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HDMI vs. DisplayPort vs. DVI vs. VGA: Which connection to choose?

With televisions, HDMI is the most common connector. But if you want to connect a computer to your TV (or you've got a new computer monitor), the options tend to be HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI, and sometimes old-school VGA.

Each connection has its pros and cons, and perhaps the best cable to use with your display is more than just "what it came with."

Here are the differences.… Read more

Apple wins patent for curved touch-screen design

Apple seems to have its eye on the curved display market, at least as evidenced by a newly awarded patent.

Granted Tuesday by the US Patent and Trademark Office, a patent dubbed simply "Curved touch sensor" outlines a technical process to achieve higher-quality curved displays. Current sensor displays are typically very thin, so thin that their components can sometimes be damaged during the fabrication process. Apple has a way around that.

The patent suggests placing a thin film over a flexible substrate while the substrate is flat. This new pattern is then joined to a flexible substrate. A … Read more

2014 Honda Civic hits the lot with built-in Siri

iPhone owners who pick up a 2014 Honda Civic will be able to chat with Siri without taking their hands off the wheel or their eyes off the road.

Siri will be a key ingredient of Honda's new Display Audio in-car technology when the Civic goes on sale Wednesday, the automaker has announced. Drivers with Bluetooth-connected iPhones will be able to activate Siri by holding down a Talk button on the steering wheel, eliminating the need to tap on or hold the phone.

People behind the wheel can perform a variety of tasks via Siri, such as listening to … Read more

10 must-see videos of the week

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and boy do we have a lot of tech awesomeness to be thankful for this week. Hot on the heels of the PS4 release, Microsoft has just launched the Xbox One. It might have the higher price tag, but does it matter? We get our mitts on the shiny new gaming console and offer up some of our highs and lows. We also checked out the world's first (deeply) curved display smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Round. Crazy, gimmicky, or brilliant? We'll let you decide for yourselves.

You know what else we're … Read more

Best Buy offers $75 gift card to iPad buyers

iPad buyers looking to buy the fourth-generation model can score a $75 gift card through Best Buy.

The Best Buy page lists the deal as good for the iPad with Retina Display, which refers to the model released in November 2012. The offer applies to all variations of the fourth-generation iPad and is available both online and at Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile retail stores.

And for smartphone buyers, Best Buy is offering the 16GB Samsung Galaxy S3 for free with a two-year contract with AT&T, Sprint, or Verizon Wireless. That deal is good for both new … Read more

Is Apple's iPad Mini Retina Display problem serious?

Apple got a shellacking by Amazon's tablet in the latest display shoot-out by DisplayMate, but is this a sign of larger problems at Apple?

DisplayMate Technologies had little good to say about the iPad Mini with Retina Display in a research note on Monday.

Apple failed to deliver an adequate color range -- referred to as color gamut -- on one of its highest profile and most anticipated products, the Mini Retina, according to Raymond Soneira, president of DisplayMate.

"[It] is incredibly disappointing because it produces noticeably subdued image colors. In fact, it's almost identical to the … Read more

iPad Mini's Retina Display finishes last in small-screen review

Apple's iPad Mini with Retina Display can't match Amazon's Kindle Fire HDX or the Google Nexus 7 in overall display quality, according to screen tester DisplayMate.

DisplayMate on Tuesday published its findings on the picture quality of the iPad Mini with Retina Display, the 7-inch Kindle Fire HDX, and Google's Nexus 7. While both Amazon and Google scored high marks in the study, Apple's tablet "comes in with a distant third-place finish."

"Apple was once the leader in mobile displays, unfortunately it has fallen way behind in both Tablets and Smartphones," … Read more

Getting edgy: Samsung phone to get wraparound display?

Samsung reportedly plans to unveil a Galaxy smartphone with a three-sided wraparound display next year.

Citing information from "two people familiar with the plans," Bloomberg said Friday that the display would wrap around the edges of the phone, allowing people to read messages from an angle. Each of the three sides would also function independently. From the description, it sounds as if you'd be able to view your normal front display and then see a small amount of additional information wrapped around on the right and left sides of the phone.… Read more

Apple's TV plans on hold -- again, DisplaySearch says

The long wait for an Apple TV will get even longer. Blame wearable devices.

That's what NPD DisplaySearch analyst Paul Gagnon claimed Monday in a research note.

Apple is shifting its focus to wearable devices and pushing TV plans out -- aside from its existing set-top box -- according to Gagnon.

The shift appears rather recent as even DisplaySearch had been expecting a product in 2014.

"Indeed, our own information from TV supply chain sources pointed to the fact that Apple appeared to be lining up resources for a product introduction in the second half of 2014, likely … Read more

About that iPad Mini Retina availability: It's like this...

I'm going to go out on a limb and predict that the iPad Mini with Retina Display sales launch may be one of the most product-constrained to date for Apple.

The prevailing wisdom is that Apple can't get enough displays. There are enough credible analysts -- some speaking with CNET -- and reports that it's likely to be true.

Even CEO Tim Cook sounded less-than-optimistic about the new Mini when he said last month that "it's unclear whether we'll have enough for the quarter or not."

In other words, it's more than … Read more