Webware 100 winner: VoiceThread

VoiceThread is a photo- and video-sharing tool. It lets users upload photos , videos and documents from their hard drive or other online services, and add voice, text, and video annotations to each slide. These 'VoiceBooks' can be embedded in blogs, Web sites, or social networking profiles. Other users can comment on each slide, draw doodles, or leave voice messages of their own.

In addition to the standard methods of adding voice comments to a photo, one thing that makes VoiceThread especially cool is the telephone integration, which lets you record messages using a standard landline or mobile phone.

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VoiceThread adds video doodling--this is awesome

Group conversation service VoiceThread (review) has a great new feature called Video Doodling, which as you can guess, lets users draw on top of video clips on the fly. The technology, formally called a Telestrator, is best known for its usage in football games by John Madden, who pointed out things to look for to viewers at home with the aid of an onscreen drawing tool. VoiceThread takes a similar approach, and instead of overlaying drawings on video while it's playing, only lets you draw when paused.

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Intel proves its open source chops with Threading Building Blocks 2.0

Peter Galli at eWeek is reporting on Intel's open sourcing of its Threading Building Blocks 2.0 software, a C++ template library that simplifies the development of software applications running in parallel. The software solves a big problem: helping developers write applications that live and breathe well in a multi-processor world.

Intel is not doing this out of pure charity, though after spending some time with Dirk Hohndel this morning, I think there is some of that involved. No, the more value people find in applications, the more applications they'll buy/systems they'll buy. That helps Intel.

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VoiceThread: photos, voice, and forums

VoiceThread is a photo sharing tool that launched earlier this month. It lets users upload photos from their hard drive or Flickr, and add voice and text annotations to each slide. These 'VoiceBooks' can be embedded in blogs, Web sites, or MySpace profiles. Other users can comment on each slide, with up to 28 comments per picture. The service is selling itself as a voice forum tool.

The VoiceBook creation process is handled entirely within one window, without the need to refresh or hop pages. It's pretty user-friendly, and adding photos is incredibly easy. In just a few minutes, … Read more

CircleUp partners with online sports network

CircleUp, the RSVP-like service that launched at Demo 2007 a few months ago, has announced a partnership with e7 Sports, a management service for small sports teams. CircleUp will be added to the list of tools coaches can use to elicit responses from a bevy of parents and players about things such as uniform sizing and carpools. It's the mailing list re-done, this time with a centralized way to see other people's responses.

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Forum Hot Topics: Cherry OS - who'll be the first?; Moving everything from a G3 to an iMac G5

Cherry OS - who'll be the first?: A new software package claims to emulate Mac OS X on Intel and AMD-based systems. Is it hype, or a viable opportunity to experience an Apple OS on non-Apple hardware?

Moving everything from a G3 to an iMac G5: One user has a quest: to port every piece of data and every user setting from his old G3 to a shiny new iMac G5. Contained in this thread are various suggestions for doing so.


Cherry OS - who'll be the first? Moving everything from a G3 to an iMac G5

Forum Hot Topics: Panther "stuttering freeze"; Trackpad: Cursor jumps erratically while typing; more

Panther "stuttering freeze": An issue where the system becomes unresponsive, but the mouse can still move -- albeit in a jerky fashion. Commonalities among those experiencing the problem include iTunes running, and the presence of certain USB devices or drivers.

Trackpad: Cursor jumps erratically while typing: Cursors on PowerBooks and iBooks continue to move while typing even when "Ignore Trackpad while typing" option is on. Trackpads are so sensitive, it seems, that one user was even able to move the cursor via his trackpad through a 1" phone book.

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Panther Poll; Power Macintosh G5 and SCSI; Hard drive cache sizes; more

The Panther Poll This thread asks "What are your plans regarding the installation of Mac OS X 10.3 "Panther)?"

Panther Installed? How Did It Go? This thread contains general discussion about problematic and silky-smooth Panther installations.

Power Macintosh G5 and SCSI This thread discusses several issues facing Power Macintosh G5 owners who want to use SCSI volumes. One poster writes "The Adaptec website confirms that although both the 2906 and 2930 scsi cards will work with OS X 10.x, they will not work in a G5 due to voltage differences. Here's the quote … Read more