DeGeneres' Oscar selfie tweet captures retweet crown

And the Oscar for the best selfie goes to Ellen DeGeneres.

The host of Sunday night's Academy Awards ceremony nabbed the title after challenging viewers to set a record by retweeting a photo she was about to tweet from the front row of the awards show. The photo, which was snapped by actor Bradley Cooper and included fellow nominees Meryl Streep, Brad Pitt, Lupita Nyong'o, and Jennifer Lawrence among others, captured more than 4,000 retweets in just a few seconds.

If only Bradley's arm was longer. Best photo ever. #oscars

— Ellen DeGeneres (@… Read more

Oscar overload brings down ABC live stream

Heavy demand overwhelmed ABC's live streaming from the Oscars Sunday evening with video interruptions for many users.

A spokesman told Variety in an email that the live video, went "down nationwide due to a traffic overload/greater than expected." The service was restored by 10:45 p.m. Eastern, according to ABC.

$7,000-per-month tech interns are making bank, says report

If you had to hazard a guess as to which company pays its interns the most, which would you pick? Google perhaps? Close. Maybe Twitter? Very close.

Twitter is in the Top 3, but the No. 1 company is probably not one you'll guess. It's Palantir Technologies, a Palo Alto, Calif.-based software and services company that largely works on government contracts.

According to a report released Friday by Glassdoor, an online jobs and career company, Palantir's average monthly base pay for an intern is $7,012. It's enough to make you think you've gone into the wrong field of work. Glassdoor's report was gathered from anonymous information provided by the site's users and is based on companies with at least 20 intern salary reports shared over the last two years.… Read more

Stolen Twitter handle @N returned to hijacking victim

A coveted and allegedly valuable Twitter handle that was reported stolen last month has been reacquired by its original owner.

Naoki Hiroshima, the owner of the Twitter handle @N, reported in January that he had lost his username to an unidentified hacker. Hiroshima, who said he was once offered as much as $50,000 for it, reported in a tweet this afternoon that he had regained control of the account:

Order has been restored.

— Naoki Hiroshima (@N) February 25, 2014

It wasn't immediately clear how Hiroshima regained control of the account he said he lost last month in a deal with a hackerRead more

Twitter to star in cinema deal

Twitter has signed on an advertising partner that will transport its 140-character tweets and 6-second Vine videos from the digital screen to the silver one.

Monday, NCM Media Networks, the US cinema media network that includes 19,800 screens, announced its plans to participate in Twitter's Amplify advertising program. The company said it will produce a one-minute weekly show that will feature trending movie and entertainment topics being passed around on Twitter and Vine.

The Twitter show, slated for its silver screen debut this summer, is being called a "branded entertainment series" and is meant to involve … Read more

Nokia and HTC mock Samsung Galaxy S5 launch (badly)

Every day, I try to keep up with which gadget manufacturer especially dislikes another.

I know that everyone mocks Apple because of its smugness and/or their own envy.

I also know that Microsoft thinks Google is stinkily hoodwinking the world's populations with its alleged Scroogley spying.

But here we are, with Samsung unveiling its latest testament to its largesse and largeness, and two rivals take to Twitter to sniff mightily in its face.

HTC, a company with some nice phones, but not without its own problems, tweeted: "Buyer's remorse: Coming soon to S5 owners. March 25.&… Read more

Social Status for Facebook and Twitter review

Social Status for Facebook and Twitter is a resource full of quotes from various sources that you can use in your status updates. Search by category or shuffle randomly through quotes and updates to find the right one for the day, and then quickly share it via Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, or SMS, so everyone knows just how your day is going.

This app has an intuitive and streamlined interface, with a box in the middle of the screen where quotes and sayings are displayed. Buttons below this box allow for immediate sharing via the options listed above. You can also … Read more

Woman convicted for terror-supporting tweets

I deliberately follow people whose views (and even faces) I don't like on Twitter.

Their tweets can sometimes be hostile, racist, homophobic, and wishing for the death of others.

To me, they're a healthy reminder that thoughts that like that exist.

However, authorities aren't always the best judges of which tweets are merely the invective of the frustrated and powerless, and which are a genuine threat.

In a case that might give some pause before tweeting on the blurt, 21-year-old Alba Gonzalez Camacho has been convicted by a Spanish court of inciting terrorism via social media.

As the New York Times reports, … Read more

Controversy after cops' aggressive arrest of jogger wearing earbuds

Jaywalking's a curious thing.

When I lived in New York, no one seemed to care. In San Francisco, on the other hand, people stand dutifully while the red man is alight, even if there isn't a car in sight.

In Austin, Texas, though, police take it very seriously. Indeed, one incident this week has some believing they take it too seriously.

For here we had what appeared to be quite an aggressive arrest of a jogger who was wearing earbuds, and therefore potentially ignorant of the natural sounds that surrounded her.

As My Fox Austin reports, Chris Quintero, … Read more

Red state, blue state? On Twitter, never the twain shall meet

If you want to know how communities form on Twitter, you'd first need to know what the topic of conversation is.

If it's politics, you can almost be certain that people are talking to each other in partisan groups, mainly agreeing with each other, and pretty much ignoring the other side. If it's an entertainment or a professional subject, groups form tightly and talk deeply in distinct topic groups.

On the other hand, massive numbers of people may talk about brands, but have little interconnection between each other. And global news will likely generate large numbers of … Read more