Adobe tweaks BrowserLab, adds screenshot mode

Adobe Systems on Thursday is rolling out an updated version of its BrowserLab service. The tool, which was introduced last June, lets Web developers fast track Web site production by displaying how their site will look when rendered by various browsers. Its big trick is to do it all within Adobe's own Flash Player, so it will look the same no matter what browser users are on.

Thursday's release brings one main change, and that's a way for users to save a local version of its results as a full-quality JPEG image file. The company hopes this … Read more

Apple Magic Mouse now works on Windows PCs (unofficially)

Windows users still drooling over Apple's multitouch Magic Mouse might finally have an excuse to step into an Apple store, thanks to "a little hackery" by UneasySilence.

The hack exploits a vulnerability in Apple's latest Bluetooth Update, uncovering Magic Mouse drivers for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows from XP to 7. We've yet to put it to the test ourselves, but users online are reporting success with full use of the Magic Mouse's vertical touch-scrolling. Leave a comment and let us know if it works for you.

We should mention that since this is a … Read more

Rudimentary compatibility tester

MB Numerology Compatibility Software is a simple piece of freeware that uses the principles of numerology to assess the compatibility of a couple. The user enters the full names and birthdays of both partners, and the software generates a few reports on how compatible they are.

The interface is extremely basic, and offers no graphics and an outdated, late '90s feel. Users can choose to get a report on "Destiny Compatability" or "LifePath Compatibility" (although there's no explanation of the difference), or a "Comprehensive Reading" that is simply a combination of the other … Read more

Basic compatibility readings

MB Compatibility provides users with compatibility evaluations based on their and their partner's date of birth. The program uses several different methods for evaluating compatibility, allowing users to compare the readings.

Like all programs from Mystic Board, MB Compatibility's interface is cluttered with advertising for Mystic Board, so-called home business opportunities, and so on. If you're looking for something visually pleasing, this isn't it, but the program is at least fairly intuitive. The program's features are separated into sections for Chinese Zodiac, Moon Sign, Numerology, and Zodiac. Users enter the required information for each--mostly just … Read more

Windows 7 compatibility sticker, but not for Netbooks?

(Note: please see our updated correction on this story.)

Now here's an oddity: Microsoft's "Windows 7 compatible" sticker that will be affixed to nearly all Windows computers around Windows 7 launch doesn't seem to include current Atom Netbooks.

The reasoning, according to Microsoft's page and an Engadget report, is that these stickers will indicate that the computer in question can run all versions of Windows 7, including 64-bit. Says Mark Relph, Senior Director of the Microsoft Windows Strategy Group: "To be granted the Logo, products are tested to work with all versions of … Read more

Windows 7 works fine with Zune HD, iTunes 9

Microsoft is making a selling point of the fact that the new Zune HD and associated software update are optimized for Windows 7, which is due out on October 22. I've got a copy of the final release code of Windows 7 on my work PC, and there is some useful synchronization between the two. For instance, the Quickplay menu in the Zune software--which lets you get immediately to music you've recently added, your Smart DJ stations, and any other favorites you want to "pin" to the list--is propagated into the Windows 7 Start menu. So … Read more

Snow Leopard update fixes Adobe Flash issue

Apple on Thursday released a relatively minor update for Mac OS X Snow Leopard that fixes an issue users had with the operating system that downgraded them to an older version of Adobe Systems' Flash Player.

When Apple released Snow Leopard on August 28, it included an older version of Adobe's Flash plug-in that was known to have security issues. Sophos security expert Graham Cluley warned users of the downgrade and urged anyone who installed the operating system to upgrade immediately.

Snow Leopard 10.6.1 addresses this issue by updating the Flash Player plug-in to version 10.0.… Read more

Snow Leopard: Apple's most compatible release ever

Mac OS X Snow Leopard has been available for one week, and for the most part, users are reporting very few problems upgrading.

While not everyone is thrilled with the way Apple handled the release, it turns out that Snow Leopard is Apple's most compatible operating system release ever. According to sources familiar with Snow Leopard's internal testing process, Apple kept an enormous amount of statistics on third-party application compatibility.

They said that Apple not only tracked many of the most widely-used apps, they tracked many of the shareware apps, as well. If an application exhibited problems, the … Read more

Love analysis

This is a fun little piece of freeware that uses some basic personal information to predict the compatibility of two people based on their Chinese zodiac signs. The simple interface could not be easier to navigate, and the layout of the compatibility reports is easy to read.

There aren't too many bells and whistles with MB Chinese Zodiac Compatibility, but its reports are fairly comprehensive. Each partner is analyzed separately based on his or her birthday, and the couple's overall compatibility is rated and explained. There's plenty of detail about the various birth years; we especially liked … Read more

Variety of compatibility tests

MB Love Test Finished is a free suite of different resources that use various esoteric systems (Numerology, Kundali, etc.) to test the compatibility of two partners. All of them function in essentially the same way: users input their personal data and get back a variety of reports.

A number of issues plague what is potentially a fun tool. A few of the reports were overly simplistic, and some of the predictors won't work unless your region is set as the U.S. Some spelling errors and an overall rudimentary interface give the whole program a somewhat amateurish feel. However, … Read more