Whoops! Apple, Samsung secrets leak from court document

More secrets are coming out of the court documents in the Apple-Samsung Electronics legal battle. Unfortunately, none of them are too juicy.

In issuing a court order denying Apple's request for a ban on Samsung products, U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh released a document that inadvertently revealed some details on the two companies. Koh later withdrew that document and replaced it with one where the details were redacted. Reuters managed to get a hold of the entire document.

Reuters said none of the secrets were too earth-shattering. The documents revealed that Apple doesn't consider Samsung to be … Read more

Best tablets for gaming

If you made a snap judgment on the potential of tablet gaming based on apps released a year or more ago, you're doing yourself a disservice. Tablet games have matured significantly in the last year, and some of my favorite, most addictive games are now only available on tablets.

They're definitely different than hard-core console games, and developers are still struggling with the whole virtual joystick functionality, but judging by what I've seen in the last few months, gaming on tablets is coming very much into its own.

The following are the best tablets for gaming. The tablets here were chosen for both their graphical capabilities and for the gaming apps each has available. … Read more

Samsung unfurls flexible, see-through tablet concept

With bendable smartphones already on tap for next year, Samsung's next big thing may be a flexible, transparent tablet.

Samsung's Mobile Display division posted a video yesterday showing off a concept device that looks to be a smartphone-tablet hybrid that can be rolled up like a newspaper or expanded for different tasks.

In the clip below, you can see the Samsung Flexible AMOLED concept being used as an e-reader, a camera, a video chat system, and an interpreter. The company also imagines the tablet showing off 3D images through the use of an augmented-reality system. … Read more

Why you should avoid cheap tablets

A couple weeks ago I received a phone call from an excited relative. He'd just spotted a 7-inch Android tablet for $90 and wanted to know if there was any reason he shouldn't snap it up.

Sorry as I was to burst his cheapskate bubble, I gave him a strict warning: avoid these cheap tablets like the plague. They're terrible.

In the past year or so, I've seen dozens of no-brand tablets--mostly 7-inch models, but also some 8- and 10-inchers--selling for mighty tempting prices. Anyone who perused Black Friday circulars a couple weeks ago probably knows … Read more

Dell drops its Streak 7 tablet

Dell has stopped selling the Streak 7 Android-based tablet.

When customers go to the tablet's page, they're presented with a message, saying that the "Streak 7 is no longer available online." The page now features information on other mobile devices Dell sells, including the Venue and Venue Pro. Dell is also still selling accessories for the Streak 7.

Dell's decision to stop selling the Streak 7 comes just a few months after the company announced that it had discontinued the 5-inch Streak 5 tablet.

That said, it's worth noting that Dell has not officially announced the death of its 7-inch tablet, so until it responds to CNET's request for information on the Streak 7's status, saying that it's discontinued might be too strong. Amazon, for instance, continues to sell the Streak 7.… Read more

Apple not worried about Kindle Fire, says analyst

Apple isn't losing much sleep over Amazon's Kindle Fire and in fact believes such low-priced tablets could ultimately bump up demand for the iPad.

At least, that's the take from one of the J.P. Morgan analysts who last week met with Apple CEO Tim Cook and Chief Financial Officer Peter Oppenheimer to discuss the competitive tablet market.

In an investor's note released Friday, analyst Mark Moskowitz said that Apple expressed "confidence" in its ability to continue to lead the market and appeared unconcerned about lower-cost tablets. Even further, the company seems to believe … Read more

Amazon Kindle Fire owners reporting Wi-Fi bug

Just three weeks after the debut of the Kindle Fire, some users are complaining of problems accessing Wi-Fi networks and the Internet.

Noted by tech enthusiast site Electronista, some Fire tablet owners are saying they can't connect to their Wi-Fi networks, while others say they can connect to their routers but can't access the Internet.

Among the 175 posts about the subject in Amazon's own Kindle forum several frustrated users described the problem.

One posted that "my Kindle Fire is not connecting to my network either. It recognizes my router but once I enter the security … Read more

Kindle Fire cools off after late November surge

Amazon's Kindle Fire may have scorched the market initially, but the tablet's limitations could be causing consumers to lose interest, claims ad network Chitika.

Launched on November 14, the Fire was eyed by many as a potential "iPad killer," or at least the first Android tablet that could take a bite out of Apple's dominance. And though several reports have pegged the Fire as outselling its rivals, possibly even the iPad, Chitika sees a different picture unfolding.

To see whether the Fire was actually living up to its initial hype, Chitika analyzed the ad impressions … Read more

Asus Transformer Prime review: The best Android tablet yet?

Since the launch of the iPad 2, I've been waiting for the Asus Transformer Prime. While I didn't know it existed until a few months ago, just the thought of a powerful, robust, and sexy Android tablet has invaded my dreams for months now.

Well, maybe not my dreams, but at least my thoughts. The moment tablets start invading my dreams is the moment I'll know I'm spending too much time with tablets.

So, is Transformer Prime the tablet of my dreams thoughts? Its quad-core Nvidia Tegra 3 CPU definitely gets me excited, but it takes more than just raw speed to truly impress. Thoughtful design as well as well-implemented and useful features don't hurt either.

Throw in that intangible, "it just feels right" quality and you could be truly on the road to something special. Something that could be considered the best in its category.

Check out the Transformer Prime's full review to see how we considered it.

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How to stream media from a PC to a Kindle Fire

It's pretty easy to max out your Kindle Fire's storage space.

With only 6.5GB of available storage and no option for expansion, it's unrealistic to transfer your entire media library to your new device. That means constantly adding and removing files to and from your Fire as necessary.

Unless of course, you use an app like Splashtop.

Even if you're halfway across the world, the $3 Splashtop app will let you stream music, movies, and TV shows from your computer to your Kindle Fire. That means you can access any file you own (as long … Read more