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Podcast: Take a spin with the eBike from Schwinn

LAS VEGAS--Schwinn was at the Consumer Electronics Show with a high-tech eBike that has an elecrtric motor with a battery that can be charged in about a half hour for 25 miles of riding. In this podcast, spokesman Michael de Leon talks about the bike and whether a motor would interfere with the bike's ability to help people stay in shape.

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Podcast: Plastic Logic's answer to the Kindle

As Amazon.com proved with its popular Kindle, consumers are interested in reading books on handheld devices. Plastic Logic has developed its own reading device, which is thinner and more durable than the Kindle and is aimed mostly for reading business documents. Joe Eschbach, Plastic Logic's vice president of marketing, explains in this interview.

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Zoom H4n handheld audio recorder, hands on

Update (4/19/2009): CNET now has a full review of the Zoom H4n.

I practically squealed when I saw Zoom's new H4n professional handheld audio recorder on display at CES 2009. The $350 recorder was announced just a few days ago with hazy details on when it might hit store shelves, but lo and behold, here it was hanging out in the Samson booth, dressed up with full retail packaging.

To read my first impressions, take a look through our Zoom H4n slide show, fresh from the showfloor of CES 2009.

Voice-controlled Amulet Remote listens when you talk

I've got a pretty awesome remote control. I'm a home theater nerd, so it's a must. But the new Amulet Remote by 2-year old Irish start-up Amulet Devices does something mine does not: respond to voice commands.

I can see why this device--demoed this week at CES--would be handy to some people. Even if you lose the remote in the couch cushions, you can still yell, "Turn it up!" and not have to leave your La-Z-Boy.

The downside I can easily see is that if your family is anything like mine was growing up, this … Read more

Intel talks USB 3.0 at CES

LAS VEGAS--At the Consumer Electronics Show, Jeff Ravencraft of Intel talked about the status of SuperSpeed USB 3.0 and how fast it really is.

The most salient benefit of SuperSpeed USB is the 10X improvement in data transfer speed over current USB, version 2.0. So, for example, transferring a 25GB HD movie will take 70 seconds instead of almost 14 minutes.

Transfer of a 25GB HD movie:

USB 1.0: 9.3 hours USB 2.0: 13.9 minutes USB 3.0: 70 seconds

In the video below, Ravencraft, who is president of the USB Implementers Forum, discusses … Read more

Samsung wants you to stay home, watch TV

Home theater is Samsung's game at this year's CES. Though the company did announce the new P3 touch-screen MP3 player, an inch-thick plasma TV, feature-packed Blu-ray home theater systems, and backlit LCD TVs dominated the show.

Samsung unveils P3 touch-screen MP3 player Photos: Hands-on with the Samsung P3 player Samsung's slick HT-BD7200 Blu-ray home theater system Samsung's funky Blu-ray and DVD players Samsung's PN-B850 series of plasmas get down to an inch thick Samsung HT-BD1250: 5.1-channel home theater offers Blu-ray, Netflix, Pandora Samsung HT-BD8200 home theater sound bar includes Blu-ray, Netflix, Pandora Samsung DVD-H1080: Portable-sized DVD player for the homeRead more

Wireless USB devices in spotlight at CES

LAS VEGAS--At the Consumer Electronics Show, Wireless USB devices made an appearance en masse.

What does that mean exactly? Wireless USB notebooks, docking stations, hard drives. And more consumer-centric devices like Wireless USB speakers, displays, and USB phones. In fact, Samsung was showing a prototype mobile phone. (See photo below.)

"It looks and feels like wired USB, only it's wireless," according to Jeff Ravencraft of Intel, who is president of the USB Implementers Forum, speaking in an interview at CES.

Over 130 products have been certified, according to Ravencraft. "The next thing in Wireless USB is … Read more

Hands-on with Altec Lansing's BackBeat Bluetooth headset

I don't often get excited about Bluetooth headsets, but Altec Lansing's BackBeat series is definitely worth a look. CNET's David Carnoy already reported the details of these Bluetooth beauties earlier in the week, but I thought I'd add some of my first-hand impressions, as well as a few photos. Hit up the Altec Lansing BackBeat slide show for all the details.

Audio-Technica's new headphones for '09

Audio-Technica's CES booth was littered with new headphone models for 2009. One reason for the glut is the addition of a whole new line of headphones made just for women, which, unlike the cheap, pink monstrosities we sometimes see from manufacturers, actually pull off some style--and without skimping on fidelity. There are also some gorgeous gender-neutral cans on offer. Hit the photo gallery for more details.

Ion's bevy of turntables and iPod accessories

Vinyl may be a dead music format, but that's not stopping Ion from doing a brisk business with turntable sales. It may sound crazy, but Ion's found a nice, little niche with its affordable turntables made specifically for converting your dusty record crates into iPod-ready MP3 files.

Ion also does well with its unique iPod accessories. For 2009, it is planning a mini version of the Block Rocker iPod amp called the TailGater, as well as a wireless iPod speaker system, a portable iPod audio recorder, and some wireless digital DJ gear. Browse our slide show for more … Read more