Reduce desktop clutter

Cool Tabs wants to make your desktop obsolete. This unique program allows for an easy way to condense the clutter from your computer's desktop into a small window that claims to help users get better organized.

This freeware program is presented as a simple bar that pops up on your screen. From there, you'll find tabs for Applications, Documents, and Favorites. Each tab is a different color and an unlimited number of tabs can be added. Within these tabs is where the program shines. Users can simply drag and drop shortcuts, folders, and files into the appropriate tab … Read more

Easily remove files

Many people are interested in protecting their computer's security. Even deleted files are not safe from prowling criminals, looking for important information. Blancco - File Shredder claims to have a sure-fire way to protect your deleted material.

This program operates on a simple premise and should be easy for all users to handle. Even though the program throws around calculus terms like "algorithm," it does a fantastic job of breaking down the key components of its security and making deletion simple for all.

Users are greeted by a menu asking whether they wish to shred files, folders, … Read more

Not simple

Simple Backup Tool promises to provide users with a quick and efficient way of keeping their files safe from crashes and hackers by storing them securely. While this sounds like a great idea, this software is flawed in so many ways the word "Simple" should be removed from the title.

The free download appears on the surface to be very easy to use. A basic menu consisting of "Backup," "About," and "Settings" options seems straightforward. In addition, there is a generous empty space for the backup log to chart actions.

Unfortunately, the … Read more

Sync files easily

Synchronizing files and folders can be an excruciating process for people who need to transfer many files from one place to another within their computers. Synchredible offers an alternative to spending countless minutes copying, clicking, and dragging files into new locations, and it has a great deal of success.

This free download look a little intimidating at first with its very sparse display, but it's easily mastered. Select two files or folders from the file tree drop-down and you are on your way. Synchredible keeps you on pace by telling you where you are in the seven-step process at … Read more

Simple to use

As you might expect from its name, this encryption program hides and encrypts important files. It performed well once we applied our administrator settings, but it came with one of the stingiest trial periods we've ever seen.

Lock and Hide Folder has a very basic user interface that proved simple to navigate. Large menu buttons at the top of the window make it easy to add, remove, hide, and show important files. The program uses 256-bit Blowfish encryption to keep your folders safely protected. It's not password-protected when you first access it, so you'll have to go … Read more

Backup tool for experts

DFIncBackup Professional offers users a way to back up their files to prevent losing them forever. While this function appeals to practically all users, the program may not accommodate everyone.

This 30-day free trial is designed to take specific files and folders and back them up onto a ZIP file or an external disk. The first screen can seem intimidating to novice users or those unfamiliar with other backup programs on the market. DFIncBackup Professional has a Project Wizard that walks you through the steps of taking your files and saving them, but it still requires a solid grasp of … Read more

Familiar and easy approach

PicaSafe caters to users seeking to enhance their security options. This program's simplicity is its major asset, which users should find inviting.

Encrypting documents and files can be intimidating, but PicaSafe has an easy-to-use program that becomes instantly familiar. By creating a folder and setting a password, anything you place within that folder becomes encrypted. The process is no more difficult than downloading a file to your desktop, and it's just as quick. This is easy security software for users unfamiliar with more complex methods of digital deception. The program also allows you to set up a reminder … Read more

Protect your files and your system

These days, security seems hard to come by. With spyware, hackers, and others all trying to look over your shoulder, sometimes you need a little peace of mind. Personal encryption software is a good step toward protecting your data, and Best Folder Encryption just might fit the bill.

The interface is simplistic and not terribly attractive, but it does have a set of skins to choose from. The fact that you cannot resize the main window is needlessly annoying, though. There are several functions common to this type of app, and they seem to work well. And we like the … Read more

Literal app name

There's a lot to like about this tool that secures folders, but Free Folder Hider turns out to be a name open to interpretation. In the literal sense, it's accurate, since you can hide a single folder for free, but if you want to protect more than one, you'll have to pay up.

Free Folder Hider requires set up of a password for accessing the program, so you're protected from the very beginning. The main user interface offers self-explanatory buttons for adding folders to the private folder list, opening the folders, locking the private folder, and … Read more

Enhance your contextual menus

FinderPop is a free preference pane that extends the functionality of OS X's contextual menus, helping you more quickly browse, open, move, preview, and get info on folders, files, volumes, and apps using your mouse, in much the same way that other "launcher" apps increase efficiency with keyboard commands. This popular, venerable application has been around since Mac OS 9, and one of its main purposes is to emulate the old Apple Menu Items folder.

At its most basic, FinderPop lets you browse the contents of a folder or volume just by control-clicking on it, while also … Read more