First-tier notebook vendors pushing 4GB products next year

Memory makers expect big changes in the DRAM market when top notebook vendors start rolling out laptops with significantly more memory. Vendors such as Dell, HP, and Toshiba are expected to start pushing laptops with 4GB of RAM next year, four times the current mainstream spec of 1GB. Memory module makers say even with that boost, falling memory prices mean that memory will account for even less of the cost of a laptop than before.

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Unwrapping the XO laptop

Santa's elves worked overtime to ensure that little green laptops would make it to homes across North America by December 24th. After reading of another's horror story (give one get none), and then after reading more and more reports of XO laptop deliveries elsewhere throughout my corner of cyberspace, I'd begun to wonder when my pair would come. Amy called me just before noon to let me know my shipment had come in...… Read more

This week in laptops

We'll spare you the laptop-themed version of The Night Before Christmas and say that little has changed since last week: the pre-Christmas, pre-CES, pre-MacWorld world is a silent world indeed. And, this being the last weekly roundup of 2007 (even tireless tech reporters take a break now and then), we're delivering the week's news in a theme-based lightning round.

Tiny laptops: The XO laptop gives a 9-year-old unexpected powers; CNET blogger Dave Rosenberg offered his thoughts on his brand-new Eee PC; and Eee PC owners can change operating systems, either just-released eeeXubuntu or the painstakingly hacked Windows Vista. … Read more

XO laptop gives 9-year-old unexpected powers

On Thursday BBC News gave us a child's view of the $100 laptop. The article reads like a techie version of Jim Carrey's breakout movie The Mask, with Rufus Cellan-Jones as the star. The laptop, which came by way of Nigeria, unleashes incredible intuition and abilities in young Cellan-Jones:… Read more

This week in laptops

Bjork fans sing along: It's oh, so quiet / Shhh, shhh / it's oh, so still / Shhh, shhh...

Few manufacturers want to interrupt the holiday buying season with new product announcements; why make the stuff currently sitting on shelves seem obsolete? Besides, two major shows--CES and Macworld--are just around the corner. So this week was filled with a little news and a lot of speculation.

First up: Apple. Matt Elliott redefined our notion of gadget lust in his write-up about the LED-backlit MacBooks, which are reportedly on the way in time for Macworld. But who wouldn't get a little … Read more

In search of: The perfect laptop bag

Women of the world, we share a common goal--if we're toting laptops anywhere, that is. Our goal? Find a decent freakin' laptop bag that doesn't look like an awful faux-leather dudecase but still has some semblance of professionalism attached. I myself am still on the hunt, but wanted to dish out a few sites I've stumbled across lately that might offer some good choices.

Uptown Bella

Recently described (by me) in an instant message to a friend as "omg, the cutest laptop bag site ever." The only reason I haven't ordered the Ashley bag … Read more

Be careful when shopping for a replacement laptop battery

The batteries in laptop computers are expensive (a quick review of prices at shows they range from $119 to $179), and like any battery, they have a limited lifespan. When it comes time to replace the battery inside your laptop computer, you may be tempted to save a few bucks and buy a replacement from a company other than the one that made the computer.


In a widely reported story, someone in Ohio purchased a battery for their ThinkPad laptop from a company called Shentech rather than directly from Lenovo or IBM (in 2005, IBM sold … Read more

More on Microsoft's effort to put XP on XO

Microsoft is serious about getting Windows XP to work on One Laptop Per Child's low-cost laptop, but the company still isn't sure it will be able to make a go of it.

In an interview, James Utzschneider, the general manager of Microsoft's emerging market unit, says Microsoft has devoted about 40 employees and contractors to work on its effort.

However, there are plenty of technical hurdles, he said. One of the biggest is the fact that the XO has no hard drive and only 1GB of built-in memory. The company concluded it needed at least 2GB of … Read more

Microsoft: XP coming soon to OLPC

Microsoft said Wednesday that it is working to develop a version of XP that can run on computers without a hard drive, including the XO computer from One Laptop Per Child.

In a statement, Microsoft said that it will start "limited field trials" of XP running on the OLPC computer in January. If all goes well, Microsoft said it could have XP running on the XO by the second half of next year. However, it cautioned folks in North America, particularly those taking part in the Give One, Get One program, that it has no plans to offer … Read more

This week in laptops

We here in the States were sleeping off our turkey comas and fretting over holiday shopping, so this week's laptop news is bursting with international flavor. Packard Bell unveiled plans to release the EasyNote XS20 UMPC on the Singapore market, while began offering the Wibrain B1 UMPC to customers outside of Korea. Apparently Dell is looking to expand its reach in China, which is Lenovo's home turf. (Fight! Fight!) Philips is reportedly set to launch a notebook line in Brazil, and Brazilian artist Romero Britto has designed a custom paint job for NVous PC. Meanwhile European … Read more