Crave giveaway: Apple iPod Shuffle

OK, we've got a little bit of a special giveaway this week. T-Mobile is sponsoring the Crave giveaway in conjunction with its promotion for its "Truly Unlimited" $79.99 plan, which it's offering at that special price for a limited time.

In sponsoring the giveaway, T-Mobile challenged us to come up with a prize that costs less than $80 that people would be interested in winning (by "interested in winning," they challenged us to get at least 1500 entries for the prize).

Well, here we go then. For the T-Mobile Under $80 Challenge contest, … Read more

Report: Apple to sell 3.5 million Macs this quarter

According to new research, Apple will sell between 3.5 million and 3.7 million Macs in the fiscal quarter ending in this month.

The data comes from market research firm NPD and was sent to clients by Piper Jaffray senior research analyst Gene Munster. Interpreting the data, Munster says he believes Apple will finish the quarter at the lower end of expectations.

For January and February, Apple is trending up 16 percent over the year-ago quarter. That would put Apple at about 3.6 million Macs for the quarter. The street consensus is for Macs to be up in … Read more

Report: Microsoft management changes in the works

Microsoft is said to be on the brink of another shuffle among its senior management.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer plans to make changes to the company's senior management in order to improve the company's competitive edge in Web services, smartphones, and tablet computers, according to a Bloomberg report that cites unnamed sources.

Those changes, Bloomberg says, will be announced "this month."

What remains unclear is whether the changes will bump out any of the existing division heads, in place of talent from within or outside of the company, versus changing the number of business units and … Read more

Apple simplifies troubleshooting with Express Lane

In an attempt to put more troubleshooting know-how in the hands of its customers, Apple has created Express Lane, a simple to use resource for locating issues and solutions to common problems with all of Apple's products.

The site is incredibly easy to navigate, using a simple three-column approach to determine the general scope of the issue you are having. Once you've narrowed down the topic, you can select one of the thousands of helpful articles available directly from Apple about nearly any documented problem--including information for many older Macs and previous generation iPhones and iPods.

But Express … Read more

iPod upgrading--Jasmine's Tech Dos and Don'ts

You may have noticed that this column enjoyed a hiatus last week. You may have also taken note of a little announcement from Apple about some new iPods. That was no coincidence; I spent the first several days of September up to my neck in the related iTunes 10 news.

Still, the new MP3 players didn't escape my attention, mainly because I'm eager to replace my essentially ruined second-gen iPod Touch. But more importantly, should you upgrade to one of the new iPods? To answer just that question, I spent some time with all three players.

The first … Read more

Apple 2010 iPod lineup, reviewed

Maybe you thought Apple's latest unveiling of iPods was the best refresh the product line has seen in years. Or, perhaps you're a little burned out after a year of iPads, iOS, iPhone 4, and antenna-gate. Personally, as CNET's resident expert on all things portable audio, it was nice to get a new crop of iPods to play with and put through their paces.

Call me a geezer, but I still carry an iPod separate from my phone. One of these days, I'm sure I'll bite on a new smart phone to make my iPod … Read more

CNET TV Apple Byte: New iPods, new iOS, and a thing called Ping

CNET TV's Brian Tong takes a look at the latest in Apple news, notes, tips, tricks, and rumors. This week Apple shows off its latest iPod lineup, including redesigned iPod shuffles, iPod nanos, and iPod touches, the new Apple TV (not iTV), and iOS 4.1. Check out the iOS 4.1 walk-through, including HDR photos, Game Center, and Ping.

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Apple starts shipping new iPods

Apple has started shipping its new line of iPods.

Over the weekend and early Monday, those who preordered a new iPod started receiving e-mails from Apple that the devices are shipping. Some folks have seen their delivery date pegged at week's end, while others have received word from Apple that it might be slightly later.

I preordered the new iPod Nano when it was announced at Apple's media event last week. The device is scheduled to arrive at my doorstep Friday, though Apple's official "delivers by" date is Sunday.

The new iPod Nano is drastically … Read more

All Apple news

Links from Thursday's episode of Loaded: Apple's new iPods iOS updates included in Apple's Fall lineup Streaming AppleTV Windows Phone 7 goes to OEMs Another blow to net neutrality New Sony e-readers

Is Apple's iPod tune getting old?

For the second straight year, the collective reaction to Apple's unveiling of its fall iPod lineup was basically "meh."

For the uninitiated, that's Internet shorthand for "I couldn't care less." Last year's iPod Nano with camera failed to ignite much instant excitement, and this year's new products didn't appear to fare much better. It's not that they're not good products--the announcements are just not generating the same amount of hype and interest as, say, an iPhone or iPad launch these days.

One of the issues is that Apple sets the bar pretty high for these kinds of special events, particularly in the last year. But the bigger one is that as Apple closes in on a decade of making the iPod, it's become clear that the category has become rather ho-hum for the company.

That's not to understate the iPod's influence. The first MP3 player from Apple in 2001 morphed it from a computer company into a consumer device and digital content company and paved the way for Apple's ability to turn the existing smartphone and tablet categories completely on their heads. But the iPod's influence on the company has been waning for some time, as was demonstrated Wednesday. … Read more