The 404 1,298: Where we're the last to leave (podcast)

Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- From Usher to jellyfish: What was new at this year's Macy's 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular.

- Social etiquette do or don't?: The ol' Irish farewell.

- Is this the first arrest filmed on Google Glass?

- Speaking of citizen journalism: you'll never eat at Golden Corral again.

- RadioShack tries out new concept store.

Episode 1,298


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Reddit, Mozilla, EFF and more join July 4th anti-NSA protests

Rallying around the Fourth of July holiday, several Web sites have come together to take part in a nationwide protest over the National Security Agency's surveillance program.

Organized by the nonprofit Fight for the Future, thousands of sites -- including some heavy-hitters like Mozilla, Reddit,, and 4chan -- will be staging online protests.

Rather than going black, like many sites did during the 2012 protests of Congress' Stop Online Privacy Act, or SOPA, these sites will prominently display a Fourth Amendment banner. The banner will quote the text of the amendment, which says, "The right of … Read more

iPhone 4 leaker tells all on Reddit AMA

Brian Hogan knew he had something valuable when he discovered that the cell phone he found in a California bar in 2010 was actually an unreleased iPhone prototype. However, it quickly led to some poor decisions, he now admits.

Three years down the line, Hogan feels ready to talk about the saga, which he did on Tuesday via a Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) session titled "I leaked the iPhone 4."

"I rarely talk about topic with people, but my conscience is clear, I'm over the embarrassment, and life's too short for some of the … Read more

'Arrested Development' fan re-edits Season 4 in new order

With the release of 15 new episodes of "Arrested Development" on Netflix, one of the show's fans has taken it upon himself to re-edit the entire season in what he calls "chronological order." He has released downloadable episodes of his version of the show on Reddit via Mega.

Going by the name morphinapg, this fan took apart all the episodes and then put them back together again for a different interpretation of Season 4. He added new titles, like "Take to the Sea," "Get Away, Getaway," and "The Fantastic Four," along with different summaries for each episode.… Read more

TV bakery enjoys astonishing Facebook melt down

"You people are all s***. Yelp s***, Reddits s***. Every s***. Come to here, I will f***ing show you all."

On reading these words in isolation, you might imagine they were written by someone whose senses had departed for chillier climes. Or perhaps merely by an exposed politician, contemplating a loss of fame and privileges.

But, no. These words actually adorn the Facebook page of Amy's Baking Company Bakery Boutique & Bistro in Scottsdale, Ariz.

The name is something of a mouthful, but the sentiments expressed by its management (yes, these words are from the management) … Read more

Reddit restores 87-year-old grandpa's damaged Navy photo

Reddit was recently taken to task for its role in misidentifying suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing. While that incident resulted in an official apology, we also often get reminders that Reddit can be a force for very good things.

One of the those good things just happened. It involves an 87-year-old Royal Navy veteran, a damaged photo, and his Redditor grandson.

Steven Withey is rightfully proud of his grandfather, who was a submarine sonar and radar operator with the British Royal Navy during World War II. Withey was helping set up new PC when his grandfather showed him a photo of himself in uniform as a young man. It was seriously cracked and creased, and his grandfather wondered if it could be touched up a little.… Read more

Reddit appears on Google Glass, could turn us into zombies

The popular link sharing Web site Reddit -- perhaps one of the greatest time sinks known to humankind -- has made its way to Google Glass.

Reddit Timeline, created by Malcolm Nguyen, enables Google Glass users to quickly view the top 25 posts on Reddit (or their own custom version of the front page) with just a swipe of a finger. The app even updates the collection of posts every hour to keep things fresh. Hepcats can also use the app to share images and video, shot with Glass, to Reddit, which will likely excite many people who regularly contribute content to the Web site.… Read more

The 404 1,258: Where we get a GIF from Peter Ha (podcast)

Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- Nathan Fielder asks: What happens if you text your parents that you're a drug dealer?

- Some New York City subway stations just got free Wi-Fi and cell service.

- Crew team finds unexpected floating head in Hudson River.

- Michael Bay is why Transformers toys got so complicated over the years.

- Mars Rover penis graffiti goes viral.… Read more

Sunil Tripathi, falsely linked on social media to Boston bombings, found dead

Sunil Tripathi, the Brown University student falsely identified by people posting on Reddit and Twitter as a suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings, is dead.

The 22-year-old's body was recovered from the waters around India Point Park in Rhode Island. In a post on Facebook, Tripathi's family confirmed Tripathi's death and offered the following note:

As we carry indescribable grief, we also feel incredible gratitude. To each one of you-from our hometown to many distant lands-we extend our thanks for the words of encouragement, for your thoughts, for your hands, for your prayers, and for the love … Read more

Reddit regrets role in 'online witch hunt' for misidentified suspect

Reddit General Manager Erik Martin used the company's blog to publicly apologize for the site's role in fueling an "online witch hunt" for Sunil Tripathi, a missing Brown University student falsely identified as a possible suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing.

"The Reddit staff and the millions of people on Reddit around the world deeply regret that this happened," Martin said. "We have apologized privately to the family of missing college student Sunil Tripathi, as have various users and moderators. We want to take this opportunity to apologize publicly for the pain they … Read more