Enable the redesigned New Tab page on Chrome Beta for Android

Google has been rolling out steady improvements to the Chrome Beta for Android app. While the update from this last week was primarily focused on adding support for gestures, a new feature popped up in the chrome://flags area (where you can enable and disable experimental features).

There's now a flag for enabling the new New Tab page (a name that definitely needs work). The most recent version of the New Tab puts a convenient Google search box for text and voice right at your fingertips each time you open a new tab. Most visited Web sites are … Read more

Apple pushes out sixth beta of iOS 7 to developers

Apple has given developers a sixth beta of iOS 7, its upcoming software update for iPhones, iPods, and iPads.

The update went out late Thursday, which is unusual timing given that past releases went out in the morning.

iOS 7 brings an overhauled design for every part of the operating system, while remaining largely the same in terms of functionality. Onlookers are expecting a few more changes before it's finalized. As usual, Apple's only saying the software "contains bug fixes and improvements," though 9to5Mac notes that the update fixes an issue with iTunes in the Cloud, … Read more

Apple revamps beta version of with iOS 7 style

Apple's design overhaul for iOS has spilled over to the beta version of its iCloud service.

A new version of the site (, which has Web versions of some of Apple's iOS apps, now sports a similar look and feel to iOS 7, which Apple is expected to release next month.

So far, the changeover has affected e-mail, contacts, calendar, reminders, notes, and find my iPhone. The beta versions of Apple's trio of iWork apps, which Apple is still testing to users, remains unchanged.

The redesign is likely to roll out when iOS 7 is … Read more

Fifth iOS 7 beta comes just a week after last release

Just about a week after releasing its fourth iOS 7 beta, Apple has rolled out another version of the upcoming operating system to developers.

iOS 7 beta 5 went out to developers Tuesday morning, with Apple only saying to expect the usual handful of "bug fixes and improvements." In its last beta, such tweaks included reworked call buttons, along with updates to its Spotlight search and lock-screen interface, and support for photo filters on older iPhone models.

iOS 7 brings an overhauled design for every part of the operating system, while remaining largely the same in terms of … Read more

iOS 7 beta 4 refines design of call buttons

Apple continues to refine certain elements in iOS 7 as seen in the fourth beta released on Monday.

The phone buttons that appear in response to an incoming call are now less text-heavy, as noted by AppleInsider. The buttons for "remind me later" and "respond with text" have been renamed to simply "remind me" and "message" with icons to represent their roles.

All the call buttons, including those for decline and answer, also have received a small aesthetic change. Their transparency has been reduced so they now appear almost opaque. Apple received … Read more

Apple slips upcoming Radio service into latest iTunes beta

Apple's testing a new version of iTunes with its upcoming iTunes Radio service built in, and is now giving it to developers to test.

The feature was bundled inside a beta version of iTunes 11.1, which went up on Apple's developer site Monday.

iTunes Radio was introduced alongside iOS 7 at Apple's annual developer conference last month. The service lets users stream music stations for free, and with no advertising if they're a subscriber of Apple's iTunes Match service.

Initial beta versions of iOS 7 and iOS for the Apple TV already included iTunes … Read more

Apple releases fourth beta of iOS 7 to developers

Apple's rolled out another beta version of iOS 7 to developers, its fourth so far.

The software went out to developers Monday morning, though was originally anticipated for a release last week. The release was believed to be delayed given downtime of Apple's developer site, which is still coming back online following a security breach earlier this month.

Per Apple's mysterious change log, the software brings "bug fixes and improvements." More specifically, the company's made some changes to the look and feel of the lock screen, camera and call functions. BGR has posted a full change log here. … Read more

Poll: If digital audio is so great, why didn't it kill the LP?

There's no sense denying vinyl's imperfections. First there are the noise issues -- pops, clicks, and rumble -- and they all get a little worse every time you play an LP. Then there are problems with speed stability, off-center pressings, warped records, less than accurate vinyl and phono cartridge frequency response curves, poor stereo separation, and limited dynamic range. That was all true back in 1983, and digital has only improved since then. So why are vinyl sales up year after year since the early 2000s?

Most formats wither and die soon after the replacement format takes over … Read more

iOS 7 beta 3 brings bug fixes, other improvements

As expected, Apple on Monday released its third beta of iOS 7, exactly two weeks after it came out with the second iteration of the software for developers.

The release is in line with earlier speculation that the company planned to dole out betas in two-week cycles.

The new version includes some general performance improvements and fixes a number of issues that had cropped up in the second beta, including problems with iCloud, AirPlay, and the Messages application.

The user interface received a few tweaks as well, including more transparent folders, redesigned music controls, and the calendar now shows which … Read more

RSS, autocomplete URLs hit new Android Firefox beta

Mozilla debuted a new Firefox for Android 23 beta (download) on Thursday that brought with it a flatter but more Web-friendly version of the familiar browser logo.

The new logo has been designed, wrote Sean Martell, Mozilla's lead visual designer, with "SVG compatibility and color consistency" in mind. It doesn't ditch detail just for the sake of it, he said in his blog post about the change, but actually adds more detail in some areas.

One major detail he pointed out that has changed is the fox's arm. It now comes from its shoulder, instead … Read more