Review: Wise Folder Hider Portable helps you protect important files and folders

The small Wise Folder Hider Portable allows you to choose folders, entire USB drives, or individual folders to hide. This is an excellent little program if you need to keep information on your computer away from prying eyes.

This portable program allows you to hide information in two different ways. You can drag your folders or files and drop them into the program window. They will immediately show in the window with their full paths. You can also choose one of the buttons "Hide File," "Hide Folder," or "Hide USB Drive," and a search … Read more

Review: Secure folders easily through encryption with Espionage

Espionage for Mac adds basic security to file folders in a streamlined application. The program comes with a free trial version with a 14-day use limit.

After an easy installation, Espionage for Mac opens a setup assistant that prompts the user to enter a master password. The application rates it for its level of security, and encourages the user to enter those that have additional characters. After passing this screen, the program asks the user to enter the password one additional time to start the application. This brings up a small window where the user can drag and drop folders … Read more

Dear Microsoft: Add folders to the Windows 8 Start screen

Microsoft has a host of changes in store for Windows 8.1, including a nod in the direction of a Start button that the company is referring to as a Start "tip." But one feature I think would prove more useful would be a simple folder option for the Start screen.

As you install more apps in Windows 8, the OS keeps populating your Start screen with more and more tiles. The more apps you install, the more cluttered and crowded your Start screen becomes. Anyone who installs several dozen or more apps can easily find themselves having … Read more

Review: Folder Downloader for Dropbox just gets the job done

Folder Downloader for Dropbox does exactly what you'd think it would, but lacks all of the style and form of Dropbox's own app. However, if you need an app like this, you'll love it.

In case you couldn't guess from the name, this app does require access to your Dropbox account to work. Giving it the right permissions only takes a few seconds, though. How fast the app actually does its business depends heavily on your connection. Folder Downloader for Dropbox borrows heavily from Dropbox's own layout, but inverts it so there is a lot … Read more

Review: B-Folders Secure Organizer encrypts your personal data

B-Folders Secure Organizer can remember dozens of passwords, banking details, and more. B-Folders Secure Organizer goes above and beyond the call of duty by adding some neat bonus features and powerful encryption, too.

It's hard to decide whether the app's plain menu is a curse or a blessing. On the one hand, it makes the app quick and light. On the other, it's an eyesore and small buttons could lead to a few accidental taps. Luckily, there are no ads or other traps to click on. The app boasts some neat features, including the ability to take … Read more

Quicksilver for Mac 1.0.0 Review

Launching applications via keyboard shortcuts can increase your productivity. Quicksilver for Mac studies your habits and helps you achieve better control over your Mac. It functions very similarly to the Mac address/search bar, but with extra functions and even quicker launch options.

Quicksilver for Mac comes packed with its own installer, which makes the installation quick and easy. Once the free app has been installed, you can access it by pressing the Quicksilver hot key. To extend the functions of this app you can download some additional plug-ins available from the developer's Web site. There are default preset … Read more

Apple wins patent for iOS app folders and 'jiggle mode'

Apple has finally won a patent for a system that lets iOS users more easily organize their apps.

Granted today by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, the patent dubbed "Device, method, and graphical user interface for managing folders" describes the method used by iOS to let users create folders in which to store apps and activate the "jiggle mode" to move or delete them. Introduced in iOS 4, the technology outlined in the patent is pretty much the way iOS users know it today.

Holding down the icon for an iOS app causes all … Read more

Photo Folder for iPhone Lite2 2.0 Review

The iPhone and iPad have incredibly powerful point-and-shoot cameras, and the photos taken with these devices can be proudly displayed on social networks everywhere. But moving photos between devices, cloud storage accounts, and computers is not easy. With the volume of photos most people have, the speed with which space fills up on an iPhone, and the number of ways to back them up, a tool like Photo Folder is a must.

Photo Folder is designed to integrate with your photo albums, other iOS devices, and Dropbox, to move images to and from various accounts. The transfer process works quite … Read more

List an OS X folder hierarchy with TextWrangler

The OS X Finder is a great tool to use for organizing your documents and projects into folder hierarchies; however, it is a bit limited. If you would like to save this hierarchy as a list in a file then the Finder and OS X does not provide these options. While the Finder does support printing a folder's listings by dragging a folder to a print queue, this is about the limit of the options for listing folder items.

One alternative to this is to use screenshots; however, these are static images in which items cannot be selected and … Read more

Enhance your Mac PPC desktop with PicCube for Mac

If you're not too fond of your iTunes Visualizer you can now choose to display the artwork of your songs or any other photos while listening to your music in a fancier way. PicCube for Mac displays a rotating cube in front of your opened windows or in the background.

Available as free to try, this app will display six specific photos on the sides of its cube, or you can set up a folder with as many photos as you want. PicCube for Mac will sequentially show, in order or randomly, all the photos from that folder. If … Read more