Conceptual hands-on photography

In movies, photographers hold up their hands and form two L shapes to use as a frame and compose their shots. This has almost become a universal sign of photography. But what if technology comes into play, and you can snap a shot at whatever is in the frame?

Japanese designer Mac Funamizu's idea of the future camera is just a pair of sunglasses and your hands. When you wear the shades and create the frame in front of it, Fumanizu said the eyewear will recognize the varying dimensions that the two L frames create and prompt you to … Read more

Shoot 1080p video with $149 digital camcorder

In the market for a digital camcorder? You could spend $179.99 on one of those Flip Video Minos, which let you record a whopping 60 minutes of YouTube-quality video. Or you could pay $149 for the Aiptek Action, which records hours' worth of HD (up to 1080p) video on inexpensive memory cards. Hmmm...

Yep, sounds like a no-brainer to me. The Action is a slim, pocketable camcorder (and 8-megapixel camera) with a swiveling 2.4-inch LCD and an SD slot that accommodates cards up to 32GB. It captures video in H.264 format, which you should have no trouble … Read more

GoPro camera records your high-speed exploits

Perhaps you're the owner of a fine driving machine capable of high-speed precision driving, the likes of which mere mortals can only dream. Or maybe you've got a beater that you take on the back roads every weekend. Either way, how do you share your driving experience with your pals on your favorite video-sharing site or car forum? GoPro may just have the solution for you in the way of its Wide Hero mountable camera.

GoPro's Lotus Exige was on hand to showcase the cameras. The vehicle was equipped with four cameras that I could see: one … Read more

Olympus announces midrange E-30 dSLR

With a price gap of about $900 between the Olympus E-520 and the E-3, Olympus has long had a pretty big hole in its dSLR lineup--a hole populated by extremely popular competitors like the Nikon D90, the Canon EOS 40D, and the Canon EOS 50D. But with the announcement of the E-30, it looks like Olympus is entering the ring swinging.

First, some key specs:

  Canon EOS 50D Nikon D90 Olympus E-30 Olympus E-3 Sensor 14.7-megapixel CMOS 12.3-megapixel CMOS 12.3-megapixel Live MOS 10.1-megapixel Live MOS Color depth 14 bits 12 bits 12 bits 12 bits Sensitivity range ISO 100 - ISO 3,200/12,800 (expanded) ISO 100 - ISO 3,200/6,400 (expanded) ISO 100 - ISO 3,200 ISO 100 - ISO 3,200 Focal-length multiplier 1.6x 1.5x 2x 2x Continuous shooting 6.3 fps 90 JPEG/16 raw 4.5 fps 100 JPEG/n/a raw 5 fps n/a JPEG/12 raw 5fps n/a JPEG/12 raw Viewfinder 95% coverage 0.95x magnification User interchangeable focusing screens 96% coverage 0.94x magnification fixed focusing screen 98% coverage 1.02x magnification fixed focusing screen 100% coverage 1.15x magnification Mfr. interchangeable focusing screens Autofocus 9-pt AF all cross-type 11-pt AF center cross-type 11-pt AF all cross-type 11-pt AF all cross-type Live View Yes Yes Yes Yes LCD size 3 inches 3 inches 2.7 inches 2.5 inches Approximate street price (body only) $1,399 $999 $1,299 $1,499

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Using the iPhone to keep a 2.0 voter record in the first 2.0 election

After the California primary earlier this year where my touchscreen voting machine literally rebooted in mid-vote, this time around I was wondering what California and/or San Francisco election officials would do. Sure, my buggy e-voting machine did have a paper receipt behind glass next to the machine that looked to have captured my choices accurately, but the whole experience was not particularly reassuring. What about those folks in states that do NOT have a paper record next to the machine?

This election, with all the hype, all the California propositions that really matter, is one where an independent record … Read more

Review: Motorola ZN5 is a sharp shooter

Ever since the Motorola announced the ZN5 last June, we've been waiting with bated breath to get our hands on the fancy camera phone.

Monday, it finally lands at T-Mobile. Designed in partnership Kodak (yes, that Kodak), the ZN5 is hardly the first camera phone we've seen, but it certainly stands at the top of the list. Camera options are top-notch, the photo quality is excellent, and the integrated Wi-Fi makes getting photos off the phone a breeze. Of course, it is a phone too, and on that front it succeeds by offering good call quality.

Other features … Read more