Wrapping up Speeds and Feeds, part 5: Access

In this last wrap-up post for Speeds and Feeds, I address what may be the most important issue in the future of personal computing architecture: consistent data access across multiple platforms.

Perhaps it's my multi-platform background, but I've never demanded or expected consistency in form factors, user interfaces or even capabilities. Variety in these areas is great; it's what makes the personal computing market so big. Variety is also why I keep so many PCs and consumer electronic devices around (see photo); I like knowing I have the right tools for many different jobs.

On the other … Read more

MobileMe movie gallery: "Unable to connect to MobileMe"

Users may experience the alert, "Unable to connect to MobileMe", when attempting to upload a large movie file to their MobileMe movie gallery. This alert, according to Apple, may appear erroneously during large file uploads to MobileMe and may appear even if you are successfully connected to MobileMe's servers.… Read more

MobileMe: Syncing keychains asks for a password to a different computer

When using MobileMe to sync your important data, including keychains, online, some users find that they are prompted for a password to a different computer than the machine they are syncing. In order to sync a keychain to other computers, you must enter the password of the computer where the keychain originated. There are, however, some steps users can take if you do not know the password.… Read more

MobileMe service updates

MobileMe has released a service update affecting iDisk, Find My iPhone, and contacts. The bulk of the changes affect the iDisk section of MobileMe, including interface updates to the Public folder page that make it look like the rest of and enables drag and drop for moving files between folders (when activated for visitors). The update also allows users to access another member's MobileMe Public folder from the interface.… Read more

MobileMe email setup and troubleshooting

Learn how to set up MobileMe in popular email clients and what it means when you get the error message: "You have exceeded your message/recipient sending limits. Try again later." MobileMe mail messages can be accessed and sent from many common email client applications using a simple IMAP setup.… Read more

MobileMe gets Remote Lock for Find My iPhone

Apple has updated MobileMe's Find My iPhone service for iPhone OS 3.1 to include a feature appropriately named Remote Lock. The new feature provides another way to protect data on a lost or stolen iPhone. Remote Lock lets you add a passcode or change your existing one, locking your missing iPhone's screen from afar. The new feature resolves some of the Find My iPhone's previous shortcomings.

MobileMe subscribers can go the control panel for Find My iPhone after logging into their MobileMe account. Once there, users can protect the information on their missing iPhone by remotely … Read more

iCal calendars with all-day events not publishing to MobileMe

Reports have surfaced that iCal calendar events that contain all-day events are having issues when publishing to MobileMe. The issues appear to be related to Snow Leopard's version of iCal. Apple is aware of the issue and is currently working on a fix. In the meantime, several users offer suggestions for workarounds with mixed results.… Read more

This Week's Apple Byte: Is Snow Leopard finger friendly?

CNET TV's Brian Tong takes a look at the latest news stories from the last week involving our favorite Cupertino computer maker, Apple. This week, Apple confirms that September 9th will be the date for the now annual music event which generally unveils the latest iPods and iTunes features. Brian also delves into the possibility that Snow Leopard is touchscreen compatible and how MobileMe's Find My iPhone feature has once again been used to fight crime. All this, and a look at the new Facebook 3.0 iPhone App in this week's Apple Byte.