Mac OS X

Five quick Lion tips to make the transition easier

OS X Lion contains a number of new features (over 250 of them, according to Apple), and while some of these are exciting and new features such as autosave, versions, full screen apps, and Airdrop, other changes may be a bit different and take some getting used to. Here are a few tips that may help to make the transition to the Lion interface easier or at least make it feel more familiar.

Undo reversed scroll direction

The very first new feature that might strike you when using Lion is that the default scroll direction has been reversed to behave … Read more

OS X Lion installer 'cannot be verified' after download

One problem that some people are having with the new Mac OS X Lion release is that the downloaded installer appears to be getting corrupted during the download process. After purchasing and downloading the installer, some find that the system will claim that the software cannot be verified after it has been launched.

Multiple users have confirmed that the MD5 checksum for the installer disk image is "b5d3753c62bfb69866e94dca9336a44a," and you can check this on your downloaded installer by running the following command in the Terminal (copy and paste it):

/sbin/md5 "/Applications/Install Mac OS X Lion.… Read more

OS X 10.7 cannot be installed on certain drives

Some people who have purchased OS X 10.7 Lion are noting that they cannot get the downloaded installer to properly recognize their desired volumes for installing the OS. When the installer lists the available volumes on the system, it may say either, "This disk cannot be used to start up your computer," or, "Lion cannot be installed on this drive." This problem occurs even after people have run Disk Utility's drive-verification and permissions-fix routines.

It appears some instances of this problem happen with drives that either have been restored from Time Machine backups or … Read more

How to keep Snow Leopard when upgrading to Lion

The features and advancements in OS X Lion may make it an enticing installation; however, as has been mentioned previously, Apple is doing away with a few key features that have maintained compatibility with some popular applications. Some of these features, such as the lack of Java, can be remedied by installing support for them, but there is no workaround for others like Rosetta and support for 32-bit system extensions in the default 64-bit boot environment. And a number of (perhaps mostly relatively obscure) applications may have trouble running, as can be seen on the RoaringApps Lion compatibility database. As … Read more

Apple's Mac refresh plays into download strategy

Apple today released new versions of its Mac computers as well as the system software that powers them.

At first blush, today's changes would seem to be business as usual for the technology giant, which has built massive success off cyclical updates to its products. But behind the scenes the changes represent a carefully crafted strategy in how the company presents its products to customers, as well as getting its machines more tightly connected to its various digital storefronts. Read on to find out what's new.

New operating system First things first, there's Lion, the latest version of Apple's Mac OS. The new software is the seventh major revision of Mac OS X, and an upgrade to Apple's Snow Leopard OS which came out in late 2009.

Apple is advertising Lion as having more than 250 new features, with some of the biggest ones being touches brought over from iOS, the system software that powers Apple's iPhone, iPod and iPad. That includes things like an icon-based application launcher, and multitouch gestures that make the OS feel more like an iPhone or iPad when interacting with onscreen content using a multitouch trackpad.

There are also full-screen applications--something Microsoft's Windows has had for years, but Apple's taken a slightly different approach with--making use of the multitouch trackpad to let users switch back and forth between full-screen apps, almost like pages of a magazine. Apple plans to bring identical behavior to iPad apps with a software update in the fall. … Read more

Recovery options for Macs running OS X Lion

With the release of OS X Lion, Apple has included a few options to perform both maintenance and recovery routines on your Mac. These include a local recovery partition that allows you to boot to your system and reinstall Lion and run tools like Disk Utility. In addition, Apple is now including an Internet recovery option for new Macs that allow them to reinstall Lion without the need for any local media.

The recovery partition Apple's recovery partition is a small boot volume on your main boot drive that contains a number of key features for running and maintaining … Read more

Apple releases Lion-compatible iTunes and iWork updates

After the release of OS X 10.7 Lion this morning, Apple has released a few software updates to bring some of its applications up-to-date to work well with the features that Lion has to offer. These features include the option to run applications in full-screen mode, automatically save versions of documents and make them available through the document's title bar, and support Lion's Resume feature so windows and applications can be relaunched in their current state after restarting or logging out.

The updates are for iWork, available as a 79.66MB download through the iWork support page, … Read more

About FileVault 2 in OS X 10.7 Lion

Ever since its introduction in OS X 10.3, Apple has maintained its FileVault encryption technology for securing home folders in an encrypted disk image that mounts when users log into their systems. Apple's only major changes to this technology were in Leopard with the implementation of Time Machine, where sparsebundle disk images were used to facilitate incremental backups. In OS X 10.7 Apple has introduced a full revision of FileVault, that approaches file encryption from a completely different standpoint.

With FileVault 2, Apple has done away with the standalone encrypted disk images in OS X, and replaced … Read more

Lion installation requires OS X 10.6.6 or above

Given the recent bugs that developed for users in OS X 10.6.8, a number of people have wondered whether they will need to update their Snow Leopard installations to the latest version before installing OS X 10.7 Lion. Apple's latest Snow Leopard updates have included tweaks to the Mac App Store that specifically mentioned they were for the pending Lion release, and this has introduced a bit of confusion as to whether the OS install will require the latest OS version or if you can get away with using any version of Snow Leopard that has … Read more

How to create an OS X Lion installation disc

OS X Lion has been released and is available in the Mac App Store to download and install. While its availability solely as a download may have its conveniences, the lack of its initial distribution on optical or other media has been met with a decent amount of criticism, especially by those looking for options to troubleshoot and customize their OS installations. Apple's approach to installing and managing your Lion installation does offer a decent amount of flexibility, but if you would like to have your Lion installation on DVD, then you absolutely can do this.

Luckily the OS … Read more