Teacher suspended after stolen nude pics appear online

People take nude pictures.

There are many reasons for this, only some in the area of titillation.

One teacher at an Ohio school, however, seems to have been made an example of solely because her nude pictures fell into the wrong hands.

The unnamed teacher was suspended by the Cincinnati Christian Hills Academy because her private nude photos appeared in a difficult place.

As WCPO-TV reports, the teacher reported her iPhone 4S stolen the day after the photos were seen on a revenge porn site. For those who might have missed this phenomenon, a revenge porn site is used by … Read more

Introducing kids to coding, one hour at a time

Thousands of schools worldwide will participate next week in Hour of Code, an initiative from nonprofit group to introduce computer programming to K-12 students.

The effort, which coincides with Computer Science Education Week, is an outgrowth of the group's goal to influence schools to squeeze in one hour of coding instruction on a weekly basis -- including in the US.

"Estonia teaches it from third grade and up. Vietnam teaches it from third grade and up," said Hadi Partovi,'s founder. "America is the leader in software and technology, and we are … Read more

Google rolls out teacher-friendly tablet

Schools now can purchase Android tablets outfitted with a special version of Google Play designed for teachers and students.

Starting Wednesday, Google Play for Education will be included on the Nexus 7 through the Google in Education program. Google Play for Education offers teacher-approved apps for students, educational videos, and books for those in grades K-12. Teachers can search for approved apps based on grade level and other criteria, buy them via a purchase order, and then deploy them to their students.

Each Nexus 7 tablet costs $229, plus an additional $30 for management and the Google Play for Education … Read more

Intel stuffs its backpack with high-tech textbooks in Kno deal

Intel is expanding its push into education technology with the acquisition of digital education startup Kno.

The acquisition of the educational-software company, which Intel's John Galvin announced in a blog post Friday, will boost the company's "global digital content library to more than 225,000 higher education and K-12 titles through existing partnerships with 75 educational publishers." Galvin said the acquisition is a new resource in Intel Education's mission to support rapid technology adoption in the classroom.

The terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Santa Clara, Calif.-based Kno, which was founded in 2009, … Read more

Twitter a news source? Not so much

If you're a Twitter user, you're in the minority. If you get your news on the social network, you're in even a smaller minority.

Pew Research Center released a new study on Monday that shows only 16 percent of US adults use Twitter and only 8 percent get news on the site. This is compared with Facebook, where 30 percent of US adults get their news.

For its survey, Pew interviewed more than 5,000 US adults, which included 736 Twitter users and 3,268 Facebook users, and analyzed Twitter conversations around major news events.

While Twitter … Read more

Microsoft's new Surface 2 ad: Unlike iPad, it's for 'real work'

The lovely thing about Microsoft is that it's not giving up.

It believes in its products, and it will keep on telling you why they're good, just in case you haven't yet realized.

In its latest attempt to persuade you to buy a Surface 2 with Windows, there's again the clear suggestion that the iPad isn't what some like to call a "productivity" tool.

I struggle with this idea, as people seem to define their own levels and styles of productivity and many find the iPad is more than adequately productive for their … Read more

How to tell if your kid is addicted to the iPad

The prime purpose of an iPad, at least as far as I understand it, is to keep people quiet.

Let them disappear into their tablet and entertain themselves, and peace will reign.

There is, though, the danger that you might get hooked. Especially if you are, say, 3 years old.

A British-based psychologist has therefore created a list of five warning signs for parents to look out for. … Read more

Now social-media experts can get what they deserve -- certified

Whenever I see a social-media expert, I bow.

Little do they know I'm doing it in the hope they don't recognize me. Otherwise, they'll regale me with their latest homilies -- I'm sorry, I mean theories -- about how to get more of, oh, something on social networks.

Social-media experts are today's witch doctors. They promise they have the requisite potion. All you have to do is believe.

The problem for many of them is that they are self-proclaimed experts/gurus/visionaries. Usually because they've bought themselves 10,000 Twitter followers from an Australian … Read more

Apple CEO: We've locked up 94% of education tablet market

Apple continues to dominate the market for education tablets.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said that iPads make up 94 percent of the market for education tablet, a stat that he noted was impressive and unheard of in most businesses.

"I've never seen a market share that high before," Cook said Monday during a conference call with analysts.

The company has attempted to push its tablets into the education arena with textbook support and discounts for bulk purchases. Schools represent a potential source of growth at a time when the iPad's market share dominance has eroded in … Read more

Gates, Zuck, Dorsey chip in to teach 10M students coding

While computer programming and coding are becoming more common K-12 class options, these subject matters are still a mystery to many students. A nonprofit called is trying to change that by enlisting a star-studded entourage of techies to help with its new "Hour of Code" campaign.

The goal of Hour of Code is to introduce computer programming to 10 million K-12 students in the US during Computer Science Education Week. The event happens December 9 to 15.

Joining the cause are several individuals, such as long-time philanthropist Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Twitter … Read more