User tips for managing Mail password rejection

Recently we described a problem some people have been having with Apple's Mail e-mail client, where the program will request you to supply your account password but then continue to reject it.

The occurrence of this problem seems random, making it difficult to troubleshoot, but I suggested people try tackling problems with their keychains and the Mail preferences files as relatively general approaches to dealing with this issue. In response to our article, a number of readers commented or wrote in with tips on tackling this problem, with some of them being either quicker ways or additional areas that … Read more

E-mail servers rejecting passwords in OS X Mail

Apple's Mail e-mail client that is included with OS X is widely used by Mac owners for managing their e-mail accounts, be they on Apple's MobileMe or iCloud services or from a third party like Google, Yahoo, or AOL. The program works well for the most part, but it does have some annoying quirks, with one being that it may regularly issue a warning requesting you to enter your e-mail account password.

The warning says the IMAP or POP server rejected the password, but when you enter your password again in the password field the server still rejects … Read more

Let FAssistant track your finances for you

FAssistant is a free multiuser personal finance tracking and reminder application. It also analyzes your finances, generating useful reports that give you both a "Big Picture" as well as deep details. You can set up multiple user accounts, each with multiple financial or information accounts for FAssistant to keep track of.

FAssistant's installer creates a database, and we had the opportunity to import data during the setup process, which many users will appreciate. Once our database was created, we needed to set up an account, which can be either an Application User or Admin User, though the … Read more

Facebook account hijacked? Get a little help from your friends

Facebook is set to announce new security features today that will let people set passwords for third-party apps and get help from friends when they can't get into their account.

When hackers hijack accounts, the first thing they typically do is change passwords so legitimate account holders can't get back in. Instead of going through the rigamarole of verifying that you are the legitimate account owner, Facebook will now let friends vouch for you.

The new Trusted Friends feature, which like App Passwords will available for "testing" in coming weeks, lets you select three to five … Read more

The 404 924: Where we open the pod bay doors (podcast)

iOS 5 reviews are coming in from around the Web, but the Siri voice control application is grabbing everyone's attention with a clever answer to nearly any question you throw at it.

Apparently it'll tell you everything from where to hide a body to how to secure paid company for the night, and explain the meaning of life. Strangely, it seems the only thing it won't do is call the police. Siri needs to get her priorities straight!

Today's 404 features CNET's Scott Stein and Bridget Carey; read on for the news highlights.… Read more

Sony defends against another hack

BlackBerry data disruptions hit North American users, Apple devices can update to iOS 5 today to get iCloud, Wall Street protesters are leveraging a new messaging app, and Sony locks down accounts to fight another hack attack.

Links from Wednesday's episode of Loaded:

Sony locks down at-risk accounts BlackBerry data disruptions spread to North America iOS 5 available today Vibe app gains popularity with protesters Sony Bravia TV recall Subscribe:  iTunes (MP3)iTunes (320x180)iTunes (HD)RSS (MP3)RSS (320x180)RSS HD

After delay, Avast launches EasyPass

More than two weeks behind schedule, Avast released today its password manager. Called EasyPass (download) and built on a core licensed from Roboform (download), Avast's password manager comes with Blowfish and AES-256 password encryption, and is basically the premium version of Roboform rebranded with Avast colors. EasyPass integrates with the major browsers.

No explanation for the delay was available at the time of writing.

In the statement announcing the program, Avast noted an interesting statistic: that out of 67,000 of its users surveyed, only 11.5 percent of them said that they used a password manager. That's … Read more

Google opens Wallet

The owner of the Qwikster Twitter handle is banking on selling it to Netflix, Verizon unveils a $99 4G LTE capable smartphone, and Google Wallet finally launches with support only on Sprint's Nexus S 4G phone so far.

Links from Tuesday's episode of Loaded:

Google Wallet launches Qwikster Twitter account owner wants cash Dish Networks to unveil BlockBuster streaming $99 Verizon 4G LTE phone Researchers discover HTTPS security hole OS X Lion vulnerable to local users Subscribe:  iTunes (MP3)iTunes (320x180)iTunes (HD)RSS (MP3)RSS (320x180)RSS HD

OS X Lion passwords can be changed by any local user

In OS X, user passwords are encrypted and then are stored in files called "shadow files" which are placed in secure locations on the drive. Based on system permissions, the contents of these files can then only be accessed and modified by the user, or by administrators provided they first give appropriate authentication. This means that only the user can change its password, or if needed, then an administrator can do this by first authenticating.

Unfortunately, recent discoveries have shown that in OS X Lion this security structure is not intact, and any user on the system can … Read more

View e-mail passwords with Mail PassView

NirSoft's Nir Sofer writes small but useful programs that do small but useful tasks for even smaller fees, usually no fee, otherwise known as "free." His Mail PassView is a compact freeware tool that recovers and displays passwords and account details for several popular e-mail clients, including Outlook and Outlook Express, Thunderbird, and Eudora. It can handle POP3, IMAP, HTTP, and SMTP accounts, depending on the particular client.

Mail PassView opened with our Outlook 2010 data displayed in its plain main view, including not only our password and account name but also server, server port, account type, … Read more