Apple's iWork for iCloud beta trickling out to consumers

Some iCloud users have been able to get their hands on iWork for iCloud Beta, according to a new report.

iCloud users on Friday started receiving invites to try out iWork for iCloud Beta, Engadget is reporting. The application, which allows for document creation and management in iCloud, was previously only available to developers.

Apple announced iCloud for iWork at the Worldwide Developers Conferencein June. The company said that it would make the platform available as a public beta at some point this year. Now that it's starting to seed the platform to some users, it might not … Read more

You can now back up WhatsApp conversations to iCloud

Getting a new device and losing out on past conversations when you reinstall apps is frustrating. WhatsApp Messenger is arguably the most popular cross-platform messaging application on the planet. I honestly can't remember the last time I didn't see it in the top ten paid apps in the App Store.

Today WhatsApp Messenger for iOS received an update adding a few new features. iPhone users can send multiple photos in the same message, use custom URL-schemes for third-party apps, and back up conversation history to iCloud.

To back up a conversation to iCloud you'll first need to … Read more

Is Dropbox cloud storage too expensive?

As Dropbox hosted its first developer conference on Tuesday, conjuring up images of a future without hard drives and announcing its plans for cloud domination, some users still aren't happy.

Despite people being more or less satisfied with the actual service, many users complain about Dropbox's pricing. It's just too expensive, they say.

CNET performed a cost comparison with Dropbox and some of its main competitors to find out if the cloud storage and synching service is pricier than what else is out there.

CNET looked at similar plans for Google Drive, Microsoft's SkyDrive, Apple's … Read more

How to sync iCloud Reminders with your Android device

For some users who are torn between switching from iOS to Android, the downside of giving up some iCloud features such as Calendar and Reminders (especially if there are shared calendars or reminder lists with other iCloud users) is too much to overlook.

Last July I covered an app called SmoothSync for Cloud Calendar that provided a solution for Android users to still have two-way sync with iCloud calendars. The app has been updated several times since last summer, with each update improving reliability, but until recently the option to sync Reminders was still missing. If you had set up … Read more

Receive push Gmail alerts on iOS after losing ActiveSync support

Last December Google announced its plans to discontinue support for Google Sync as of January 30, 2013. Sync allowed users to access Gmail, Google Contacts and Calendar using Microsoft's Exchange ActiveSync system. What this allowed iOS users to do was set up Gmail as an Exchange account, which in turn provides push alerts for new e-mails in a real-time sync of Calendars and Contacts.

The cutoff date has long passed, but if you had an account already set up and running on your iOS device as Exchange, you had nothing to worry about; Google promised to keep the service … Read more

iWorks gets iCloud treatment for Google Docs-like functionality

Google Docs has been around for a while, but later this year, Apple will give its iWork suite of apps the iCloud treatment, letting you create, access, and edit Pages, Numbers, and Keynote documents from a Web browser on a Mac or Windows PC. Apple calls it iWork for iCloud.

Naturally, Apple would prefer if you used its Safari Web browser to access your cloud-based iWork content, but you'll also be able to use Microsoft's Internet Explorer and Google's Chrome browsers (Apple says iCloud for iWork is optimized for those browsers).

Apple is releasing a developer beta … Read more

Features and fixes I want to see in Mac OS X 10.9

Apple's World Wide Developers Conference starts on Monday, and while the main focus appears to be on updates to iOS (read my iOS 7 wish list here) and various Mac hardware, it's highly likely we'll get an update for Mac OS X 10.9 as well. At this point, we don't know what will be announced and we don't even know which "cat" will be associated with the release. Even the picture above (a giant banner currently displayed at Moscone Center) is suspiciously free of any cats at all, so it's hard … Read more

How to report spam e-mail sent to your iCloud account

Fighting spam is a constant cat-and-mouse game and one every e-mail provider faces. I receive my fair share of spam e-mail on my iCloud e-mail account, and for the longest time have just deleted them without opening, figuring it would eventually stop.

Then last week while on Twitter, I saw the following Tweet:

Pro tip:1. Select spam message2. Message => Forward As Attachment3. Send to spam@me.com4. Do a dance

— Jake Behrens (@Behrens) April 19, 2013

I had no idea this method even existed. Unfortunately, forwarding an e-mail as an attachment isn't possible on an iOS device. … Read more

Apple's iCloud jumps 20 percent to 300 million users

Apple's iCloud online storage jumped 20 percent in the most recent quarter, the company noted on its earnings conference call with analysts.

Apple chief financial officer Peter Oppenheimer said the company now has 300 million iCloud users. In January, Apple noted that iCloud had 250 million users.

The service stores and syncs data from Apple customers, such as calendars, email, photos and more across the various Apple devices that users own. Last month, Strategy Analytics reported that Apple held 27 percent of cloud storage usage in the United States during the third quarter of 2012, leading rivals.

Apple iOS users hit by online access glitches

Apple iOS users bumped into some trouble with several online services today.

Updates on Apple's status page this morning revealed that users might get an error when signing into their iCloud accounts or creating new accounts.

Users may incorrectly receive an authentication error when attempting to use iCloud. Setting up a new iCloud account from an eligible device may be temporarily unavailable.

Additionally, some people were unable to create new Apple IDs or sign into the Game Center app. Some iTunes users had been unable to access the iTunes store or make purchases, but Apple's status page indicates … Read more