T-Mobile G-Slate review: To 3D or not to 3D?

I love the Honeycomb OS. It's not perfect by any stretch, but it's such an improvement over using Android 2.2 on tablets, that I'm willing to accept it and all its imperfections. I'm sure at some point I'll grow dissatisfied with it and begin blaming it for every inadequacy in my life.

You have to understand, before Honeycomb, testing tablets using the Android 2.2 OS increased chances of apoplexy by 89 percent. Really.

OK, that's not actually true, but on many tablets, it was a very frustrating experience.

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Hands-on: Acer Iconia Tab A500 tablet

Update: CNET's full, rated review of the Acer Iconia Tab is now available.

Google's tablet-friendly Android 3.0 OS (aka Honeycomb) is arguably the biggest advancement for tablet computers since the introduction of the iPad. It delivers souped-up versions of Google's celebrated mobile apps (Gmail, Maps, Books, Talk, Navigation, and Market) to the big, multitouch-enabled screens of 10-inch tablets, and weaves Adobe Flash into a killer tabbed Web browser. There's only been one big problem: the OS has been trapped on a relatively hefty, high-priced tablet called the Motorola Xoom.

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iPad as sketchbook: Hands-on with the Wacom Bamboo Stylus

Can the iPad be a valid artist's tool? Wacom, maker of professional digitizer tablets and computer peripherals for artists, has gone ahead and put its vote in the affirmative, with the upcoming release of the Wacom Bamboo Stylus for the iPad. Available in May for $29.99, the roughly pen-sized aluminum stylus works via a conductive barrel with the iPad's capacitive display. We were sent an advance unit from Wacom and gave the Bamboo a spin with our iPad 2 and some popular sketch programs.

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Toshiba tablet momentarily priced and named

(Update: Toshiba has since announced their tablet's official product name -- the Toshiba Thrive.)

We may finally have a price and a name for Toshiba's Android Honeycomb tablet, thanks to a product listing on Newegg (pictured right) that has since been taken down.

The listing showed the tablet in three capacities: 8GB (for $450), 16GB ($500), and 32GB ($580). If you're balking at the lack of a 64GB model, keep in mind that each model accepts up to 32GB of additional storage via SDHC memory cards. The price is reasonable, given specs such as GPS, 5-megapixel rear … Read more

As Android for tablets falters, opportunity for Intel

Intel has been criticized here and in other venues for being late to the tablet party. But Android's slow start in tablets may mean latecomers aren't necessarily losers.

A stroke of serendipity has arrived in the form of a tepid consumer reception so far for tablets beyond Apple's iPad. Sales of the Motorola Xoom are, to date, anemic, while the sell-through to consumers of Samsung's Android tablet has also been underwhelming.

And Digitimes reported today that tablet suppliers Asus and HTC are delaying Android tablet rollouts.

Meanwhile, RIM's BlackBerry PlayBook--which is more like an appendage to a BlackBerry phoneRead more

Bridgestone tablets are huge because they can be

With Bridgestone's new AeroBee line of tablets as large as 21 inches, the "Texas effect" has finally hit the tablet market.

That's when companies take an existing product or concept and blow it up to a point at which it becomes so big as to be impractical, just because they can...kind of like so many oversize Hummers on the streets of suburban Dallas or Houston.… Read more

Friday Poll: PC sales are down, whose fault is it?

PC shipments aren't what they were, with companies like HP, Dell, and Acer reporting disappointing year-over-year sales for the first quarter of 2011, surprising some, like research firm Gartner.

At the same time, tablet sales are exploding, so it seems easy to blame the fall of PC sales on things like iPads.

But it could also be the economy. It's no secret that right now there just isn't as much money going around as some would like, which can affect the sales of PCs indirectly; when consumers buy less Coke, for example, Coke may put off spending money, which can mean putting off computer upgrades for workers.

We're not saying that's what's caused the falloff in sales, but we're not saying it's the iPad 2 or other tablets (though likely not the Xoom) either. In fact, we're not saying anything, instead we're just giving options. This is the Friday Poll, after all.

So now we must ask: Why do you think PC sales have dipped this last quarter? The iPad 2? Other tablets? The economy in general? Or are we finally at the point when most people now see secondhand computers as a cheaper, good-enough option?

Weigh in by voting in the poll on the left, and if we've missed something, you'll let us know in the comments, won't you?… Read more

Motorola's rugged 7-inch tablet aims for enterprise

Motorola could be in the early stages of developing a new, rugged Android tablet. According to information passed to Engadget, the company has begun work on a new 7-inch tablet that looks to feature a dual-core 1GHz processor, 1GB RAM, and 8GB internal storage. Other preliminary specifications peg this unnamed tablet with an 8-megapixel camera on the back, a 1.3-megapixel front-facing camera, HDMI output, and a USB port for "snap-in" peripherals.

The presentation slide alludes to a "rugged" tablet that would be able to withstand extreme temperatures and drops from 4 feet. Motorola has already … Read more

iPad, tablets take a bite out of PC shipments

Hurt by demand for the iPad and other electronic gadgets, PC shipments around the world dropped by 1.1 percent in the first quarter, according to preliminary results out today from Gartner.

Global PC shipments fell to 84.25 million during the quarter, compared with 85.18 million a year ago, their first decline in six consecutive quarters. The drop surprised Gartner, which had been looking for a gain of 3 percent. Though PC sales typically slow during the first quarter, the numbers point to this as more than just an expected seasonal dip, in Gartner's opinion.

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BlackBerry PlayBook review: A great surprise

The official CNET review of RIM's BlackBerry PlayBook is now available for your tablet-evaluating pleasure. If you haven't already been swayed by Apple or Google's tablet offerings, this device is definitely worth a look.

To be completely candid, we were a little surprised at how great the PlayBook is. No slight on RIM, but the 7-inch tablet space has never really bowled us over. The PlayBook is a delightful exception. It actually inspired us to go back and knock the Galaxy Tab's score down a few pegs.

Why's the PlayBook so hot? What surprised us most? As the video above points out, the PlayBook's browser finally makes good on the iPad's promise to put the whole Web in your hands. It loads sites in their full glory and bolsters the experience with Adobe Flash 10.2 support that is nearly indistinguishable from a desktop experience (if you squint really hard).

To learn about all the other highs and lows of life with a PlayBook (including a browser speed battle), stretch your BlackBerry thumb, and head over to our full review. … Read more