elements. When one thinks of haunting music, U.K.-based electro doesn't immediately come to mind though The Black Ghosts are stepping up the creepy noir factor with each and every psychotically romantic track.

Top 5 online music stores

As one may suspect, working in digital music gives a person a somewhat skewed view about the permeation of online music in the general population. Everyone (aside from audiophiles and vinyl buffs) is getting their music fix though the Web nowadays, right? Wrong. Although digital music is on the rise, it's still well behind CDs in terms of overall sales ($2.8 billion versus $15.9 billion, according to one report).

Another report forecasts that digital music sales won't surpass physical media for another four years. Well, what say we prove some people wrong (always fun) and shave … Read more gets a makeover, but can't stay standing

Social music site has unveiled a new look: a slick new design, an iPhone app, a partnership with Logitech to stream music to compatible home stereo systems, and a host of new features.

With the new features, members can receive music recommendations instantly by naming a few bands and artists they like. Previously, they had to hook up their music libraries so that the site's engine, or "scrobbler," could read and analyze what songs they'd listened to recently. The site's music charts now also update in near-real time.

Unfortunately, when I tried to … Read more