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Current iPhone hack methods don't work on iPod touch... but it won't be long

We just took delivery of a new iPod touch. Without hesitation, the first thing we tried to do (after oohing and aahing a bit at the WiFi iTunes Store) was hack the device to put third-party applications on it in the same manner as the iPhone. Unfortunately, the current iPhone methodology doesn't work for the iPod touch, and here's why:

The super-simple AppTapp method, which allows you to simply run one application from your desktop computer that jailbreaks the iPhone and puts on the device through which other applications can be installed directly doesn't work … Read more

iPhone software/firmware update imminent: What's expected; hack/unlock concerns

Backing speculation spurred by an image on Apple's iPhone store credit page that shows software version 1.1.1 (3B13) -- the latest current release is 1.0.2 (1C28) -- we've received word from reliable sources that an iPhone software/firmware update is imminent. Here's what's expected:

iTunes WiFi store Already available on the iPod touch, Apple promised delivery of the iTunes WiFi store for iPhones some time in the month of September. The functionality is expected to be added to the iPhone with this firmware update, or independently pushed to the iPhone via EDGE/… Read more

iPhone SMS storage limit: 1000

One of the more commonly reported complaints about the iPhone's SMS scheme is that there's an artificial limit on the number of text messages that can be stored. In other words, though there may be a significant chunk of free memory on the device, the amount of text messages that can be stored is capped. This can result in the message "Your SMS mailbox is almost full. Please delete some messages."

Apple has now revealed, in Knowledge Base article #306427, that the limit for SMS messages is 1000, adding:

"If iPhone indicates your SMS mailbox … Read more

Apple posts details of $100 iPhone early-buyer credit, online or retail redemption

Apple has posted details of the $100 early-buyer iPhone credit. The program is available to those who bought their iPhones before August 22nd (phones bought after August 22nd are subject to Apple's price guarantee). Users enter their phone number and iPhone serial number to determine eligibility. They will then receive an SMS text message on the iPhone containing the access code to redeem the $100 credit. The $100 electronic store credit is is tied to an access code that must be entered at the online Apple Store.

Apple says:

"Requests for the $100 credit must be submitted by … Read more

Is MTV working on a branded social network?

Do we really need another social networking site? Apparently so, and we're not talking about start-ups here.

What we're hearing--and this is industry cocktail-party gossip, albeit a very believable variety thereof--is that MTV Networks is working on its own social network and we'll be hearing more about it pretty soon. We don't have a name, or a target demographic (Teens? College kids? Young adults?) or any semblance of screenshots. This is so hush-hush, in fact, that we aren't even sure whether it's an MTV Networks (as in MTV, VH1, MTV2, Spike TV and the … Read more

iTunes WiFi store downloads can be interrupted, resumed

In Knowledge Base document #306412, Apple reveals that iTunes WiFi Store downloads can be paused, interrupted and resumed -- even if an iPod touch or iPhone is turned off in the middle of the download process. Additionally, if you access your iTunes account on a desktop computer after initiating a download on the iPod touch or iPhone, it will complete the download process and sync the files to your device.

The document states:

"If you need to turn off (your iPod touch or iPhone) or leave the area of your Wi-Fi connection, don't worry about interrupting the download. (… Read more

iPod touch keyboard trounces iPhone's: multi-language support, multiple keyboards and more

The iPod Touch will sport keyboard functionality that is far more robust than the iPhone's (in its current form) according to an 85-page features guide recently published by Apple.

The iPod touch provides keyboards in 14 different languages, and supports the following keyboard formats:


In addition, the iPod touch provides the ability to make two or more keyboards available simultaneously. If more than one keyboard is turned on you can tap a special icon to switch keyboards while you're typing. Apple says "When you tap the symbol, the name of the … Read more

iPhone may be coming to the UK next week

Macworld UK reports that Apple plans a special event at 10am on Tuesday, September 18th at the Regents Street Apple Store. With the tagline "Mum is no longer the word," speculation holds that the company will introduce a UK edition of the iPhone at the event.

As previously reported, during an earnings conference call in July, Apple revealed that it plans to bring the iPhone to a 'few major countries in Europe' during the current quarter, other European countries in early 2008, and into Asia sometime in 2008.

Amazon UK already lists the 8GB iPhone.

iPhone unlocks use buffer overflow -- nearly guaranteed to be broken by next Apple firmware update

In its (quite excellent) tutorial for unlocking the iPhone freely, without the use of any commercial tools, MacApper notes that the current iPhone unlock process (which is also the basis of the commercial [$50-$100] iPhoneSimFree hack) makes use of a buffer overflow exploit (as also noted by Geek Stuff).

This makes it almost certain that the current software unlock process will be disabled by Apple with a future iPhone software/firmware update, if nothing else as as a result of plugging the buffer exploit vulnerability for security reasons.


New Facebook app is testy, inquisitive

The New York Times has a new Facebook application it launched today. It's called The New York Times Quiz, and as you'd expect, there's some question-asking going on here, and if you're not up on current events, you're likely to make a fool of yourself in front of all your Facebook buddies. The quiz is composed of five questions about yesterday's news. Each question has five answers, and it's up to you to pick the right one. While Google may be one click away, you're urged to figure things out on your own.

After submitting your guesses, you'll find out how you did instantly. Your results are judged in three separate sections. The first is your Times IQ, which is an aggregate rating of your performance on each quiz you take. You also get ranked to your friends, and in comparison of Facebook users as a whole. It would be nice to have your results compared to how others did in each of your networks, although this is something that could be added later on down the line if The New York Times feels like doing some extra coding.

Along with the results section, you get a link to each related story on The New York Times for every question. Ideally this would create a scenario where users go to check their wrong answers and fill in the blanks, although the application is kind enough to let you know what the right answer was either way. You also get a list of five stories to read up on for tomorrow's quiz, which gives you a heads up--and a chance to avoid being embarrassed again if you did badly.

The New York Times is doing two things right here. The first is making your results public. There's nothing worse than having your lack of knowledge shown off to everyone, and while you can tweak what gets published in the news feed, people can still see your scores in the results page. The second is getting you to come back and visit the site--specifically The New York Times--to get ready. Assuming you're willing to put in the time, your quiz score will always be 100 percent and you can rule your friends--except those who use Google News to figure out the answers.

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