T-Mobile grabs Nokia 1661

Nokia may have a big booth at CTIA, but so far the company's news has been light. Besides the E71x for AT&T, Nokia's only other new cell phone in Las Vegas is the 1661 for T-Mobile's prepaid service. The low-end handset sports a simple candy bar design with basic features. The handset is dual-band (GSM 850/1900), which means it will only work in North America.

Inside you'll find an FM radio, messaging, a 250-contact phone book, a speakerphone, a calendar, and an alarm clock. Yet, there is one unique touch. On the 1661'… Read more

AT&T attracts Nokia E71x, Samsung Propel Pro

Getting a jump-start on CTIA 2009, AT&T Wireless announced on Sunday night the upcoming availability of two messaging-centric smartphones: the Nokia E71x and Samsung Propel Pro.

The two devices are expected to be in stores and online in the coming weeks, joining the carrier's four other new releases, the Samsung Impression, the Samsung Magnet, the LG Neon, and the LG Xenon.

The Nokia E71x has long been rumored for AT&T and is largely like the unlocked Nokia E71, which we reviewed in July.

The AT&T version comes in a sleek black and is … Read more

Nokia 7205 isn't so intriguing

While the Nokia 6500 Classic represents everything we've come to expect from a Nokia phone, the Nokia 7205 Intrigue for Verizon Wireless is everything that surprises us. The flip phone's design is so thin and shiny that the uninitiated might confuse it with a Samsung device. It's certainly eye-catching, but the trendy design entails a few usability compromises. Inside, the story is more straightforward: you'll find a midrange feature set that includes a 2-megapixel camera, EV-DO support, and GPS navigation. Yet, at the end of the day, the average audio quality left us less than intrigued. … Read more

In U.K., iPhone top smartphone for e-mail, Web use

iPhone users in the United Kingdom heavily rely on their device for accessing e-mail and Web content, compared with owners of other smartphones in the country, according to a report released Thursday by market researcher ComScore.

During a three-month period concluding in January, ComScore found that 79.7 percent of U.K. iPhone users accessed news and other Web information with their iPhone. Contrast that to 48 percent for users of all smartphones.

And e-mail also has struck a chord, with 75.4 percent of iPhone users relying on the device for checking their in-boxes and sending messages, compared to … Read more

YouTube for Mobile: First Look

For a few years now, video playback has been a blistering-hot topic in the mobile industry--both as a roadblock and as an achievement. We can easily count Google's update to its straightforward YouTube for Mobile application (Windows Mobile|Nokia Series 60) as a step forward.

Sure, we have our complaints, but overall the free YouTube application makes searching and browsing for select or top-rated videos a dauntless task. Your biggest hurdle will be with your data connection if you're in a fuzzy zone. We've also got some practical advice you should heed before you begin streaming like … Read more

Nokia invests in mobile-payment company

Nokia, the world's largest maker of handsets, supports the idea of turning cell phones into credit cards and is putting its money where its mouth is.

On Wednesday, the company announced its minority stake in Obopay, a mobile-payment company that enables people to pay for items from Obopay accounts tied to their mobile phones.

Mobile-banking services are expected to grow quickly over the next few years, especially in the developing world, where many people live in places without adequate access to banks or credit.

Market researcher Berg Insight expects the number of people using mobile-banking services to grow on … Read more

WorldMate 2009 travel app updates for Symbian

On Monday, WorldMate released an update to its travel app for Nokia and Samsung S60 third and fifth edition smartphones. Called WorldMate 2009, the application refreshes the look of previous versions with a new dashboard screen that tells you the local weather and time of your current location, and that sums up your flight and itinerary info if you pay the subscription fees for the pro version.

Aimed especially at international business travelers, WorldMate 2009 for Symbian operates on the freemium model. As with versions for Windows Mobile and BlackBerry phones, WorldMate 2009 gives you a handful of features as … Read more

Nokia Intrigue launches on Verizon

Verizon Wireless on Monday announced the availability of the Nokia Intrigue 7205. The flip phone offers a sleek design with a glossy black exterior and a backlit external display. The interior has a 262,000-color display and a flat keypad in silver or pink.

As an EV-DO handset, the Intrigue supports V Cast streaming video and V Cast Music with Rhapsody. You'll also find support for VZ Navigator and Verizon Chaperone, messaging and e-mail, instant messaging, a speakerphone, a 500-contact phone, a personal organizer, 150MB of internal memory, book, stereo Bluetooth, a 2.0-megapixel camera with video recording and … Read more

Why no iPhone support for Firefox mobile beta?

Mozilla just released the beta test version of Fennec, its mobile Firefox browser. The beta version is still slow and has a ways to go before it can compete with Apple's iPhone-ized Safari browser, but these are forgivable shortcomings, given its beta status.

No, the real problem with Fennec is that it's available only for one platform: Nokia's N810 Internet Tablet. Who cares about that device?

Seriously, while the rest of the world is experimenting first on the iPhone, why is Mozilla futzing around with a niche platform like Nokia's N810? I don't know a … Read more