Dell's UltraSharp U3011 packs in the features (review)

Usually, 30-inch monitors are nothing to write home about. Sure, they're incredibly large and include a super-high 2560x1600 resolution, giving them copious amounts of screen real estate, but only a scant few include any calibration options beyond brightness. Also, most include only one or two different connection types.

The Dell UltraSharp U3011 is a different beast altogether.

The 30-inch Dell bucks the "high on performance, low on features" trend 30-inch monitors have reflected for years.

Not only does the Dell include more connection options than most other monitors, regardless of screen size, but it also allows for … Read more

CES: Sharp Galapagos coming to America in 2011

LAS VEGAS--Like seemingly every other company at CES 2011, Sharp is jumping on the tablet/e-reader bandwagon. But at least the company has one of the more unique names out there: Galapagos.

If the name sounds familiar (in the electronics arena, that is), it's because it's not exactly a new product. The Galapagos is already available in Japan, and it's been spotted making its way through the FCC approval process in the U.S.

But one thing is clear: the North American version of the Galapagos may bear very little resemblance to the existing Japanese one. For … Read more

Sharp Galapagos tablet hits FCC

The stateside arrival of a 10.8-inch tablet is typically a cause for wild celebration, but this latest arrival at the FCC doesn't seem to have the makings of an iPad-killer.

Instead, it looks like the Sharp Galapagos e-reader has finally trickled out of Asia, gracing us with its Linux-based, large format design. If you're looking for an oversize Nook Color, minus the core Android features, this could be just the thing.

To my eye, though, the design looks too polished to be cheap, and the features seem too limited to justify a high price. The addition … Read more

Android Atlas Weekly 24: Top 6 ways to fix Android (podcast)

Android on your iPhone, 3D Video Chat and the Top 5 ways to fix Android, All that and more on this week's edition of Android Atlas Weekly for Thursday, November 11th, 2010. Join Justin Eckhouse along side guest host, CNET Associate Editor, Antuan Goodwin!

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News Stories

Android gets a multi-browser advantage

Android bugs let attackers install malware without warning

Hulu for Magazines' Coming … Read more

Galapagos 3D phones popping out in Japan

Our admiration of Japan knows no bounds--we frequently wish we lived in the land of vending machines and tentacle porn. Chalk up another reason to move east: two Sharp Android 2.2 smartphones that offer no-glasses 3D visuals in the style of the Nintendo 3DS.

Sharp has rolled out two mighty-sounding Galapagos 3D handsets in Japan, the touch-screen-only 003SH and the Qwerty keyboard-packing 005SH. Both have 3.8-inch LCD screens and a 1GHz Snapdragon processor, powering Android 2.2 Froyo. They have impressive-sounding cameras too, the touch-screen version with 9.6 megapixels and the Qwerty one 8 megapixels, capable of … Read more

Twitter joins Facebook, Google with D.C. hire

Twitter has just hired its first employee in Washington, D.C.

The microblogging site confirmed today that Adam Sharp, currently an executive producer for digital services at C-SPAN and former Democratic Senate staffer to Mary Landrieu, will be the company's manager of government and political partnerships.

Sharp said--through Twitter, of course --that he'll start on November 29. He posted: "Look fwd to working w/learning from #gov20 community & others committed to enhancing civic debate by bringing govt, people closer together."

That job description is less traditional lobbyist and more governmental liaison, working with federal agencies … Read more

3D cell phone

Links from Monday's episode of Loaded:

Barnes & Noble gets set to launch Nook Kids aimed at ages 3 to 8

Microsoft gives some indication that Windows 8 will be along in about two years

A 3D cell phone launches in India is going to allow book lending on the Kindle

Google admits to gathering e-mail addresses, passwords, and URLs when collecting Street View images

Google adds new languages to Voice Search for Android

And Google adds World War II imagery to Google Earth

Ustream is going to allow pay-per-view broadcasting

The Sony Walkman cassette player is no moreRead more

Buzz Out Loud 1324: Facebook gets intimate, candle-lit groups (podcast)

Social network giant launches new group feature designed just for you and your few close friends. We immediately get invited to 500-person groups. How romantic. Also, Verizon iPhone rumors heat up (again); Cisco tries to sell $600 product to compete with free video conferencing services; and Russian Space Porn!

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Sharp shows glasses-free 3D

CHIBA, Japan--Toshiba showed us this week what 3D without glasses can look like on a laptop and a TV. But what about screens sized for mobile devices?

That's where Sharp comes in, and with a fairly impressive demo. The Japanese consumer electronics maker has two glasses-free 3D displays here at Ceatec, one measuring 3.8 inches and the other, 10.6. inches. Both are still prototypes--unlike Toshiba's 12- and 20-inch TVs scheduled to hit stores in Japan by the end of the year--but work remarkably well.

The 10.6-inch version had the clearest 3D effect, and a … Read more