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Facebook to unveil Instagram video on June 20, report says

Facebook and Instagram might have a new feature up their sleeves.

At its special press event on June 20, Facebook will unveil video support for Instagram, TechCrunch is reporting, citing a person who claims to have knowledge of its plans. Similar to Twitter's Vine, which allows users to post 6-second videos, Instagram's videos would be limited to 5 to 10 seconds.

Vine has been growing rapidly, as users have found it to be a worthwhile alternative to tweeting or sharing pictures. Users are able to record several seconds of video, and then share it with friends. Vine videos … Read more

Star Apps: eBay's Steve Yankovich

When an Apple rep initially contacted eBay about developing a proprietary app back in 2008, the latter hadn't even heard of the iPhone or Objective-C. But seeing the potential of mobile software, a number of eBay employees believed that developing a mobile app would profit the global commerce and payments leader in the long run. In early 2009, they began raising funds for the formation of a mobile-specific group and commissioned an outside company to build the first eBay app.

Many software releases later, the app has helped the largest online marketplace blast off into mobile commerce, as eBay'… Read more

Review: Mappr for Instagram Photo Map tags locations

Mappr provides a useful, but at times redundant service to tag your photos with location markers before they are uploaded to Instagram. While the core OS on any iPad or iPhone will do the same, the location settings on Instagram are not integrated with a map, so Mappr allows you to see where all of your photos were taken in real-time visualization. It's effective, but ultimately limited in features.

When you open the app, you can choose to take a new photo or add one from your photo library. It is then automatically posted on the map if location … Read more

Review: Instapull takes images from Instagram to your iOS device

There are millions if not billions of photos on Instagram, and Instapull allows you to take any of them and store them on your iOS device, quickly and easily. The app has a very simple interface and while it takes a minute to set up and requires a connection to your Instagram account, it works very quickly to download your files off of the Web-based network to your device.

Whether you want an offline backup for your Instagram photos or would like to download images from someone you follow or whose pictures you enjoy seeing, Instapull is a decent app. … Read more

Review: Fisheye Camera for Instagram offers that macro effect

You can get good, but not great, results with Fisheye Camera for Instagram, which suffers from some flaws that will make you think twice about its usefulness.

Though this application has Instagram in its name, it has no relation to this online photo sharing service. The only thing Instagram related is a button that allows you to share photos taken with this application via the Instagram app if you have it installed. When you open Fisheye Camera for Instagram, you'll notice it gives the super wide angle feel you'd get with a real fisheye lens. You can adjust … Read more

Review: InstaBest for Instagram shows off cool Instagram feeds, but lacks style

If you're looking for the best food pics, selfies and hipster shots, InstaBest for Instagram might tickle your fancy. It rounds up pictures from all over Instagram and presents them in fun categories. It's not better than viewing pictures in Instagram's own app, but this app saves you the trouble of hunting down cool photos, yourself.

Though the app feeds in from Instagram, you don't need an account to use it. It collects pictures from other "best-of" Instagram accounts, so some are friends-only. Sadly, this means you won't be able to see about … Read more

Review: Photo Editor for Instagram has all the usual features and ads

Photo Editor for Instagram will let you edit your photos with different effects and frames, but it makes all the wrong moves to get you there. All you get for putting up with the annoying ads are some run-of-the-mill features and shaky performance.

This app appears with the name "Color FX" in your app locker and "Photo Makeover" in all of its menus. Whatever you call it, Photo Editor for Instagram has nothing to do with Instagram, so don't expect any of the look and feel of that app. It does co-opt some of Instagram'… Read more

Get Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram on Android Home with SO.HO

SO.HO by Inq Mobile wants to be the first thing you see when picking up your Android smartphone by replacing your launcher -- TouchWiz, HTC Sense, stock, and so on. Instead of only offering access to Facebook updates from your connections, SO.HO lets you see updates from Twitter and Instagram as well.

To get started, you'll need to install the most recent version of SO.HO on your Android. Then, connect the social-media accounts you want to see updates from. Once finished, you can easily switch social-media accounts from the top left-hand corner menu.

The … Read more

Instagram's Systrom: We're 'not a photography company'

SAN FRANCISCO -- Instagram is not a photography company.

That message, which might shock some of the 100 million-plus people who have uploaded more than 5 billion photos to Instagram, is what co-founder Kevin Systrom made clear during a discussion tonight among him and co-founder Mike Krieger and Digg founder and Google Ventures partner Kevin Rose.

The discussion, part of the Commonwealth Club's Inforum series, was an opportunity for hundreds of Instagram fans to hear first-hand a bit of the history -- and perhaps some of the future -- of the popular photo-sharing app. Even if that's not … Read more

#Hashtags: Facebook's missing link to pop culture

Scan Twitter, Instagram, or Tumblr. Watch your favorite television show, or even listen to the radio, and you might notice that the biggest social network of them all is disconnected from pop culture -- at least when it comes to hash tags.

Hash tags are a form of expression that Facebook, like your grandparents, just can't understand. The social network appears motivated to change that, although a spokesperson wouldn't share details on when and how it will roll out hash tags.

However it shakes out, hash tags on Facebook are long overdue. Their presence could help Facebook lure … Read more