Smartphones will kill off Opera Mini? Well, not yet

Feature phones may be doomed, but the Opera Mini browser that's commonly found on them is more than hanging on by a lot more than a thread.

Usage of the browser continues to grow steadily, statistics the Norwegian browser maker released Friday show -- both the number of users and how many pages they visit.

From August 2011 to August 2013, the number of Opera Mini users grew 88 percent from 129 million to 243 million, Opera Software said. And usage grew even faster: the number of pages that Opera transcoded into boiled-down form to be sent to Opera … Read more

Meet Coast -- polished and intuitive Web browsing by Opera

On Monday, Opera released a new tablet browser redesigned from the ground up that blurs the lines between app and Web.

Coast, as the browser is called, is an attempt by Opera to mimic the nativity of iOS and bring that to the Web browsing experience. The result is a Web browser that basically acts and feels like a cross between iOS and the old WebOS platform.

By stripping away the buttons and menu of most conventional Web browsers, Coast brings pages front and center; each Web page takes the stage to be treated more like an app than a … Read more

With Coast, Opera reboots its browser for mobile future

What began as one person's programming project a year and a half ago has become a major new project for Opera Software as the Norwegian company debuted its new Coast browser for iPads on Monday.

Instead of looking like a traditional browser reworked for a mobile screen, Opera's Coast presents users with an interface that looks like what they're more likely to be familiar with in the mobile world, said Coast project leader Huib Kleinhout. Instead of an address bar, bookmarks, and tabs, people get a home screen with grid of icons representing Web pages, a search … Read more

TiVo gives Opera browser tech a place inside new Roamio DVR

TiVo and Opera software announced a partnership in which the digital video recorder company will embed the Norwegian company's browser technology in its newest DVR, the Roamio.

Under the deal, announced on Thursday, TiVo will let programmers develop TV-oriented apps built on a Web technology foundation using Opera's software development kit. The apps themselves will run on Opera's browser engine in the DVR and will make it possible for cable network operators using the TiVo system to write apps that draw on a wide variety of Web content.

Early in 2014, TiVo will add Opera's TV … Read more

Opera updates Android app with faster startup, video downloads

Android users will find several new features and fixes in Opera's new mobile browser.

Available as of Tuesday through Google Play, version 15 of the Opera browser is powered by the Chromium 28 engine. As such, the app should offer a faster performance and does promise a quicker startup time right off the bat.

You can now download video files and play them directly in the browser. You can also set the location for any downloaded files. And you can open files within the browser from an external SD card.

Other features listed in the update notes include smoother … Read more

Review: Opera 15, now in Chromium

Opera's move to Webkit and later embracing the Chromium engine signals a new, much more competitive push by the Scandinavian browser-maker to keep up with speedier demands, yet still maintaining some of the classic signature features of previous versions.

When you open the browser, you'll find a new Discover tab sitting on the welcome page. Opera will curate various news articles around the world. The left drop-down will list various topics and categories tailored around your interests. The right drop-down menu lets you discover content from around the world in various languages. The Discover feature may sound a … Read more

Opera 15 curates the Web

On Tuesday, Opera Software hit a new milestone with the final release of Opera browser for Windows and Mac. Highlights of this release include a complete migration over to the Chromium engine, as well as some new tools for improved content discovery.

Opera's move to WebKit and later embracing Chromium signals a new, much more competitive push by the Scandinavian browser-maker to keep up with speedier demands, yet still maintaining some of the classic signature features of previous versions.

All under the hood improvements aside, Opera has been branding itself as more of a discovery engine, rather than just … Read more

Opera 15 arrives with Chromium-based rapid-release revamp

The Opera Software browser brain transplant that began on Android is now complete for Windows and OS X users, too.

The Norwegian company has been rebuilding Opera on the same browser engine Google uses within Chrome, scrapping its own Presto engine. The first fruits of the transformation arrived on Android devices, but now the new Opera 15 has been released for personal computers, too.

A browser engine's job is to process all the HTML, JavaScript, and CSS instructions on a Web page or Web app then render the result on the screen. Although Opera is following Chrome at this … Read more

Rival mobile browsers chip away at Safari's lead

Safari, the top browser in terms of mobile usage, lost a little share to three rivals in June.

The Apple browser dropped from 60.0 percent of usage in May to 58.0 percent in June, still well ahead of competing browsers, according to statistics released by tracking firm Net Applications on Monday. Google's unbranded Android browser, in second place, also dipped, from 20.7 percent to 20.6 percent.

Picking up the slack were Opera Mini, which rose from 10.5 percent to 11.2 percent; Google's Chrome, which rose from 3.2 percent to 3.8 … Read more