Street View lands on Google Maps Web app

Google has revved up its mobile Maps Web app through the addition of Street View.

As of today, users who launch Google's Maps site on their mobile device can see and navigate a Street View angle of different spots around the world.

Enabling Street View requires just a tap.

After launching the Maps app, enter the city, landmark, or other destination that you want to see. The site highlights the location and its surrounding area. Tap on the person icon that appears in the lower right corner. If the location is Street View-enabled, a separate tab opens in your … Read more

Apple said to tap retail store staff for advice on iOS 6 Maps app

Rumor has it that Apple might be looking for some help on the iOS 6 Maps app from its retail store employees.

According to MacRumors, several unnamed sources have said that participating Apple stores are now allowing their staff to devote up to 40 hours per week collectively to reporting app errors and giving suggestions on how to improve Maps.

ifoAppleStore also posted the same news with a tweet that said, "So far it's voluntary: Apple retail store managers are asking store employees to report iOS 6 Maps app errors to help improve the database."

When Apple … Read more

How to increase the font size in iOS

The iPhone 5 may have a bigger screen, but text still looks pretty small to my aging eyes. In fact, it looks that way on all my iDevices.

That's because iOS relies on a fixed font size, and while a smattering of apps let you increase that size, there's no "font" option to be found in iOS settings.

Actually, there is, kind of, if you know where to look. It turns out you can enlarge the default iOS font a little bit or quite a bit, depending on your eyesight needs. Here's how:

1. Tap … Read more

Apple may need an iPhone 6 sooner rather than later

For Apple, the hits keep coming. The company launches a new iPhone and 5 million people snag one over the weekend. An iPad Mini, expected to debut later this month, could get into the hands of 10 million users before the end of the year. And this is despite the fact that competitors offer a far broader array of smartphones and tablets, with a price, size and feature set to match the needs of almost any discerning customer.

The extraordinary popularity, and profitability, of Apple's products is in part based on the quality, consistency and simplicity of the offering. … Read more

Google Maps to insert Street View into mobile Web app

In the midst of Apple's iOS 6 map debacle, Google is looking to strengthen its grip on mobile maps.

According to AllThingsD, the Web giant is planning to announce the debut of Street View images to its mobile Google Maps Web app this week. The news comes from AllThingsD's Walt Mossberg's review on Google Maps for Android.

Here's more from Mossberg:

"Google plans to announce on Thursday that it is adding its popular Street View feature, missing from Apple's maps, to the Web version of Google Maps accessed from the iPhone and iPad. I … Read more

Latest smartphone stats: Apple gaining ground on Samsung

While Samsung remains at the top of the U.S. smartphone market-share rankings, Apple is rapidly catching up to its staunch rival, the latest ComScore figures show.

The figures for the August 2012 report, collected from more than 30,000 U.S. mobile subscribers, show that Samsung's share remains flat, compared with a significant growth for Apple. Interestingly, the figures close before the iPhone 5 was released -- let alone announced -- showing an increase in iPhone uptake ahead of the expected next-generation Apple smartphone.

Apple's smartphone share grew 2.1 percent -- the highest increase in mobile subscribers seen since AprilRead more

iOS 6 already on 60 percent of iPhones in North America

More than half of iPhones in the U.S. and Canada are already on Apple's latest operating system, a new report says.

Advertising and analytics company Chitika today released updated metrics on ad impressions dating back to when iOS 6 came out last month. The company found that 60 percent of iPhone users are now on iOS 6. Meanwhile iPad users trail at 45 percent, and iPod users at 39 percent.

"Overall, this data points to Apple doing an outstanding job of keeping their user base up-to-date with the latest OS," Chitika said in a blog post. &… Read more

Apple hit by patent suit over Passbook

Apple is in the middle of another lawsuit, this one over charges that its Passbook app violates several patents of software developer Ameranth.

In the court document, Ameranth, which sells software and services to the hospitality and gaming industry, claims that Passbook violates four of its U.S. patents -- No. 6,384,850, No. 6,871,325, No. 6,982,733, and No. 8,146,077.

All four patents deal with "Information management and synchronous communications system." As such, they cover the ability to synchronize data among wired, wireless, and Web-based systems for electronic menus and reservations … Read more

Hollywood-style movies with an iPhone 5? It can be done

It might not be easy to use an iPhone to record and edit a Hollywood-style short, but it's possible.

Anna Elizabeth James and Michael Koerbel, the duo behind Majek Pictures, have a history of seeing how well the latest Apple devices handle cinema production values, not just point-and-shoot video, and this time around they've used an iPhone 5 to create "All Up To You," an amusing 96-second mini-musical about running out of gas in the desert with only Siri to help.

Creating the short was a scramble to find dancers, to print app icons on boxes, … Read more

Verizon won't penalize iPhone 5 owners for Wi-Fi bug

Verizon iPhone 5 owners bit by Apple's Wi-Fi bug won't be charged for any excess cellular data used as a result, the carrier said today.

iPhone 5 and iOS 6 owners have been complaining of various problems with Wi-Fi networks since their release last month. For certain Verizon subscribers, the iPhone would actually use up cellular data while connected via Wi-Fi.

In response, Apple rolled out a software fix yesterday, at least for Verizon iPhone 5 users, that lets them update their devices to resolve the issue.

The bug could've easily racked up data overage charges for … Read more