MacFixIt Answers

MacFixIt Answers is a feature in which we answer questions e-mailed from our readers. This week we have questions on extending wireless networks with AirPort Express devices, new Macs not booting to a retail upgrade DVD for Snow Leopard, QuickTime not able to play some media files, and changing from the less secure WEP wireless security scheme to WPA or WPA2.

Question: Extending wireless networks with an AirPort express

MacFixIt reader "Mark" asks:

How can I get my Airport Express to act as a bridge (extend my Wi-Fi signal)? I only have a 2Wire (WEP password) router, and … Read more

Tip: No wireless router? Use your Mac

These days, wireless routers are quite common, and most retail options out there have some wireless capability; however, there still may be times when you are without a router and need to set up a wireless network for multiple computers, iPhones and iPads, or other devices that support Wi-Fi connectivity.

To do this, all you need is a Mac with an AirPort card in it. Connect it to an available network with the Ethernet connection, and then set up a shared wireless connection with the following procedure:

Go to the "Network" system preferences.

Select the "AirPort" … Read more

Is your 802.11n Wi-Fi feeling sluggish? This simple solution could help

With many routers now transmitting Wi-Fi signals using the 802.11n standard (including all of Apple's current router offerings), some users may find that they are unable to take advantage of the increased speeds. This is most likely due to the password settings users have chosen for their network.… Read more

MacFixIt Answers

MacFixIt Answers is a feature where we answer questions e-mailed to us by readers. This week, we have questions on the application services not appearing in Safari, Time Machine drives not being set up correctly, an AirPort Express unit not working as a WiFi extender, and burned CDs not mounting or ejecting.… Read more

Apple updates AirPort Extreme Base Station and Time Capsule Firmware

Following numerous other updates from Apple this week, the company has released a firmware update for AirPort Extreme Base Stations and Time Capsule devices. This update addresses wireless performance issues and problems with creating Guest networks when using the 5GHz band. In addition, Apple has released an update to the AirPort Utility for both Mac and Windows machines.… Read more

Addressing nonfunctional "Turn Airport On/Off" settings

Normally you can access your Airport card settings and turn the device on or off, either in the System Preferences or in the system menu. Upon updating to Snow Leopard, however, a number of users have noticed a problem where their Airport cards will not turn off if they're on, and others will not turn on if they're off.… Read more

Apple updates Safari, AirPort, and Multi-Touch

It was a busy Tuesday for Apple's software team. The company released updates for its Safari Web browser, its wireless AirPort client, and the Multi-Touch trackpad for users who have Windows installed on their Mac.

Safari 4.0.3 comes just six days after Apple released an upgrade for Safari 4.0.2 as part of its Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.8 update, indicating fixes were not implemented in the previous version or problems were caused by its release.

Among the changes in Safari 4.0.3 are several stability improvements, including enhancements for Web pages that … Read more

Mac OS X 10.5.8 update is out

Apple released an update to its operating system Wednesday, version 10.5.8.

The update is said to fix issues related to compatibility and reliability when trying to connect a Mac to an AirPort network, as well as restore Display System Preferences, and Bluetooth reliability. The latter will likely bring a sigh of relief to users who have complained of their Bluetooth keyboard or mouse periodically disconnecting from their Macs.

Also included in the update: an upgrade to Safari 4.0.2, with improved accuracy of search history; a fix for importing large photo and movie files from cameras; better … Read more