Norton's "Canary" technology creates "vulnerability signatures"

As part of their upcoming Norton Internet Security 2008 product, Symantec will include a new technology they're currently calling "Canary." The idea behind Canary is vulnerable browsers are the first point of entry for many Web threats known as "drive by" downloads. Canary will identify signatures of known Internet Explorer browser vulnerabilities then block exploits as soon as they are released. "Canary creates vulnerability signatures," said Rowan Trollope, vice president of Consumer Products at Symantec. Signatures for other browsers, including Firefox, will be included in the future.

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Norton AntiBot goes into public beta

These days, criminal enterprises don't just want to steal your Outlook contact list, they want to own your computer, and they will download a remote-access Trojan horse at the first available opportunity. Within the last six months, Symantec has seen the number of these "bot" infections increase 29 percent over the previous six months. That's why Symantec is rushing to market a new application they're calling Norton AntiBot.

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Symantec delays its mobile security suite

As traditional security vendors race to embrace mobile phones as their next platform offering, a few are stepping back and making sure they get it right. Symantec's new suite is designed for home users running Windows Mobile technology on their mobile devices. It includes an antivirus application; a personal firewall; an anti-SMS spam application; data encryption for both the device itself and memory cards; feature control to disable Bluetooth, wireless and syncing when not necessary; and an optional virtual private network (VPN), version 2.6, with network access control that can be set to allow only policy-compliant devices.

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Norton 360

Computer security is all the rage, and there's no shortage of products out in the wild to help keep your system safe. If, like me, you're a general sort of user you may want to take a look at Symantec's Norton 360. With its intuitive user interface and light use of system resources this is a great all purpose application for the home user. Don't let your hot new system go to waste for lack of good security!

News roundup: Viacom vs. YouTube, Belgium hates Google, and Cisco security for consumers

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