The BMW M5 is subtly mad

There's no point in pretending the BMW M5 is anything other than a benchmark car. The M Division creates cars that are a perfect balance between the mentalism that falls out of AMG, and the point-and-shoot weapons from Audi's RS team. The M3 may be the poster car, but the M5 is the one that people really lust after.

The 5 Series, classically, is the next step up the ladder. It's the car you go for when you've reached the top of the chain and need something to show off just how well you've done. … Read more

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By Alex Goy

LA Auto Show to host new Mini, Audi A3, and Subaru WRX

Detroit may be the Motor City, but cars are a quintessential part of Los Angeles culture, often serving as status symbols among the rich and famous of this entertainment capital's sun-drenched streets. And this year's Los Angeles Auto Show will serve as a showcase for some long-awaited model updates, as well as a host of new cars and concepts.

One model I've been anticipating greatly is the new Audi A3, which will be a radically different car from the small wagon sold here previously. Two years ago, Audi revealed the new A3's cabin tech at the … Read more

BMW's new entry-level 3 Sedan is also the most practical

Sometimes, I catch myself looking at the BMW lineup -- so full of vehicles like the 5 Series GT and the X6 M -- rolling my eyes and scoffing at the claim of building the "Ultimate Driving Machines." It's also easy for some of our more vocal readers to look at all of the new-fangled iPod integration, dashboard apps, smartphone this and that and assume that BMW has gotten away from the point. These are easy assumptions to make until you find yourself behind the wheel of the 2013 320i sedan, the automaker's new entry point … Read more

BMW's 3 Series wagon loses its mojo, but options let you buy it back

When I pressed the voice command button on the steering wheel of the 2014 328i xDrive Sports Wagon, nothing happened. No voice prompt and no helpful list of commands on the car's LCD, nothing at all. The button was merely a tease for an option not included on this particular example of the model.

Likewise, after pairing my phone with the Bluetooth hands-free system in the car, I looked under the available audio sources and did not find Bluetooth streaming. Unlike any other automaker, BMW gives you Bluetooth calls for free, but makes Bluetooth streaming as an audio source … Read more

No electrics among Green Car of the Year finalists

Every year at the Los Angeles Auto Show, Green Car Journal announces the winner of its Green Car of the Year award. As a teaser to this year's announcement on November 21, the publication released its list of five finalists for the prize.

This year's finalists are:

Audi A6 TDI BMW 328d Honda Accord Mazda3 Toyota Corolla

The Audi A6 and the BMW 328d represent diesel-fueled cars, a technology that has improved quite a bit in cleaner emissions and general drivability. Green Car Journal includes the Honda Accord for its new direct injection engine and hybrid variant. The … Read more

Next Mini Cooper to feature HUD, automatic parking

Classic Minis may be known for being spartan and simple, but today's Mini Cooper features some of the most advanced and quirky tech that its parent company, BMW, can throw at it. The next-generation 2014 Mini Cooper hardtop, scheduled to debut at the 2013 LA Auto Show in November, will boast even more tech, including a head-up display and an array of active and passive driver assistance technologies.

The head-up display, or HUD, appears to be a full-color display that will be projected onto a semitransparent lens atop the dashboard and in the driver's field of vision, rather … Read more

BMW roadsters: A journey from 1929-2013

Drew and Alex love their sports cars -- the freedom they afford the driver combined with speed and eye-catching looks are, all told, rather lovely. BMW does roadsters really very well indeed. Using traditional BMW design cues and engineering to create fast, good-looking, brilliant-to-drive cars that are attainable dreams for the vast majority of people. The boys decided to look at BMW's roadster background, Drew casting a bearded eye over the classics and Alex looking at the more modern 'Z' cars. There's some real unicorn cars in there. The 328, for example, is a prewar race car that … Read more

BMW reinvents the car with i8 model

In the upper reaches of automotive performance, the hybrid sports car is becoming a real thing. Witness the Ferrari LaFerrari, Porsche 918 Spyder, and McLaren P1. Those examples seem like efforts to maintain the relevance of high-end performance in an oil-starved world.

But BMW may just be cracking the code with its i8.

Unlike the competition, which tend toward evolutionary changes built from existing models, BMW designed the i8 as a wholly new car, constructed from the ground on up to exemplify performance and minimal fossil fuel consumption. And deviating from the i3 model, its sibling in BMW's new … Read more

Three cool coupes and compact SUVs, in Frankfurt

FRANKFURT -- The Frankfurt auto show was good news for automotive enthusiasts, as it played host to the debuts of three new coupes and a boodle of compact SUVs. The best cars in the world have been coupes, and for good reason. The format allows breathtaking design and sporty handling.

Compact SUVs, a new segment, are cool, too. They tend to be nimble, but offer utility and comfort. Judging from the show, premium brands are showing huge interest in compact SUVs.

So let's take a look at what is on offer in Frankfurt this year.

Volvo Concept Coupe Volvo … Read more

12 must-see videos from the Frankfurt auto show

Our coverage of the 2013 Frankfurt auto show is just about wrapping up. Some of the highlights included the 2014 Porsche 918 Spyder making a brilliant, record-breaking debut, BMW bringing back some serious sporty intentions with the 4 Series, and Nissan unveiling one of its newest concepts, a smartwatch. And while cars, both production and concept, were the obvious main attraction, nothing could prepare us for Smart's electric bicycle.

Join us on a video tour of some of the hottest sights from the show.