Bye-bye, Read It Later; hello, Pocket

Pocket is the successor to the megapopular short-term bookmarking tool Read It Later. It offers much of the core functionality of Read It Later, plus it comes with a number of improved features and a completely redesigned interface.

Essentially a short-term bookmarking tool, Pocket helps you better manage your online media consumption across all of your different devices, regardless of platform. With it, you can put lengthy articles or videos away and queue them up for reading and watching later, from any of your devices. This can be incredibly convenient when, say, you come across a video on your phone, … Read more

Read It Later goes free, becomes Pocket

Meet Pocket, the successor to the megapopular short-term bookmarking tool Read It Later. Just as simple and platform-compatible as Read It Later, this new incarnation adds extra features and shows off a completely redesigned interface.

If you're not familiar with Read It Later, it's an incredibly convenient app that's useful in countless scenarios. Say you're on your morning commute and you come across a lengthy article that you can't quite (or don't want to) finish reading. Just add it to your RIL list, and go back to it later. Or say you come across … Read more

How to use multiple bookmark bars in Chrome

It can be a challenge to keep that bookmark bar trim and handy, but Bookmark Bar Switcher gives you the power to create different sets of bookmarks for work or entertainment. Here's how to use it:

Install Bookmark Bar Switcher here. Click the Bookmark Bar Switcher icon in the upper right to create one or more new bars. Click the icon again to manage which bookmarks appear in each bar. Your bookmark bars appear near the bottom of the left sidebar. Just drag and drop bookmarks into the proper bar.  If you want a bookmark to … Read more

How to save your spot when reading in Chrome

Even if you love reading those longer articles on the Web, sometimes you have to pause to take care of other things--like going back to work from lunch. Because of reasons like this (and the large list of other interruptions you may encounter), a developer created an extension for Chrome that will let you mark the last line(s) you read. When you come back to the e-book, review, opinion article, or even research materials, you can pick up your reading from right where you left off.

Step 1: Get the youRhere extension.

Step 2: Once installed, head to a … Read more

How to sync tabs between Chrome desktop, Chrome Beta for Android

It may have taken a long time for Google to get around to releasing its popular Chrome browser for the Android platform, but that day has finally come.

In order for your tabs to sync from the desktop version of Chrome to the Android Chrome Beta, you will first need to install Chrome Beta on your Android device, and ensure you are running the latest version of Chrome on your desktop.

Once you have both apps installed and up to date, sign in to each respective browser using the same Google account. You can sign into Chrome desktop under Preferences &… Read more

How to bookmark all open browser tabs at once

Browser tabs are a wonderful convenience that allow you to browse the Internet without cluttering up your desktop.

Another great, but often overlooked convenience, is being able to bookmark all open tabs at the same time. Maybe you've been researching something on the Internet for hours and have several tabs open, but need to stop for the day. What do you do? Leave your browser up and your computer on until you come back? Bookmark each tab individually? Nah.

Here's how to bookmark all open browser tabs at once:

Chrome Right-click on a tab and select "Bookmark … Read more

Q&A: MacFixIt Answers

MacFixIt Answers is a feature in which we answer questions e-mailed in by our readers.

This week people wrote in with questions about enabling screen zooming in accounts on OS X, bookmarks being duplicated by iCloud, CAC card readers not authenticating properly in Lion, and iCal showing up behind Dashboard widgets. We continually answer e-mail questions, and though we present answers here, we welcome alternative approaches and views from readers and encourage you to post your suggestions in the comments.

NOTE: The "contact us" box on the MacFixIt page for e-mailing us your questions will hopefully be back … Read more

Delicious relaunches with mix of old and new

Social-bookmarking site Delicious, under new ownership, is staging a comeback with the help of old features and new additions.

When users first head to the newly relaunched Delicious, they'll find much of the same. The branding is the same, and, as before, finding links to bookmark is as simple as inputting a URL from the site or clicking the service's bookmarklet, which can be added to the browser toolbar. From there, users can assign links a title and tags, and share them with others on the site.

I had the chance to take Delicious for a quick spin, … Read more

Three in one

Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer are the three most popular Web browsers, and each has its own strengths and weaknesses. If you find yourself primarily using one browser but occasionally having to switch back to another for a specific purpose, Lunascape might be just the browser for you. Lunascape combines rendering engines from Firefox, Chrome, and IE and makes it easy to switch between them.

Lunascape has a sleek tabbed interface that doesn't exactly resemble any one browser, but it's familiar-looking enough to be intuitive. It comes with three rendering engines: Trident (from Internet Explorer), Gecko (from Firefox), … Read more