Utilities Updates: MaxMenus; Canon S Printers;

NewNotepad Pro X; Sonnet X Tune-Up; Sonnet PCI X; more

MaxMenus 1.2 adds powerful, flexible menus to simplify tasks. The new release adds full support for Mac OS X 10.2 and includes an internal preference to prevent opening folders from a menu.

Canon S Printers 1.4.0 is a driver for the S520/750/800/820/820D/900/9000 printers.

NewNOTEPAD Pro X 1.2.5 is an enhanced replacement for Apple's Note Pad. The latest release includes support for Mac OS X 10.2 (Jaguar).

Sonnet X Tune-Up 1.2.5 enables L2 cache on … Read more

Utilities Updates: Font Pilot; DragonDrop; XPostFacto;

PressPerCent; Video Viewer; Custom Splash Installer; more

Font Pilot 1.0 is a newly released font manager/previewer.

DragonDrop 1.0 offers abbed popup file viewers like Mac OS 9 under OS X. In the new version, file viewer columns are sortable and invisible files can be hidden.

XPostFacto 2.2b17 helps install OS X on some unsupported Macs. The latest release fixes the "file not found" error when trying to install Mac OS X 10.0.

PressPerCent Pro 2.4.2 is an ink key pre-setting solution for offset presses. The latest release fixes a random bug … Read more

Utilities Updates: PageSentry; Aladdin DragStrip; Yahoo!

Messenger; SaverLab; Password Retriever; Motu USB; more

PageSentry 4.1.1 is a complete net server monitoring and failure recovery. In the new version, Ping Sentries that fail to detect the remote machine no longer loose network resources, a problem which could lead to networking failures and crashes.

Aladdin DragStrip 4.0 is a desktop organizer: launch, organize, access files. The new release adds user interface enhancements and full support for Mac OS X including Jaguar.

Yahoo! Messenger X 2.5b1 is an instant messaging app. The new release has a WebCam feature that allows up to 20 frames per … Read more

Utilities Updates: USB Overdrive X; PodWeather; MacFLAC;

Can Combine Icons; Ec; Folder Icon; Pseudo; more

USB Overdrive X 10.0.0b5 is a universal driver for any USB mouse or trackball. The new release works in Mac OS X 10.2 (Jaguar) and includes an Installer and an Uninstaller.

PodWeather 1.0 downloads weather info onto an iPod.

MacFLAC 2.0 is a GUI front-end for Free Lossless Audio Codec. The new version features a graphical frontend, AIFF conversion, and support for encoding levels and verification.

Can Combine Icons 3.0.4 is an icon creation tool. The new tool resolves one bug preventing the application from … Read more

Utilities Updates: Word Translator; snapHappy; SmartWrap

Virex 7; SilverFast Ai Microtek; SmallScreenX; Scrapper; more

Word Translator 4.7.6 is a language translation dictionary that works from from any app. In the new version, dictionary modification errors that made certain lines appear as systematically cut are fixed.

snapHappy 1.3 is an image browser, organizer, editor. Main features include browse, resize, rename, rotate, flip, crop, and delete pictures.

SmartWrap 2.2.2 is a text cleaning tool to correctly rewrap text. In its latest release, the SmartWrap Service for MacOS X may now be invoked by command-shift-A, so long as that key combination is not in … Read more

Utilities Updates: VirtualDesktop; Menu Control; Charla

SilverFast Ai Polaroid; NewsHunter; XGamepadSupport; more

CodeTek VirtualDesktop 1.4.1 is a virtual desktop pager. The latest release fixes a bug in 1.4 where alert panels that come up while the software is unregistered could not be closed and also resolves the bug causing Windows to move around on their own.

MenuControl is a tool to create custom real menus in FileMaker. The Application Menu on Mac OS X is now supported by the software.

Charla 1.6.2 is a Yahoo! chat client with spam filtering and color fades. The new release includes … Read more

Utilities Updates: InterView; Unity Session; ViewFont

Clipboard Printer; Mr Bitbudget; PowerGlot; more

InterView X 2.2.0 is the driver for echoFX's USB video-in capture product. The new version features "Dynamic Quality Management," which when enabled takes over the chore of managing the compression levels of the video. Not only does this generally result in higher frame rates, but the quality is higher during periods of less active video.

Unity Session X 3.0.4 is an audio synth and sampling environment. The new version features support for for the MP3 file format, restores compatibility with Mac OS 8.6 through 9.2.… Read more

Utilities Updates: grabURL; Synchronize Pro; WorkStrip;

ChangeDesktop; DropDMG; APC Tracker; utilApache; more

grabURL 1.0.1 is a BBEdit script to grab text documents from Web servers. The new version fixes the conflict between BBEdit and URL Access Scripting by replacing URL Access Scripting with the cURL command line utility. Downloads are also slightly faster.

Synchronize! Pro X 1.2.3 makes bootable system backups and syncs files. The new release fixes a cosmetic problem with the display of icons on Mac OS 10.2 (Jaguar) and resolves a problem with the display of GB file sizes in the Status window.

WorkStrip X 2.0.1Read more

Utilities Updates: File Buddy; ATTO ExpressPCI; ProSoft

NetWare Client; NETsettings NowPod; Tex-Edit Plus; more

File Buddy 7.2.2 is an extensive desktop and file/folder editing and task tool. The new version fixes a problem where opening the Repair Options dialog in the Check Aliases dialog would cause a crash and another problem that would cause File Buddy to unexpectedly quit after doing any of the file searches.

ATTO ExpressPCI 2.0 is a configuration tool for the ExpressPCI line of host adapters. The new version can be used to verify the drivers and flash files currently in use and update the flash, as necessary.

Prosoft NetWare Client 1.0.2Read more

Utilities Updates: Disc Recording Update; XPostFacto;

Menu Extra Enabler; iPod2iTunes; Switcheroo; more

Apple Disc Recording Update 1.3.5 delivers additional iTunes and Finder support for a number of LaCie, EZquest, and Iomega CD-R devices. For a specific list of supported devices, visit the Apple CD-R Compatibility site at http://www.apple.com/itunes/compatibility/.

XPostFacto 2.2b15 helps install OS X on some unsupported Macs. The latest release fixes the "kernel panic on first reboot after clean install" problem and has better compatibility with Mac OS X 10.2 (Jaguar).

Menu Extra Enabler 1.0 is a hack to enable 3rd party menu … Read more