New Yelp for iPhone lets you (sort of) write reviews

I was lukewarm about Yelp's initial iPhone application, but some new features stitched into Yelp for iPhone 2.0 (and iPod Touch) this week are beginning to stoke my affections.

High on the list of Yelpers' demands was being able to write a review from the iPhone. In addition to any technical impediment Yelp may have experienced here is the fact that typing long missives, praises, and rants on the iPhone's virtual keyboard just plain stinks. To work around this, Yelp now gives you two ways to review a business. The first is through a Quick Tip, where … Read more

Cell Minute Tracker for iPhone fills AT&T's void

On Thursday, Pageonce released a native application for the iPhone and iPod Touch that AT&T might have considered when it won the iPhone's exclusive carrier rights in the U.S. Cell Minute Tracker (99 cents) keeps tabs on your cell phone usage, data plan, rollover minutes, SMS costs, and payments on a relatively compact page that has additional features AT&T doesn't provide you on the phone.

You'll need to register for a MyAccount login from AT& for Cell Minute Tracker to work. The app speaks directly to AT&T'… Read more

Play trombone on the iPhone

Smule, the makers of popular musical iPhone application, Ocarina, has just released a new music application today that pushes its social music experiment even further. Leaf Trombone (99 cents) lets you "play" your iPhone like a trombone by sliding your finger on the touch screen to create different notes and you can even play with a musicbox-like accompaniment.

After you launch Leaf Trombone, you can practice on your own to the tune of several user-uploaded old standbys like Auld Lang Syne, Yesterday, and even Happy Birthday. To help you follow the notes, leaves gently blow across the screen … Read more

Slightly underexposed

As a media management application for iPhone and iPod Touch, PhotoList's capability to store and sort images by the name and star rating you assign them is a convenient way to quickly find images in a large collection. As with any application that requires you to build a media library from scratch, set-up takes time, enough of it, in fact, that those with large collections in their iPhone camera roll to use PhotoList only for best-of collections. The sorting, rating, and adding photos is intuitive, but we experienced delays after saving a rated and labeled image.

For a $1.… Read more

PhotoList for iPhone lets you rate, label pictures

Touting itself as a media management app for iPhone and iPod Touch, PhotoList ($1.99) lets you create photo albums on the iPhone and then fill them with images you can label and rate. You'll be able to further sort images by their name or their star rating, which can be a convenient way to quickly find images in a large collection.

As with any application that requires you to build a media library from scratch, setup takes time, enough of it, in fact, that those with large collections in their iPhone camera roll might want to only use … Read more

Save now, read later

Those already using the bookmarking tool Read It Later will appreciate being able to sync lists of unread stories between desktop computers and the iPhone or iPod Touch. For those who are new to Read It Later, the free version isn't quite as convenient as it could be, though the application is still one good way to flag stories of interest for later perusing, without having to bookmark each one individually.

The initial setup to bookmark the plug-in is a multistep process, but one the application's developer guides you through in text, pictures, and a video. Registration is … Read more

Putting 32GB Sony NWZ-X1060 through its paces

Rumors of a new touch-screen Walkman were already making the rounds on the Web before its official announcement and, true enough, Sony unveiled its latest X-series portable multimedia player at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas back in January. We had the chance to sneak a prototype into our Labs recently to run it through its paces.

Click here for my extended First Take on the 32GB Sony NWZ-X1060, and watch the video below for more.

(Via Crave Asia)

A variable verdict

We hate to say it, but LeapFrog Software bounded over a step or two while trying to get this kiddie math game off the lily pad. While attractive and cheerful, this basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division equation-maker aimed at 6- to 10-year-olds is too simplistic for the kids we know who fall into the age range.

Number Rumble gives three ways to learn and test addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division skills. In the Learn It mode, you can spin the wheel to choose two numbers on both sides of a single math function and let the game fill in … Read more

HP releases iPhone app for MediaSmart Server

Back in November of 2007, we took a close look at the HP MediaSmart Server ex475, a glorified network-attached storage drive that gathers, organizes, and streams your media content over a network.

The Server also gives users open access to their content from any Windows-based, connected computer in the world. About a year after its initial release, the new ex487 model arrived in early 2009 with significant tweaks to the user interface and a beefier set of internal components. Now, HP updates us once again with the release of a software update that adds streaming content to mobile devices like … Read more