Couple hospitalized after trying to save flat-screen from fire

On the generous side, none of us knows what we'd do if our homes suddenly caught fire.

On the less generous side, there's been a series of incidents in which people risked their lives -- and in one case lost it -- by trying to retrieve electronic items from burning buildings.

The latest comes from St. Paul, Minn. As the Pioneer Press reports, firemen were called to a burning basement apartment.

Inside the smoke-filled living room, they found a couple grappling with their flat-screen's wires, in a desperate attempt to take it with them.

As St. Paul … Read more

Disney deal blazes trail for a Dish without the dish

Dish Network just took the lead in turning Internet TV into reality.

Long have the biggest names in technology -- Apple, Google, Sony -- aspired to elevate tech's courtship of television to full-blown marriage: a multichannel television service, giving you the most popular networks of your cable provider but delivering them over the Internet.

And long has it been a story of unrequited love. No company has yet to make major, public, legitimate strides toward that goal, relegating them instead to grand proclamations of intent or sidelong glances at their hearts' desire.

That changed late Monday, as Charlie Ergen'… Read more

US sides with networks against Aereo in Supreme Court fight

The US government's representative to the Supreme Court filed a brief Monday arguing that Aereo, the service streaming broadcast TV over the Web, is violating copyright law -- but that doesn't mean all cloud-storage services should be put under the same scrutiny.

In an amicus brief, which is essentially an official memo to the Supreme Court justices recommending a decision, Deputy Solicitor General Edwin S. Kneedler classified Aereo's Internet transmissions of broadcast TV as a public performance -- the kind you have to pay a copyright holder to do.

Aereo is set up to assign an individual, … Read more

Tim Cook: Apple TV did over $1B in 2013 revenue

CUPERTINO, Calif. -- While the iPhone and iPad have come to dominate Apple's business, the television has often been relegated to an afterthought for the company. So much for Apple TV being just a hobby, said Chief Executive Tim Cook.

"That hobby was over a billion dollars of revenue last year," Cook said during the company's annual meeting with shareholders here. "It's a little hard to call it a hobby anymore."

The billion-dollar figure includes content sales conducted by Apple on the platform -- like movies and TV shows -- and not just … Read more

For a few days, Apple TV comes with a $25 iTunes bonus

Apple's long-neglected set-top box may finally get a revamp this year, but for now you can get a $25 gift card for iTunes to binge on Oscar movies if you don't mind buying the current hockey-puck Apple TV.

As reported by 9to5 Mac, Apple is offering a $25 iTunes Gift Card that can be redeemed at the iTunes Store, the App Store, or the iBooks Store to anyone who purchases an Apple TV from now until Wednesday in an Apple US retail store or at its online store.

The terms and conditions of the deal say it's … Read more

Vizio's cheap E-Series TVs are brimming with local dimming

In the wake, in more than one sense of the word, of Panasonic's decision to stop making plasma TVs, there's now a hole in the TV market. It's right at the intersection of picture quality and value, a massive axle-rending divot left by the uncaring snowplow of market forces.

Absent as-yet-unannounced new plasmas from Samsung, this year it's up to LED LCD to pave the pothole. I'm pessimistic that any can reach the levels of bang/buck that the Panasonic S60 and ST60 achieved, but products like the Vizio E-Series -- with its affordable, effective … Read more

Not watching 'Caper'? Here's why you should be

PSA: "Caper"! If you haven't stumbled across this show yet, check it out on YouTube or Hulu -- it won't take long. It's a fun series of 10-minute episodes about broke superheroes living in a grotty apartment in the City of Angles, patrolling for crime and struggling to make the rent, while their cross-country counterparts like the East Coast Six get all the respect.

Available on Felicia Day's Geek & Sundry channel, it's the kind of show that knows you know about supervillains and sidekicks already. So things start in the middle, with our heroes committing a robbery, and go south from there.

You've got your genre meta humor wall to wall, your cute banter, and your practical questions about the superhero lifestyle. You've got tank tops and hero shots (and Parker from "Leverage"!). Maybe the best part is the way the show handles big action sequences on a YouTube budget: comic book panels, of course! Heart! Sure, there's a place for "Dark Knight" and there's a place for "Sandman." But sometimes something lighter feels exactly right.… Read more

WWE Network lands on Apple TV with in-app subscriptions

The WWE Network has landed on the Apple TV.

The app is now available on the device, and allows for Apple TV users to subscribe to the Network from within the program. Access to the app, which includes 24/7 programming, access to WWE pay-per-views, and original programming, costs Apple TV owners $60 plus tax for a six-month subscription.

The Apple TV launch coincides with the broader launch of the WWE Network. The offering costs the same $60 plus tax on all other devices. According to WWE, the Network will be available on a wide array of products, including game … Read more

First full trailer for HBO's 'Silicon Valley' (with Steve Jobs joke)

One of the problems in making a comedy about Silicon Valley is that those in tech manage to make the Valley quite laughable without any help.

It's not as if the jokes write themselves. It's that the protagonists are all too happy to write them for the audience.

The excitement, therefore, for HBO's new Mike Judge-helmed comedy "Silicon Valley" -- premiering April 6 -- is to somehow make those jokes seem fresh.… Read more

'Heroes' returns with new NBC miniseries in 2015

What would you do if you woke up one morning and suddenly could fly, predict the future, stop time, instantly heal, or had superhuman strength? The groundbreaking TV series "Heroes," created by Tim Kring, addressed what happens when everyday people suddenly acquire skills and superpowers worthy of comic book characters.

On February 22, NBC announced with a surprise commercial during the Olympics that the saga will return in 2015 with a 13-episode stand-alone story arc called "Heroes Reborn."Read more