Dozens charged in use of Zeus Trojan to steal $3 million

The FBI and the U.S. Attorney's office in southern New York announced charges today against 37 people accused of being part of an international crime ring that stole $3 million from bank accounts by infecting computers with the Zeus Trojan and other malware.

Between federal and state charges, more than 60 people total are being charged in the operation, officials said.

Ten people were arrested today by federal and New York law enforcement officers and another 10 were previously arrested in the U.S. as part of a coordinated takedown, authorities said. Seventeen people are still being sought … Read more

Report: Feds to push for Net encryption backdoors

The Obama administration will seek a new federal law forcing Internet e-mail, instant-messaging, and other communication providers offering encryption to build in backdoors for law enforcement surveillance, The New York Times reported today.

Communication providers, apparently including companies that offer voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services, would be compelled to reconfigure their systems so that police could be guaranteed access to descrambled information.

It could become illegal for a company to offer completely secure encrypted communications--through a protocol such as ZRTP, for instance--if its customers held the keys and the provider did not.

Valerie Caproni, the FBI's general counsel, … Read more

Terrorists, FBI can't sink Blogetery

A month ago, it appeared that Blogetery.com, a blog platform that claims more than 70,000 publications, would never be heard from again.

The service was shut down last month by its Web host after FBI agents alleged the terrorist group al-Qaeda was using the platform to distribute recruiting materials, bomb-making tips, and the names of people targeted by the organization for assassination.

This wasn't enough to spook Alexander Yusupov, Blogetery's operator into giving up on the service. Against all the odds, the Toronto resident brought Blogetery back.

Burst.net, the company that provided Web access for … Read more

Best Clogging the Tubes ever

This week's Buzz Report is one of our best ever, if you're a fan of highly inappropriate humor (and we are). Gadget of the Week: the BlackBerry Torch, plus we check out the news that Saudi Arabia and the UAE are working on banning BlackBerry there because it's too secure. We say goodbye to Google Wave, report the shocking news that the next iPad may have a camera, and take the FBI to task for spending more time on Internet censorship than solving crimes.

Then, things get really good. Clogging the Tubes this week is the amazing autotuned Bed Intruder song, … Read more

FBI wants its seal removed from Wikipedia

Wikipedia has its critics, but now the Federal Bureau of Investigation thinks the online encyclopedia is breaking the law.

In a letter to Wikipedia (PDF) dated July 22 and posted by The New York Times, the FBI demands that its official seal be removed from a Wikipedia article about the FBI because the agency had not approved use of the image.

"The FBI has not authorized use of the FBI seal on Wikipedia," the letter said. "The inclusion of a high quality graphic of the FBI seal on Wikipedia is particularly problematic, because it facilitates both deliberate … Read more

Buzz Out Loud 1283: Lying liars and the phones they sell us (podcast)

On today's show, Verizon tries to claim the Motorola Droid doesn't have the hardware to support hotspot tethering with Froyo. And here's the thing: that's a lie. In other news, the BlackBerry Torch hits, Rdio lands, and the FBI is cracking down on coloring books. Or something. I'm a tiny bit incoherent today.

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Wikileaks draws criticism, censorship threats

A week after Wikileaks' 100-megabyte disclosure of Afghan war files appeared, anger in U.S. political circles continues to grow, with some commentators calling for the U.S. government to find a way to pull the plug on the group's Web site.

On Fox News Sunday, conservative commentator Liz Cheney said that Wikileaks co-founder Julian Assange clearly has "blood on his hands" and that Wikileaks.org should be taken offline.

"I would really like to see President Obama move to ask the government of Iceland to shut that Web site down," Cheney said. "I'… Read more

Buzz Out Loud 1280: New Kindle undercuts iPad by $360 (podcast)

Why buy a $499 device to read books when Amazon's new Kindle will do it for $139? We debate. Also, Facebook building a font of all knowledge with Questions. Plus: How to hack ATMs.

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Web host to return Blogetery's blogs

Blogetery.com's bloggers will get their information back.

That's the word from Joe Marr, chief technology officer of Burst.net, a Scranton, Pa.-based Web hosting service. Burst.net abruptly pulled Blogetery.com offline on July after FBI agents alleged the blogging platform was used by al-Qaeda operatives to distribute recruiting materials and to offer bomb-making tips.

Marr said in a phone interview Friday that his company intends to transfer a "zipped up" copy of Blogetery's records to another server that the service's owner has with Burst.net. Marr said the al-Qaeda materials and … Read more

The 70,000 Blogetery users could get blogs back

The U.S. war on terror may have inadvertently stripped as many as 70,000 people of their blogs, but those bloggers may get their work returned to them.

Blogetery.com, a small blogging platform based in Toronto, was abruptly shut down on July 9 by Burst.net, its Web host, after FBI agents alleged Blogetery was home to links that led to bomb-making tips and the names of Americans targeted for assassination by al-Qaeda. Joe Marr, Burst.net's chief technology officer, said Wednesday that the company is considering its options and there's a chance executives there could … Read more