Report: Angry Birds coming to Facebook in May

Angry Birds won't be making its way to Facebook anytime soon, a new report claims.

According to The Next Web, which says it spoke with Rovio's Peter Vesterbecka, the wildly popular game won't be available on Facebook until May, two months after it was expected to launch on the social network.

Last week, Rovio announced that Angry Birds would be coming to Facebook and said it would launch in March. Vesterbecka reportedly told The Next Web that he was "not sure how the March date got in there."

Rovio did not immediately respond to request … Read more

New ads link Angry Birds back story to Bing

A new set of advertisements portrays the bad guys in one of the most popular mobile video games as using Microsoft's search engine to do their dirty work.

Bing has sponsored four animated video advertisements that join the Angry Birds series' existing story. The ad spots feature the pigs, the villains of the game, who make use of Bing on a smartphone to search out bird eggs and have off with them. Two of those 15-second ad spots are up this morning, with the other two to be released later on down the line.

This is not the first … Read more

A camera you can sit on

Links from Thursday's episode of Loaded:

The iPad 2 has a faster processor and updated specs.

RIM's BlackBerry Playbook is rumored to come out next month.

Nintendo 3DS gets Netflix.

Mobile editing in Google Docs now supports 45 languages.

The Olympus TOUGH TG-810 is crushproof at up to 220 pounds.

National iPad 2 day

Links from Wednesday's episode of Loaded:

Apple gets ready to announce the iPad 2

Verizon's unlimited data plan will end this summer

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize

Facebook purchases a group messaging system

Lenovo shows off an eyeball-controlled laptop

Amazon threatens to shut down California affiliates based on a proposed tax law

Angry Birds St. Patrick's Day will launch March 22

St. Patrick's Day to get Angry Birds treatment

Did you know that my birthday is on St. Patrick's Day? It is; it's true. And did you know that my favorite iPhone game (though it's on other platforms now) is Angry Birds? Also true. I was hoping that Rovio, makers of the game, would continue the holiday theme it's been on lately with Angry Birds Seasons and publish a St. Pat's version of the game for my birthday. And The Unofficial Apple Weblog says that, according to Rovio CEO Peter Vesterbacka, it's doing just that.

Vesterbacka said the game should be "very … Read more

40 percent of new Angry Birds buyers doing in-app purchase

SAN FRANCISCO--It's no secret Rovio has made a small fortune off its sales of Angry Birds on the App Store (and other platforms), but there had been some question about the success of its dabbling in the in-app purchase market.

That question was answered this afternoon by Rovio's "mighty eagle" Peter Vesterbacka at the Game Developers Conference here. In a talk outlining the company's efforts to build the Angry Birds franchise beyond its humble beginnings, Vesterbacka announced that 40 percent of new Angry Birds buyers had purchased the 99-cent "mighty eagle" add-on, which … Read more

Google makes you a better chef

Links from Friday's episode of Loaded:

Google launches Recipe View to help you whittle your ingredient lists

Disney purchases Togetherville, a social network for children

Google makes a small change to its algorithm to push "content farm" links farther down in search results

Intel unveils its ThunderBolt data transfer technology, formerly code-named Light Peak

Angry Birds will fly on Windows Phone 7 in April

Bing extends Facebook's Like feature across its search results

Facebook breaks up with the Breakup Notifier app

Angry Birds headed to Windows Phone 7 in spring

Rovio's hit game Angry Birds is landing on Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 platform in "late spring," along with five other titles beginning on a weekly basis.

Microsoft announced the title's inclusion as part of its Spring Showcase event, taking place today in San Francisco.

CNET readers might remember the small kerfuffle that took place prior to the launch of Windows Phone 7, with Microsoft placing an icon of Angry Birds in its online Windows Phone marketing materials. Rovio quickly responded saying it had not committed to doing a version for the platform, and that Microsoft … Read more

Tiny Wings for iOS: Discover the joy of flight

I just figured out why the Angry Birds are so angry: it's because they can't fly! They have to be flung, and even then they get only a few seconds of airtime before suffering rapid-deceleration trauma. I'd be ticked off, too.

In Tiny Wings, there's just one bird, and all he wants to do is fly. It's your job to help him, to keep him flying fast, far, and just ahead of ever-encroaching nightfall. Once you get the hang of the flight mechanic, you'll find yourself thoroughly, hopelessly addicted, always wanting to try "… Read more

Buzz Out Loud 1409: Team Watson vs. Team Anonymous (podcast)

In the news today, Apple's subscription rules raise hackles among developers, us, and possibly the Justice Department; meanwhile, Verizon iPhone sales appear to disappoint. Is Apple having a bad day? It's probably just solar flares. Also, the Motorola Xoom price is announced: not that bad. Nokia delays its Windows-based phones to sometime after October: very bad. Worse, even. And we're getting pretty worried about Anonymous, the Internet's own unstoppable secret police. Maybe Watson can save us. --Molly

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