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Gotham-inspired garb puts Catwoman on the catwalk

New York-based fashion duo The Blonds -- David Blond and Phillipe Blond -- strutted their fall and winter 2014 collection at New York Fashion Week with Selina Kyle-meets-Bettie Page punk-glam outfits that would make even Catwoman purr.

Inspired by costumes donned by Catwoman in comics, movies, and the iconic TV show "Batman," The Blonds' upcoming line of dresses, coats, and leggings looks like it would befit a life of crime and passion in Gotham City. … Read more

Comcast really, really doesn't care about you (allegedly)

Comcast has often managed to be the target of abuse and, on a good day, gallows humor.

It regularly features in the Consumerist's list of worst American companies. Indeed, just three years ago, Comcast encouraged its staff to vote so that it wouldn't be named Worst Company in America.

But, now that it is proposing a merger with Time Warner Cable, things will certainly get better. The new Timecast (or Corner) will be a joy to do business with.

Your cable box will be automatically renewed every six months and installed by a happy, well-dressed employee. The box … Read more

Klocwork: Our source code analyzer caught Apple's 'gotofail' bug

It was a single repeated line of code -- "goto fail" -- that left millions of Apple users vulnerable to Internet attacks until the company finally fixed it Tuesday.

That OS X security vulnerability, which also affected iOS users, arose out of Apple's custom implementation of a security standard known as SSL/TLS. By including the "goto fail" line twice in a row, the normal error check for some types of encryption signatures fails.

Now Klocwork, a company that makes source code analysis tools, is demonstrating that its product would have caught the errant second &… Read more

Welcome to CNET, Ashley Esqueda

I'm wildly excited to announce some CNET news today. Starting in mid-March, Ashley Esqueda will be joining the CNET family as a senior editor and on-air host. We're thrilled to welcome her as a new member of our tech-loving family working alongside our cast of wonderful video personalities.

You probably already know Ashley from her many shows and her irrepressible Twitter presence. She's everywhere online and has spent the last few years doing excellent on-camera work for TechnoBuffalo, Tecca, and Escapist. But in case you don't, here's what you should know: Ashley is an on-air … Read more

10 must-see videos of the week

It should be no surprise that this week's video roundup is all about Mobile World Congress. All eyes were on Samsung this year as they announced an assortment of new goodies, including the Gear 2, new Gear Fit as well as the highly-anticipated Galaxy S5. Senior Editor Jessica Dolcourt runs down the key specs and features of the new superphone from Samsung in our First Take. With its fingerprint scanner, heart rate sensor, and a whole roster of muscular specs loaded with features Apple Byte wonders, should Apple be worried? Would the rumored iPhone 6 be able to top … Read more

Capture every moment with wearable cameras

CNET Update keeps track of it all:

In this episode of Update:

- Sony's Lifelog wearable camera could track your life. But for now, Sony is just pushing its Smartband and Lifelog app.

- Snap a photo from every minute of your life with the Narrative Clip. (CNET is putting this wearable camera to the test, so stay tuned for a review.)

- Track your dog's activity and sleep patterns with the Whistle, a wireless coin-like device that attaches to a collar.

- There can be more uses for a fitness tracker than gathering health data. Engineers at … Read more

Cool! Real train arrives, woman's hair blows onscreen

If you've ever waited on a subway platform, you're familiar with that woosh of air that comes through the tunnel prior to a train's arrival. Swedish ad agency Akestam Holst and production company Stopp produced an ad for a new line of hair care products that puts that phenomenon to good use.

The creative Swedes put ultrasonic sensors behind video screens on a subway platform in Stockholm. They then connected the sensors to the screen via a Raspberry Pi microcomputer.

The video screens showed a woman with long flowing hair. When the sensors detected the approaching train … Read more

Security firm claims Russian government makes malware

The German computer security and antivirus detection company G Data Security has alleged that the Russian government is behind the newly detected malware known as "Uroburos."

G Data bases its case for Russian government involvement on the complexity of the malware and the presence of Cyrillic words in the malware sample. G Data blog author "MN" points to file names, encryption keys, and behavior of Uroburos as evidence that the Russian government played a role in the creation of the malware.

Another key component, said MN, is that Uroburos looks for a previous piece of malware … Read more

Yahoo taps TrustyCon co-founder Alex Stamos for chief information security officer

Yahoo has named Alex Stamos, current chief technology officer for security firm Artemis and co-founder of TrustyCon, as its next chief information security officer, Recode's Arik Hesseldahl is reporting based on sources familiar with the matter.

The company's last CISO, Justin Somaini, left Yahoo more than a year ago. Stamos, a well-known member of the industry and frequent face on the stage of prominent security conferences, will be filling the role starting March 10 and reporting directly to CEO Marissa Mayer. His position at Artemis remains unclear at this time.

On February 27, Stamos and a group of … Read more

GLaDOS from Portal explains nuclear fusion for NASA

This is the best thing. The best. Imagine if GLaDOS from Portal had amnesia and went to work for NASA with a pair of...well, idiots, and this is what you might get.

The video was created as part of NASA's educational outreach program at the Spitzer Space Telescope, which focuses on STEM education.… Read more