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Star Apps: P.J. Byrne

As technology moves from desktop to handheld to wearable (connected fitness bands, smartwatches, Google Glass), one might wonder if microchipping is the next step in our tech evolution. The answer is an emphatic yes, according to CBS's "Intelligence," a new suspense series that airs Mondays (10 p.m. ET/PT). Josh Holloway plays Gabriel, a high-tech intelligence operative enhanced by a supercomputer microchip in his brain, which gives him unfettered access to the Internet, Wi-Fi, telephone, and satellite data -- info he uses to protect the US from foreign enemies. On the show, actor P.J. Byrne (&… Read more

Star Apps: YB

With explosive drums, fuzzed-out guitars, and Wolfmother-style vocals, YB's first English-language single, "Cigarette Girl," might finally break YB in the West. Though already regarded as the Bon Jovi of South Korea, YB has not made much of a dent stateside -- unless you happened to catch the band at one of its sold-out 2006 NYC performances or at its acclaimed 2007 SXSW showcase. Under new manager Doug Goldstein, who formerly managed Guns N' Roses, Danzig, and Blind Melon, they just might make it here. As YB prepared for its first US mini-tour in seven years, frontman Do-Hyun … Read more

Opera Max promises to cut data usage across apps

Android users looking to save on their data plans may want to get in line for Opera's latest beta app, Opera Max.

Initially announced in December, the app has spent the better part of two months in a private beta. On Tuesday, Opera is expanding the Opera Max beta to the public, albeit with a waiting list.

Like the company's flagship Opera Web browser, the Opera Max application is designed to compress data help save users from spilling their precious, allotted megabytes.

Instead of only helping out with Web sites, however, Max promises to do the same across … Read more

Amp up TV time with these second-screen Android, iOS apps

Let's face it, you're not watching television commercials. In fact, you're probably not paying attention all that closely to your favorite TV shows, either.

The sad truth is that many of us can't go longer than an hour without whipping out the phone or tablet. We can't be bothered to give the almighty tube our undivided attention when our friends are being snarky on Facebook.

Why not put that phone to good, practical use? There are some great apps out there that can actually enhance your viewing experience.

I've put together a small collection … Read more

Star Apps: Rising Stars

Maximo Park: Lukas Wooller

British alternative rock band Maximo Park just released its fifth studio album (and follow-up to 2012's critically acclaimed "The National Health") "Too Much Information" on February 3. Synth-driven single "Leave This Island" is already burning up my iTunes.

The new album is called "Too Much Information." Are you implying that we're just bombarded with info via our computers and smartphones all day? Yeah, that's definitely a part of it. Being in the music industry, we became quite aware of people's attention becoming so much … Read more

Tales2Go 4.0 delivers unlimited audiobooks for kids

There's a Netflix for everything these days. Oyster is "Netflix for e-books." Next Issue is "Netflix for magazines." GameFly is "Netflix for videogames." There's even a Netflix for high-end wristwatches.

It may come as little surprise, then, that there's an audiobook service that likewise emulates the Netflix all-you-can eat model: Tales2Go lets you stream unlimited selections for a flat monthly rate. But the app has a special niche: It's all audiobooks for kids.

The name may not ring a bell, but Tales2Go actually made its debut back in 2010, then … Read more

Yes, Android is a free and open platform but...

Android is free to device makers, but it seems there are a few catches.

A couple of documents examined by The Wall Street Journal on Wednesday show that Android phone and tablet makers must adhere to a strict set of conditions if they want access to key apps when adopting Google's free and open mobile operating system. Device manufacturers are required to preinstall certain Google apps, set Google as the default search provider, and ensure that the Search and Play Store icons are placed "at least on the panel immediately adjacent to the Default Home Screen," according … Read more

You can't actually sell your Flappy Bird phone on eBay

Despite numerous headlines flying around this week about smartphones with the now-grounded Flappy Bird app installed selling for as much as $100,000 on eBay, it's unlikely any of those sales have actually gone through.

I've been in touch with multiple eBay sellers who have had their auctions pulled from the online marketplace for violating eBay's listing policies. Basically, selling copyrightable material (like an app) without permission from the creator (Dong Nguyen in this case) is a no-go. … Read more

T-Mobile Moto X gets Android 4.4.2 update first

T-Mobile is the first carrier to see an Android 4.4.2 KitKat update for the Moto X smartphone. According to release notes posted on Motorola's Web site, the release is now available for download.

The update is a small one but handy nonetheless. In fact, the only thing new that's listed in the official software change log is support for cloud printing through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Google Cloud Print, and HP ePrinters. Other enhancements included within the patch, such as battery life improvement and a Microsoft Exchange e-mail fix, are essentially band-aid measures.

It's worth noting that … Read more

Add a pop-up dictionary to Android

If you're familiar with the iOS pop-up dictionary, you may wonder why the same functionality isn't built into Android. On iOS, you can select words in most apps, and easily access their definition.

WordLookup is an Android app that can offer you that same convenient and omnipresent dictionary. The one restriction when using the app is whether or not the text will be available for long-press selection -- as not every app allows this. Ready to check it out? Let's get started:

Step 1: Grab a copy of WordLookup for your Android device.

Step 2: … Read more