The complete guide to iOS 7 (roundup)

A few months after iOS 7 was first shown off by Apple at its World Wide Developer Conference, the wait is finally over. iOS 7 is now available for iOS users around the world to download, install and start putting to use.

With the number of changes Apple included in iOS 7 there's bound to be questions regarding how to use old and new features alike. But that's what we're here for. Below you'll find a roundup of posts covering every possible aspect of iOS 7 we think should be covered; all of which will show … Read more

Four features to know about in Safari on iOS 7

From a new tab layout to a unified search and address bar, there's a lot to learn when it comes to using Safari on iOS 7. It can be an intimidating experience the first time around, but that's what we're here for. Let's take a look at some things that have changed in Safari on iOS 7.

Smart Search The first thing you'll likely encounter that's different is the address bar. As you can see there are no longer two different text fields, one for entering a URL and one for search. Instead Apple … Read more

Where to find the '.com' button in Safari on iOS 7

After updating to iOS 7 and launching Safari for the first time, you may notice the .com button is gone. This is the button you could tap and hold to bring up other domain extensions, without having to type them out as in previous versions of iOS.

iOS 7 combines the search and address field in Safari into one "smart search" field, allowing you to enter either a search query or a URL using the same keyboard layout. You'll no longer see common URL characters on the keyboard, along with the disappearance of the extension shortcut key.… Read more

Patched Safari bug being exploited by hackers

A known vulnerability in Apple's Safari browser is the new target for a proof-of-concept exploit that allows a hacker to arbitrarily run code on unpatched Mac systems.

The exploit, which was made available today on Packet Storm, takes advantage of a JavaScript vulnerability where information could be written to memory outside of defined buffers, and cause a crash that could result in the executable code being run.

This vulnerability is specific for Safari version 6.0.1 and earlier; it was found and addressed by Apple in November 2012, so it will only affect systems that have not been … Read more

Review: BackTrack Safari Extension for Mac enables quick reverse image searches

BackTrack Safari Extension for Mac successfully integrates reverse image searching into Safari, enabling you to locate any image on the Web just by right-clicking it.

This extension installs like any other Safari Extension. Once installed, we noticed a new button on the left of the address bar. Hovering the mouse over the button showed a pop-up dialog announcing you can send the page to TinEye for backtracking. Clicking this button brought us to, the reverse image search engine, and the page was loaded with pictures from the previous site. From there, we were able to select which image … Read more

Review: Translate Safari Extension keeps Google Translate close

Translate Safari Extension for Mac adds Google Translate to a context menu within Safari, allowing for on-the-fly Web site translations without ever having to navigate away from the site.

The extension adds a button next to the address bar; but poking around in the Preferences panel, we found it possible to add translation to a right-click context menu. We also set it so that translated pages appear in new tabs, rather than replacing the page in the current tab, and selected English as our default language. We directed our browser over to a page in French, right-clicked on "Translate … Read more

Review: Yahoo Axis Extension for Safari gives Web searching a makeover

As a browser plug-in, Yahoo Axis Extension for Safari for Mac extends the reach of its mobile browsing app for iOS. The app lets you search in real time while displaying previews of the results, sync Web pages you visit or bookmark in your browser on different devices, and keep track of the pages you visited while on the go.

While Yahoo Axis Extension for Safari for Mac installs easily -- just download and launch the file, which adds the extension -- getting started took some figuring out. There is no user guidance provided with the extension, nor was there … Read more

Consider other search engines for your browser

These days Google's popularity and reputation has made it the de facto standard for Web searches, and is enabled on many Web browsers by default. Even in speech, it's common to suggest "googling" some information, where terms like "yahooing" or "binging" are somewhat more obscure.

While Google's search results have been reliable, there are other options, some of which are fully supported in common browsers. So what keeps Google so preferred?

Perhaps many of us have simply become accustomed to using Google, so switching comes with a level of uncertainty that … Read more

Rival mobile browsers chip away at Safari's lead

Safari, the top browser in terms of mobile usage, lost a little share to three rivals in June.

The Apple browser dropped from 60.0 percent of usage in May to 58.0 percent in June, still well ahead of competing browsers, according to statistics released by tracking firm Net Applications on Monday. Google's unbranded Android browser, in second place, also dipped, from 20.7 percent to 20.6 percent.

Picking up the slack were Opera Mini, which rose from 10.5 percent to 11.2 percent; Google's Chrome, which rose from 3.2 percent to 3.8 … Read more

Review: Zoom in and view profile pictures with HoverZoom Safari Extension

HoverZoom Safari Extension for Mac lets you easily zoom in on photos and profile pictures on your favorite social networks by simply hovering over them. If you are tired of constantly clicking on thumbnails and find the process for enlarging photos on social networks cumbersome, then you'll appreciate this extension.

The application operates as a Safari extension and installs well into the browser. After reloading any open Web pages, HoverZoom Safari Extension for Mac starts to work in the background on its own. The overall preferences menu contains several options. These include changing how the extension zooms in, whether … Read more