Review: EasyShareCam streamlines the sharing process when taking new photos

EasyShareCam gives easy access to all of your sharing options by adding them directly below every photo you take. It might seem like a small change, but it can actually greatly streamline the process of taking and sharing images with your friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or by e-mail.

There is not a lot to this app. You load it up, and can choose to either take a photo or load one from your photo album. A horizontal menu then pops up at the bottom of the screen, listing all of your system sharing options -- including Facebook, … Read more

Review: Capture screen video and audio with oCam

OhSoft's oCam is a freeware screen capture utility that packs its own codecs, including hi-fi audio codecs from the open-source LAME project, for real-time recording of onscreen video and system sounds. As with similar tools, oCam also takes screenshots, including full-screen, windows, or selected areas. It captures cursor motion and other onscreen activity, too, and it supports large recordings of up to 4GB. Among other upgrades, the latest release of oCam, v13, adds Flash video codecs, improved scheduling of recordings, and better real-time audio encoding. It's compatible with Windows versions XP to 8, including Server 2008.

With a … Read more

Review: Create animated GIFs with GifCam

GifCam combines a screen capture tool with an animated GIF maker to make it super-easy to create animated GIFs with 1001 uses. You just open this portable freeware, place its transparent window over the screen area you wish to capture, and press a button. GifCam automatically records frames, inserts spaces, and saves the clip as a GIF that you can open and play in any program that handles animated GIFs (like your browser). But GifCam does more than simply take screenshots and string the frames together: It also goes to great lengths to pack the most animation into the smallest … Read more

Review: Add effects to your Webcam chats with CamTwist for Mac

CamTwist for Mac allows users to add filters and make changes to their video chat systems. Its extensive features and easy-to-use interface work well, despite its lack of support for iChat.

After installing easily, the program introduces a main menu that is relatively easy to interpret for all but the most inexperienced Mac users. The menu contains five windows with distinct information. The left sidebar allows the user to select the video source and automatically shows applications and the Webcam, itself. Next to this is a menu of effects that can be applied. This list is extensive and contains options … Read more

Super telescope captures sensational image of Andromeda galaxy

Astronomers have captured a sensational high-resolution image of the Andromeda galaxy located 2.5 million light years (14,696,563,432,959,020,000 miles) from Earth. No illustration, no mock-up -- it's the real deal, and it's breathtaking.

The stunning mosaic comes from the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan's Subaru Telescope located atop Hawaii's Mauna Kea volcano. Attached to the facility's 26-foot telescope is a 3-ton 870-megapixel still camera called the Hyper-Suprime Cam (HSC), which features an extremely wide 1.5-degree field of view. … Read more

Review: CamScanner Free creates images and PDFs from scanned documents

CamScanner Free is far from the only scanner app on the iOS store, but it is one of the most effective. Operating very much like others in the category, you can take a photo of documents or other text with your camera, crop it to the page, and then export the resulting image. With additional features to adjust the scanned images, numerous export options, and lighting-fast scanning speed, however, CamScanner Free stands out as one of the best.

After starting CamScanner Free you can start scanning right away. Tap the camera icon and your camera will open. Just line up … Read more

Review: iMajiCam makes your videos and images more interactive

iMajiCam does something the vast majority of image and video editors don't and shows you exactly how the content will be edited in real time. The result is a jarringly effective image and video editor with a number of features that give you much greater control over how your final creations look. While the interface is cluttered and some functions will slow the app down quite a bit, overall it is very well made.

When you first open iMajiCam, you'll notice the sheer volume of onscreen buttons. From a slide-out left menu with different app modes (of which … Read more

Review: CamStar offers dozens of live photo filters that create impressive images

CamStar feels like many other filter apps, at first glance, but with real-time filtration, dozens of options, and a split screen display feature, it is actually a very good technical tool. The core function of CamStar is to take filtered photos. The developers clearly focused heavily on this as there are few other tools for editing those photos. Share functions might be hidden and the overall interface looks unpolished, but the core app is well built through and through.

When you first open CamStar, you can take a photo with its basic old-time style filter. However, if you tap the … Read more

Review: Cam++ Love Photo Frames instantly converts photos

Cam++ Love Photo Frames provides a number of attractive frames, but a poorly designed interface and strict trial restrictions makes using them unnecessarily difficult. While the basic features of the app work as advertised, they never overcome the slow load and save times, lack of general options, and repeated pop-ups that detract from the overall experience.

When you open Cam++ Love Photo Frame for the first time, you can take and add a photo to your frames quickly and fairly easily. Tap a frame, choose a photo, and you have a finished product. However, because of the size of these … Read more

Review: Cam++ Baby Photo Frames creates thematic baby photos

Cam++ Baby Photo Frames provides a number of highly-thematic frames that you can use to match with images on your phone or those taken with your camera. The results, however, are not always attractive due to the small view window in most of the frames. With only a limited number of frames to choose from, an oddly restrictive search interface, and slow load and save times, the app can be more frustrating than rewarding to use.

Cam++ Baby Photo Frames is easy to use in your first run. Open it and you can choose a frame, snap a photo, and … Read more