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Patches for Firefox and Flock

The past 24 hours have seen Mozilla Firefox (download from CNET for Windows and Mac) getting another security hole plugged, while its social-networking derivative Flock (also at CNET for Windows and Mac) earns a minor behavioral bug fix.

Firefox's most recent safety snafu is another JavaScript engine security problem that was causing the browser to crash during JavaScript garbage collection. Although there was no indication that this error was exploitable, says Mozilla, other similar errors in the past were. Not to mention the benefit of not having your browser randomly going kablooey.

Flock's fixRead more

Firefox extensions worth having

OStatic has a list of six "must-have" Firefox extensions today. "Six?" you say. "That's not many." That's what I thought at first, but five of them I had never heard of, and have already downloaded two of them to start using immediately.

Take a look. Good stuff. I particularly like the Reload Every extension, which should make it even easier for me to force a page refresh on those football (soccer) score pages, so that I have completely updated reminders of just how far Arsenal has fallen in such a short period … Read more

Firefox extension keeps you from clicking NSFW links

If you're one of the millions of people who does some occasional Web browsing while at work, chances are sooner or later you're going to click on something you probably shouldn't. In most cases, you don't know what you're getting into until it's too late--a situation developer Pratham Kumar (maker of the now defunct 2View) has solved with a small and simple Firefox extension called No-NSFW (download).

Once installed it will give you the heads-up every time you mouse over a link. You'll get a small warning in the lower right hand corner … Read more

Portable Firefox and the Flash Player

I had no intention on focusing so much on the Flash Player and Firefox, but there just seems to be a lot to say. This time the topic is installing the latest version of the Adobe Flash Player in a portable version of Firefox.

I'm a huge fan of portable applications; I all but live in the portable versions of both Firefox and Thunderbird, both downloaded from This posting was written in an airport and traveling is one reason to like portable applications. I normally work on a Windows XP desktop computer and before leaving on a … Read more

Re-skin Gmail the easy way with Stylish

Stylish, a Firefox extension that lets you make big changes to other people's Web sites with minimal effort, enables one of the cooler Gmail re-skin jobs I've seen. For people who like drumsticks, instead of Gmail's boring, yet supple thigh meat, installing a Stylish plug-in named simply "Gmail Redesigned" lets you turn Gmail's exterior into a gradient and plastic button-filled playground. The best part is that it retains its speed, button placement, and all around "Gmailness" you're grown to love.

Besides your in-box, the add-on skins the compose page, the Google TalkRead more

Tracking down Firefox plug-ins

My last posting was about upgrading the Adobe Flash Player, a Web browser plug-in. Adobe Systems just released a new version that fixes critical bugs in older versions, so everyone should update to the latest version.

Adobe's Flash tester page displays the version of the Flash Player being used by your Web browser. Sometimes though, the Firefox results may not be what you think they should be. I've run across a couple instances in which Firefox was not using a newly installed version of the Flash Player.

The rules for where or how Firefox loads plug-ins have changed … Read more

Featured Freeware: MozBackup

As great as it is to have tools such as Firefox and Thunderbird, backing user profiles and all their moving parts can be a tedious process. MozBackup is a tiny program that makes saving and restoring all your bookmarks, extensions, and other personal settings a streamlined and stress-free experience. It's dead simple to use because it walks you through both the backup and restore features. So, for example, even if you've backed up everything but you only want to restore your bookmarks, you can do that easily.

The program works with Firefox, Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, and Netscape on Windows … Read more

Stop the Firefox session bloodletting

Here at CNET central, we love Tab Mix Plus. It's so close to perfect, but the one thing it lacks is a decent method for restoring lost multi-tab sessions. Crashes can often lead to important tabs being irrevocably lost. Lucky for us all there's the Session Manager plug-in, a stand-alone extension that, when used with Tab Mix Plus, bestows the power of resurrecting dead multi-tab sessions to all us hapless tab abusers.

The easiest way to run Session Manager with Tab Mix Plus is to disable TMP's session recovery. It can only save two sessions, … Read more

Early Mozilla leader leaves Matrix Partners to rejoin the entrepreneurial ranks

Bob Lisbonne has long been one of my favorite venture capitalists and, indeed, people. He's a warm, intelligent person. I've passed more than one bad venture idea his way and had him very kindly tell me it was a pile of potty.

So it was with mixed feelings that I read his email today that he's leaving Matrix Partners to possibly rejoin the ranks of the entrepreneurs. Here's the guy who, while senior vice president and general manager of Browser Products at Netscape, helped to give us Firefox. Here's the guy who invested in promising open source-related companies like PostPath and LucidEra. And now he's leaving. Or coming back.

Or both:

Over the years, I've tried to make time for my own little software projects during nights and weekends, but, as you can imagine, that's whetted my appetite more than satiated it.… Read more

Power Downloader becomes Power Uploader

Power Downloader always keeps his eye out for little tweaks and tricks that make using his computer simpler, easier, or faster, and today he's got a Firefox plug-in that does all three. When uploading a file to the Web, it's always annoying to have to navigate your files through the Web site's "Browse" option before locating the correct file path. Dragdropupload, while possessing a name bereft of certain punctuation complexities such as spaces, delivers the easiest way Power's ever seen for adding files to those pesky text fields.

With the extension installed, you can … Read more