Mac Pro, iMac updates: Wait till next year?

Disappointed by the lack of a new iMac and measly Mac Pro updates? They could be due next year, according to one report.

Writing for the New York Times, David Pogue says an Apple executive assured him that new models, with new designs, are in the works, "probably" to be released in 2013.

Tim Cook and chums took to the stage at last night's WWDC keynote to unveil significant updates to the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, alongside a hoity-toity new 15-inch MacBook Pro with a retina display and skinny new design. But the iMac and Mac … Read more

Apple WWDC keynote video now available online

Those of you who couldn't catch Apple's WWDC keynote yesterday can now watch the entire event as an online video.

Apple's has posted a stream of the keynote available directly via its Web site. The video covers all the presentations, complete with details about Apple's new and refreshed Macs, iOS 6, Mountain Lion, and other assorted products. You can see it all, starting with the intro and corny jokes from Siri and ending with Tim Cook's closing comments.

All you need to view the video is your friendly neighborhood browser and a dose of the … Read more

Will cheaper MacBook Airs sap ultrabook momentum?

Apple's cheaper-but-better MacBook Air isn't good news for ultrabooks.

Ultrabooks surfaced last year as a niche product in response to the Air. And now Intel, Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, Dell, at el are trying to mainstream the skinny laptops.

There's one problem. Apple just cut the price and upped the processor specs on the MacBook Air today.

So, is Apple still standard bearer and ultrabooks just pretenders to the lightweight laptop throne?

Only time and market-share numbers will tell.

Spec check: $1,099 11.6-inch MBA: The high-end model has dropped to $1,099 from $1,199 and packs … Read more

Apple Thunderbolt adapters arriving in Apple stores

Part of Apple's keynote address at WWDC this morning was a demonstration of its new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro systems, which have not only done away with optical drives but have also streamlined other I/O offerings. In order to save space in its systems, Apple has combined USB 2.0 and 3.0 connections, but has also fallen to relying on its Thunderbolt connections to provide the I/O connectivity from older Mac systems.

As the MacBook line has evolved over the years, Apple has attempted to remove legacy ports from the systems, including the Ethernet port … Read more

Apple's homegrown Maps app debuts (First Take)

It's WWDC week, and one of the big announcements from today's keynote was Apple's new, homegrown Maps app, which will come baked into iOS 6 this fall. Here, we take a look at Apple's new offering and how it compares to the Google-powered app that it's replacing.

Built by Apple from the ground up, Maps uses a vector-based engine that maintains a crisp appearance and seamless rendering, even as you zoom in and out. For context, Google Maps has been using vector-based graphics since late 2010, so while the technology is worth mentioning, it isn'… Read more

New MacBooks, accessories debut at WWDC

Apple's kickoff press conference for its 2012 Worldwide Developers Conference is now history. While the show is arguably aimed at the company's army of iOS and Mac software developers --and there was plenty of new iOS 6 and OS X Mountain Lion news on display -- WWDC was once again used as a launching pad for a variety of new hardware products as well.

In addition to a line of updated MacBook laptops (including a first-ever high-end Retina Display model), Apple also delivered some notable hardware refreshes that it didn't choose to highlight at its press conference: a new AirPort Express router, an updated iPad case, and a very slight upgrade to its Mac Pro desktop.

The new Apple hardware and accessories, in-depth:… Read more

Apple draws up battle strategy against Google at WWDC

SAN FRANCISCO -- They are classic "frienemies," collaborating when the interest is mutual and going for the other's jugular when the opportunity presents itself. So it was that on Monday Apple made clear that it's willing to cut ties with Google if that's what it takes to move its own agenda forward.

Among the product and technology announcements made at its annual developer conference here, Apple said it is expanding its Siri voice assistant software, as well as offering a complete rewrite of its maps app. Apple also added deep integration to Facebook to its … Read more

Apple taps TomTom for new iOS Maps app data

Apple unveiled its new Maps app for iOS today at the World Wide Developers Conference, but it didn't reveal its new source of data since booting Google as its default maps app.

Now we have word that TomTom is one of the main providers of data for the new app. An anonymous tipster sent Engadget "leaked" screenshots that show the app on an iPhone 4S running the iOS 6 developer beta, as well as a shot of a TomTom copyright notice.

A TomTom representative told Engadget that the company "has signed a global agreement with Apple … Read more

With no new iPhone, this could be the summer of Samsung

As you'd expect, today's Apple WWDC keynote drew big crowds of Apple fans eager for hardware and software news. Yet, you might be surprised that even the most devout Android enthusiasts were watching along to see what the "competition" was doing.

After two hours crammed full of products and services, we came away with some wonderful stuff. What we didn't get, though, is a new iPhone or any promise of when one might come. And while that's surely disappointing for some, it opens the way for a sunny Android summer, dominated largely by Samsung. … Read more