Review: SayClip sends video clips to friends and contacts

SayClip is a video messaging tool that uses the contact system on your iPhone to send fun, short videos to specific people. While there are issues in the setup phase and some performance issues when it comes time to render edited videos and send them, the app generally works quite well.

Setup takes some time and requires you to integrate with Facebook, which is admittedly an unnecessary requirement for an app that then relies on your phone's contact list. But despite this Facebook reliance, the app rarely accesses or interacts with that data, staying largely phone-bound. You will have … Read more

Review: ClipGrab grabs videos from the most popular video-sharing Web sites

ClipGrab downloads and converts Internet videos with ease and offers more features than most other YouTube downloaders. It doesn't download very quickly, though, and the video and audio quality won't be the ideal. However, if you need a program that downloads videos automatically, you might want this one.

When you try to install this program, it will try to change your default browser and add some extra programs. If you dodge those, the program, itself, downloads very quickly. Its layout is very minimalistic, but it puts all the tools you need right in your face. You can search … Read more

Review: Manage what you copy with ClipNote Special

ClipNote Special packs so many neat goodies that you might be a little overwhelmed. Once you catch your breath, you'll wonder how you ever did work on your mobile gadget without it.

This app automatically runs in the background, waiting for you to copy or cut something. Once you do, it holds it for you until you delete it. Once you don't need what's on your clipboard anymore, you can delete everything with one touch. If you want to keep something through multiple deletes, you can save it as a favorite. The app buttons can sometimes seize … Read more

Intel and McAfee join forces, the Counting Crows talk apps, and Firefox revs to v21

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Top Download News and Features

Mozilla Firefox updates to version 21 with a new Health Report and additional Do Not … Read more

Ondesoft ClipBuddy for Mac Review

Those who often cut and paste text or other information may have the need to go back and track these items. Ondesoft ClipBuddy for Mac archives and manages clipboard usage well for those who need it.

Ondesoft ClipBuddy for Mac is available to try for free for 15 days with no additional restrictions. The full version requires payment of $29.95 to unlock. Installation takes place without issues and prompts the user to enter a full version product key when it first starts. This can be dismissed if the user wants to use the trial version. The program itself did … Read more

Add to Wunderlist extension provides easy, cross-platform Web clipping

I have yet to take the Evernote plunge, and I don't use Pinterest unless I'm looking over my wife's shoulder. Yet, I admit I have a need for some variety of Web-clipping app. My current strategy, if you can call it that, is leaving browser tabs open for days on end, or adding to my ever-increasing and wholly unorganized list of bookmarks.

Thankfully, I found Add to Wunderlist, a browser extension that works for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. It adds a button to the right of the your browser's URL bar for clipping a Web page … Read more

Save online videos to your computer with ClipGrab for Mac

People often want to download online videos from sites like YouTube to watch offline or edit. ClipGrab for Mac claims to allow users to save Internet videos to their desktop, but ultimately doesn't deliver.

ClipGrab for Mac is available as freeware without any restrictions. The program is small and installed easily after a quick download. After installation, the program starts quickly, but there are no instructions, and product support appears minimal. While sparse, the interface is fairly intuitive. Menus allow the user to paste a link with a video directly into the program or search directly in YouTube from … Read more

Paste Easily with Plain Clip for Mac

Copying and pasting between different programs can cause a lot of formatting problems and waste a lot of time. Plain Clip for Mac tries to fix these issues by allowing users to preset clipboard styles and eliminate format issues when cutting and pasting. However, the program's inconsistency overwhelms its usefulness.

Plain Clip for Mac is a free program that has a great concept but is too buggy to be useful. The program allows you to select which elements you want to remove from material on your clipboard. You can remove all formatting, spaces, lines and even HTML code. Unfortunately, … Read more

Vine's quick-hit video 'tweets' get more polish

Editors' note: This review was updated October 29, 2013, to cover the features added in the latest version.

Vine for iOS is a new social-networking app that revolves around making short 6-second video loops with sound and then sharing them with others. But once Instagram added 15-second video clips with filters in a recent update, Vine needed to differentiate itself to get people to stay onboard. This latest update will definitely help.

To get started with Vine, you can sign up with an e-mail and password directly with Vine or you can use your Twitter account for quick access. Once … Read more

Save videos so you can view them offline with Video Clips

Downloading videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and other sites is sort of the holy grail of free software. Many programs claim to do it, but only a select few can pull it off without hiccups. Video Clips falls firmly into the second category. It rarely works and when it does, it doesn't work well.

Trying to install Video Clips takes several minutes, as you have to decline no less than four programs that try to install with it. If you exit out of them, it often closes the installation process, making the program incredibly difficult to run. When it does … Read more