Time Warner Cable to add another app platform: Apple TV?

NEW YORK -- Time Warner Cable incoming Chief Executive Rob Marcus said the company this week will add another platform to the list that can access its TWC TV app, which enables subscribers to stream live channels and watch videos on demand.

Apple TV has been rumored all year to be next for TWC TV.

After starting out as a glorified Netflix streaming box, Apple TV has bulked up with some desirable channels -- this year adding Hulu Plus, HBO Go, Watch ESPN, and Major League Soccer. While the addition of HBO Go in June made good on one content … Read more

Xbox One, you're not making my family life easier

My Xbox One may not stay connected to my cable box very long.

In a year's time, the Xbox One might be the ultimate TV-connected entertainment box on the planet. But at the moment, it's sitting awkwardly between my cable DVR and my TV -- where it's causing some tension among the TV viewers in my household.

There are a lot of good ideas lurking within the potential of what Microsoft's newest Xbox can be: a smart home hub, an entertainment do-everything machine. But they're mixed with unfortunate downsides. And, at the moment, from what … Read more

Use the Xbox One and Kinect sensor as a universal remote

Voice commands are a large part of what makes the Xbox One unique, the other, of course, being its deep TV integration. Both of these features utilize the new Kinect sensor, which Microsoft bundled with the Xbox One; a decision that resulted in a $100 premium over the PlayStation 4.

In addition to supporting facial recognition and gestures, the accessory can be used to navigate the console's user interface, open games and apps, and even control your TV, cable box, and home theater system using only your voice.

Here's how you can set up the Xbox One as … Read more

Xbox One: 20 things you need to know

After months of waiting, the Xbox One is almost here.

We already posted our in-depth review, but for those of you looking for the TL;DR version of all the latest Xbox One news, here's a quick cheat sheet.

1. Price and availability The Xbox One will be released in Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Spain, the UK, and the US on November 22. It costs $499 in North America, £429 in the UK, AU$599 in Australia, and 499 euros in the EU countries listed above. The Kinect camera is included; … Read more

Hulu to partner with pay-TV operators for content bundling?

Hulu could be coming to a cable set-top box near you. According to The Wall Street Journal, the online TV streaming service is said to be in preliminary talks with a handful of pay-TV operators about possible partnerships.

These talks are said to be about Hulu potentially bundling its Hulu Plus subscription service with pay-TV subscriptions. According to the Journal, the streaming service is purportedly in talks with Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Cox Communications, AT&T, and Verizon.

Apparently, Hulu hopes that any deal would let cable customers get its service via a set-top box, according to the Journal. … Read more

Five-deal Friday: Speaker dock, Call of Duty, gaming mouse, and more!

I'm about to make/ruin your weekend. Make it, because I've rounded up five seriously sweet deals. Ruin it, because you're going to want to buy them all. Food, clothing, feh -- who needs 'em?!

Answer the Call of Duty

Can't afford the $60 price tag on the hot new Call of Duty: Ghosts? Give it time; in six months or so, you'll be able to get it for half as much, maybe even less.

In the meantime, how about a little older-school CoD action? For the next couple days, StackSocial has Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (PC/Mac) for $4.99. … Read more

Get an HDHomeRun Prime CableCard tuner for $99.99

I think the days of Windows Media Center are drawing to a close, which is a shame. Microsoft no longer bundles the software with Windows, and I suspect few people will bother to pay extra for it.

That said, if you're still running Windows 7 on one or more PCs, or you did decide to splurge on the upgrade for Windows 8, you can still enjoy a truly excellent TV/DVR experience. All you need is a CableCard from your cable company and a CableCard tuner.

Let's talk about the latter. Today only, while supplies last, Woot has … Read more

DirecTV, Time Warner consider Aereo-like service, report says

TV providers DirecTV, Time Warner Cable, and Charter Communications are thinking about capturing free broadcast signals and streaming TV shows over the Internet to get around paying networks, Bloomberg reported Friday.

The new approach would mimic Aereo, an online TV provider at the center of a huge legal battle with the nation's top broadcast networks (including CBS, CNET's parent company). Aereo uses tiny antennas to allow consumers to stream live and local broadcasts over the Internet and store shows in the cloud.

Aereo has been fairly successful in the courtroom so far. If it wins in the end, … Read more

ChargeKey adds a sync cable to your keychain

One of my favorite products to come out of CES 2013 was the Nomad ChargeCard, a smartphone sync/charge cable barely larger than a credit card -- and therefore able to ride around in your wallet.

Nomad's ChargeKey is its logical successor, a smartphone sync/charge cable that rides around on your keychain.… Read more

Getting started with the Xfinity TV X1 Remote app for iOS

Let me be clear: the Xfinity TV X1 Remote app for iOS will not replace the XR2 remote that accompanies the X1 cable box. The app, however, offers a couple of features that may have you keeping your iPhone resting on your coffee table next to your cable remote.

The X1 Remote app has three primary screens. The first screen features four arrow buttons and an OK button for navigating the onscreen guide and menus. Swipe to the left for the second and third screens, which feature a number pad and playback controls, respectively. A static row with three buttons … Read more