Pornoogle: Yes, a search engine just for porn

It's a filthy nuisance trying to find a movie with three bisexual men and a hula dancer from New Jersey.

It's aggravating beyond acceptance not to be able to instantly discover 5 minutes of rubber-suited short people doing things that may or may not be suited to those above 3-foot-6.

It's not as if Google or Hollywood is fulfilling these needs.

So what joy to those of an imaginative -- or simply needy -- bent that topless men and women on white horses are galloping to the rescue.

For I bring news that tomorrow will see a … Read more

Clean, repair, and optimize your Registry with ARO 2012

ARO 2012 is the latest version of a longstanding Registry cleaner and optimizer. The look is familiar, but ARO 2012 offers several upgrades over previous versions, such as improved browser cleaning and user-friendlier settings as well as new tweaks that can yield better NTFS performance, faster startups, and improved CPU utilization. ARO 2012 also backs up and optimizes the Registry. You can schedule automatic cleanings, too.

ARO 2012's installer informed us that it would scan our PC as soon as it closed. The first scan is always important with software like ARO since it establishes a baseline, and ours … Read more

Optimize your computer's registry with Auslogic Registry Cleaner

The Auslogic Registry Cleaner is an application for cleaning up problematic and error-filled files or folders on your computer, making it run more efficiently.

This is a good application to have, and it is pretty easy to use. You don't have to be a very advanced computer user to use it properly. There are a few scan options for more advanced users, but this Registry Cleaner already selects a default list of the drives and items it will search and repair. The Scan and Repair processes were very quick. It took half a minute to scan a little over … Read more

Cosmos: A Windows utility mashup

Introducing Cosmos,'s brand-new suite of system care tools that's meant to clean, optimize, and secure your Windows PC.

As is typical with products, much of the functionality of Cosmos is wrapped in a single, comprehensive dashboard. There are a few tabs and panels, but no exhaustive drop-down menus (thank goodness). Overall, this design seems to suit Cosmos quite well, as it makes the program more visual and easier to use.

Everything Cosmos has to offer is broken down in the tabs along the left side of the interface: Security and Privacy, Backup and Recovery, … Read more

Clean up your Registry with Registry Help Free

There are numerous Registry cleaners out there, and many of them are problematic; some of them don't create backups before fixing errors, some claim to clean your Registry without giving you any information about what they're doing, and some will locate hundreds of errors but only fix one or two at a time until you upgrade to a paid version of the software. We're happy to report that Registry Help Free has none of those problems. This free program is packed with features, and while it will likely befuddle novices, more-advanced users will find plenty to like.… Read more

Remove all traces of programs with Advanced Uninstaller Pro

A good standalone uninstallation application can remove traces of programs that other uninstallers leave behind, and that includes the built-in Windows feature. Advanced Uninstaller Pro is a free tool that not only removes all detectable traces of the programs you uninstall but also automatically cleans traces from the Registry. Its unique installation-monitoring feature automatically or manually tracks what happens to your system when you install or uninstall programs. It not only ensures that all traces of installed programs are removed but also helps diagnose installation problems. Advanced Uninstaller Pro also packs a wide range of system maintenance tools and tweaks.… Read more

Protect your registry with MJ Registry Watch

Mark Jacob's MJ Registry Watcher is a very simple yet effective tool for automatically monitoring your Windows Registry for changes (especially unauthorized changes) and alerting you to the change, and even preventing it from happening. It polls your registry and files every few seconds, looking for changes to your startup files, registry keys and values, and other places that Trojans and rootkits target. RegWatcher also hooks the registry, which means it intercepts commands and blocks those that pose a threat, simultaneously issuing an audible alert.

RegWatcher is portable freeware that needs no installation. The download includes a lot of … Read more

Tidy up your registry with Abyssal Registry Cleaner

Abyssal Registry Cleaner is a freeware registry cleaner that offers several advantages, chief among them safety and simplicity. Like other registry cleaners, it scans your system's Windows registry for broken, invalid, and corrupt entries and deletes all or some of them, as you choose. And, like other free registry cleaners we've tried, it tends to emphasize speed and safety over deep cleaning. It automatically backs up your registry before it deletes any files, making it possible to restore the previous version if you need to.

Abyssal Registry Cleaner's user interface resembles many similar tools, with large, colorful … Read more

Tweak your registry with Vit Registry Fix Free

Vit Registry Fix Free is one of the nicer freeware registry tools we've tried, and one of the more thorough in its actions, too. It creates automatic backups of your registry before it changes anything, so it's safe for beginners.

Vit removes a variety of unnecessary entries from your registry. That usually makes your system boot more quickly and run faster. Vit also packs in some useful extras, including a Registry Optimizer and Disk Cleaner.

Vit Registry Fix has a clean and attractive interface that is a welcome break from the overstyled GUIs so common these days. Before … Read more

Don't expect much from Genuine Registry Doctor

Registry cleaners always make us a little nervous; too often they contain entirely too little information about what they're doing and the potential risks involved in tinkering with the registry. Occasionally we encounter registry cleaners that do a particularly good job of helping users make wise decisions about their use, but unfortunately Genuine Registry Doctor is not such a program.

Genuine Registry Doctor opened and immediately began scanning before we had a chance to even realize what was going on. When the scan was done it listed the number of problems found in each of four categories--Registry Clean, Privacy … Read more