Review: Tune up your device's performance with AutoKiller Memory Optimizer

AutoKiller Memory Optimizer allows the user to tune up their device by limiting the applications running in the background. It does this by giving the user options on what works best in their particular circumstance. This program is more than a usual task killer, though. It's intended to work automatically once the options have been set.

Within minutes of downloading AutoKiller Memory Optimizer, your device will start performing faster. Setup is very easy and any user should be able to tune their device to perfection. While there are preset options available for the average user, advanced settings allow experienced … Read more

Wise Care 365 Pro is now half off for a lifetime subscription

PC optimizers are pretty common these days. But how can you tell which one is worthy of keeping your machine fast and free of errors? One sure way to tell is to try it out. Wise Care 365 Free has always been a favorite with our editors as well as users. With over 50,000 downloads a week, Wise Care 365 is a go-to cleaner application for many people.

Main features:

All-in-one utility: Besides optimizing performance, WC365 also includes a Disk Cleaner and Registry Optimizer to help your PC get in shape. Comprehensive cleaning helps slim down your system by … Read more

Tidy up with MaxiDisk from Uniblue, now 65 percent off

Keeping a clean computer is akin to keeping a clean house. It takes a bit of elbow grease and time to tidy up. Having MaxiDisk from Uniblue (developer of PowerSuite) is like having a personal housekeeper for your PC. You may know what needs cleaning but it's always easier to have someone else do it for you. MaxiDisk helps save time by analyzing your hard drive for unnecessary junk files to be deleted, getting rid of outdated backups, and compressing large files to reclaim valuable storage space. If you're worried about what should and shouldn't be discarded, … Read more

Clean up and speed up with Advanced SystemCare Pro--now 60 percent off

June may be here but it's still not too late to do some spring cleaning on your computer, especially if you've been meaning to but haven't yet found the time for it. Thankfully IObit is here to take the burden off your hands with its popular, all-in-one PC cleaner and optimizer, Advanced SystemCare Pro.

Nothing's worse than a slow computer to bog down your ability to work and play, effectively. Advanced SystemCare Pro can help solve these problems by cleaning out accumulated junk files, malware, and registry errors while boosting your PC's performance. Free up … Read more

Review: Cosmos System Care Free scans your computer for any problems

Cosmos System Care Free is touted as your all-in-one maintenance tool to keep your computer system healthy and clean. Indeed, when you first download the program, you are offered the chance for an immediate scan. However, while this program seems to be wide in scope, the free version only offers to scan your computer for problems; it doesn't fix them.

Cosmos System Care Free took more than 35 minutes to download, extract, and install on a dual processing system. The program scans for security problems including privacy issues, includes a file decryptor and encryptor, and backs up or restores … Read more

How to keep your Mac running in tip-top shape

When you use your new Mac for the first time, the fresh OS installation and new configuration will have the responsiveness and speed that's intended by Apple. For the most part, this should continue throughout the life of the system. However, as with any system, there are times when you may experience slowdowns.

These can happen either from running low on resources like RAM or hard drive space, from software incompatibilities, or even from errors with your system.

While you can tackle these problems if they arise, there are several things you can do to keep your system running … Read more

Optimize Master 1.2 Review

The debate still rages as to whether task killers and memory optimizers actually do anything on Android. Optimize Master is another entry that claims to help you win back some extra memory and CPU power. It didn't seem to do much during testing, though, and it lacked some of the convenience of other optimizing apps, as well.

Though the app has a smooth, easy-to-navigate layout for one-touch boosting, it doesn't offer a home screen widget. That means you have to open the app to get to the good stuff, which is an unnecessary step with similar apps. The … Read more

Super Optimize 1.4 Review

Super Optimize from Power App Tools promises to optimize your Android smartphone with a variety of tools, including memory optimizer, cache cleaner, uninstaller, and battery manager. Some of its tools simply give you a different way of accessing features your phone already has, such as brightness and volume controls. But at least a quarter of all Windows freeware merely simplifies access to system utilities, so what works for Windows also does for Android, right? Not necessarily: Linux-based Android does some things differently, such as working its resources and freeing them up as needed, instead of keeping them in reserve. Super … Read more

Windows 7 Manager 4.2.4 Review

Windows 7 Manager is an all-in-one system cleaner, tweaker, and maintenance tool that, among other capabilities, incorporates a wide range of "fixes," many of them built into Windows, yet tucked away in odd corners that make them difficult for ordinary users to access. That's sometimes because inexperienced users who misuse a fix or a tweak can cause more problems than they started with. Windows 7 Manager is a good example: It probably packs more features than any tool of its type we've seen thus far. Yet with so many things to run, inexperienced users can end … Read more

Process Lasso Review

At Download.com, we've long recommended the excellent Mark Russinovich-created and Microsoft-supplied Process Explorer freeware, which provides scads of info on all of your Windows PC processes and options for managing them. Well, Process Lasso is like the peanut butter for Process Explorer's chocolate. It lets users set default priorities and CPU affinities for specific processes, establish rules for how processes behave, and also create alerts and automatic events for when processes misbehave or use too much memory. The interface is outdated and not beginner friendly, but Process Lasso offers very useful features in a powerful little package.… Read more