Guns-for-cameras program aimed at Toronto shooters

Toronto police launched an innovative gun amnesty program on Wednesday. It's dubbed Pixels for Pistols, and through it, police are offering to give out a Nikon digital camera to anyone turning in a firearm.

A handgun or assault rifle is worth a $400 Nikon Coolpix S52 and a shotgun nets a $250 Nikon Coolpix P60. The deal includes free photography lessons.

The amnesty program will run for four weeks, according to Henry's camera store, which is providing the cameras.

This might be a good idea for U.S. cities with a lot of street crime. Other amnesty programs … Read more has the Pentax K200D 10.2MP Digital SLR Camera with Shake Reduction (Body Only) for $499.99, after $99.96 savings. has Pentax K200D 10.2MP Digital SLR Camera with Shake Reduction (Body Only) for $499.99, after $99.96 savings. >> Regular price is $599.95 >> Sale price is $499.99 >> Savings $99.96 (16.66%) >> Click here for deal

Sony DSC-S750 great for wallet, just OK for photos

If you believe you're going to find an excellent ultracompact camera for less than $130, it's time to get your believer fixed. However, at this price point it's possible to find one worth owning if you have few feature needs and/or low expectations. The Sony Cyber-shot S750 is one such camera.

Its greatest assets are its small size, light weight, above-average looks, and simple operation. The S750 is a camera you can feel comfortable throwing in your bag so you always have a shooter that's more than likely better than the one in your phone. … Read more

USB negative scanner relives 35mm film memories (horrors!)

With the USB negative scanner, you can get back at friends who have been tagging ghastly teenage pictures of you on Facebook.

The gizmo plugs directly into your USB port and all you have to do is push the film holder through the slot at the bottom of the device. The Windows XP/Vista-only software will then scan and convert your negatives into 5-megapixel full-color photos. We did the math for you; you'll probably need about 22 scans to make your purchase worthwhile. And, of course, a little bit of time to upload and tag the old school pictures … Read more

Fisheye camera distorts your view of the world

Designer Jian Guan is a self-professed fan of distortion caused by fisheye lenses. To him, pictures taken with these optics show more of the environment and can be useful for 3D rendering. This is probably why he formulated the Fun Camera.

Shaped like a magnifying glass, the shooter houses a 16-millimeter lens and has a mirror so you can take distorted self-portraits. While it does have its entertainment value, we see some practical use for it: Real estate agents can use the Fun Camera and snap a shot that shows much more view of the room, though the distorted walls … Read more

Panasonic prices G1 interchangeable-lens camera

When Panasonic announced its first interchangeable-lens camera, the Lumix DMC-G1, it said the camera would cost less than $800. Today it's official: $799.95 with the 14-45mm f3.5-5.6 (28-90mm equivalent) lens.

That price puts it in direct competition with inexpensive dSLR models like the Nikon D60 and Canon Rebel XS; it's a bit smaller compared to those, but lacks an optical viewfinder, which is a significant disadvantage. And it's significantly more expensive than more compact, fixed-lens enthusiast competitors like Panasonic's own LX3 and the Canon PowerShot G10. As yet, performance is a big unknown.… Read more

The 404 207: Where Justin has eaten Phil Ryan's cookies

Former CNET Photo expert and current editor Phil Ryan sneaks by security to join the show. We talk cameras, the rules for conjugal visits, iPhone apps that make prank calling easier, and, of course, plenty of poo-poo jokes.

Dan the Mantern here. My favorite story of the day has to do with Chinese food, a staple cuisine enjoyed by everyone but especially by Jews on Christmas everywhere. Excerpted from a book entitled: Chinese Restaurant Food: Wok Carefully, a title which surprisingly offended Justin, this article lists the seven most unhealthy choices on a typical takeout menu. The experts decry the old standbys: General Tso's chicken, BBQ spare ribs, fried rice, and lo mein. Is anyone really surprised that the $4.95 lunch combination special does not consist of quality food? Even after finding out that a plate of General Tso's contains 1,300 calories, that concoction of oil, tiny baby corn on the cob, bok choy and pork can still make my mouth water. Sure, I might regret it later, but for now, pass the Umami.

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Second Prada phone gets QWERTY keyboard

We reviewed the original Prada phone more than a year ago and loved its style but weren't happy with its lack of support for 3G. On Monday, LG announced the second generation of the phone, and guess what? It will support 3G and more.

Design-wise, the new Prada will look almost identical to the original, with one major difference: a QWERTY keyboard that slides out from under the handset. The keyboard is very thin and therefore won't make the phone much thicker.

The keyboard is definitely a welcome addition for those who like typing on the phone. You … Read more