MP3 Insider 106: On online music

Donald and Jasmine take on eMusic news and nail down the Top 5 online music stores. Also, find out what accessories make the grade for your iPod Touch or Shuffle. Listen now: Download today's podcast

Episode 106

eMusic's makeover

Rhapsody-friendly MP3 players

Accessories for the iPod Touch

Accessories for the iPod Shuffle

Top 5 Online Music Stores

First Look video: iTunes (Mac)

iTunes needs little in the way of an introduction--especially for Mac users. Apple's popular media player comes equipped with the capability to play your music, rip CDs, help you buy music from the iTunes Store, and much more. Those with new iPhones (or the latest firmware update) should definitely download this latest version to gain access to Apple's iPhone App Store.

Check out this First Look video with's Jason Parker to find out a little more about iTunes, along with some features and hot-keys experienced users may not already know.

eMusic's makeover

Internet music retailer eMusic is undertaking an ambitious site redesign that infuses music discovery and social networking features. Beginning July 22, eMusic is rolling out new album pages for their collection of more than 3.5 million songs--an update that includes both cosmetic and practical design upgrades.

Visually, the new eMusic album page design has a much cleaner and bolder feel than the somewhat dated look the site had been holding on to. The new album page layout is wider, and puts more emphasis on album artwork and user ratings. In a move that should delight those of you who … Read more

iForward Russia!, 'Spring Is A Condition': Free MP3 of the Day

First place contenders at the math-rock science fair, iForward, Russia! sputters and jerks frantically beneath emotive vocals using erratically staccato guitar phrases. Weaving '80s-inspired synth elements into their arsenal, this post-rock outfit seamlessly blends punk, screamo, and new wave influences for a sound that's at once jarring, inviting, and romantic.

Search and mix music tracks with Mix Turtle

New music search tool Mix Turtle is a very simple and elegant way to search for hosted music tracks. It provides search-as-you-type suggestions and a playlist creation tool that lets you add any search result to your mix just by clicking the big plus button next to it.

Like other music search engines, Mix Turtle provides variations on results if there are multiple sources. You can shuffle between each of these in succession and it will automatically jump to whichever one is still online since being indexed. It's not as elegant as mix tape creator MixWit's track surfer (… Read more

Theresa Anderson, 'Na Na Na (Empty Heart)': Free MP3 of the Day

There's garden-variety DIY, and then there's Theresa Andersson. Despite, or perhaps because of, her ultra down-home recording tactics (a kitchen studio, a "vibraphone" made from bottles), the Swedish songstress has cut a disc of enough warmth and nuance to put fancy engineers to shame.

iLike launches ad platform, pushes play on Rhapsody deal

iLike, the social music service that rose to popularity with the launch of Facebook's developer platform last year, is getting bigger. The company announced that membership has surpassed 30 million users, and that it'll soon be getting the buzz out even more by letting developers put music on their sites through an iLike application programming interface.

But more importantly (i.e. on the money front), iLike has launched an ad platform specifically geared toward bands and concert promoters. Audiences can be targeted by music preferences and location, rather than keywords, which iLike says will give advertisers a huge … Read more

Music, co-op games the dominant trends at E3

As planes packed with video game industry people start heading out of Los Angeles in droves after this week's E3 convention, the question is, What really transpired during the confab?

If one thing was clear, it was that the industry largely played it safe this week. Sure, there were a few big announcements--perhaps led by Microsoft's announcement of its planned revamping of the Xbox Live architecture--but for the most part, this was a pretty uneventful E3, an unsurprising reality given that we're a couple of years into the "next-generation" of consoles already and the … Read more